The Second Brain and How to Use It: i.e. “Enlightenment” in a Nutshell


Examples: Sweden, Italy, France, Germany,

Hungary, Poland, Belarus, usa

Brazil, China, usa;

Russia, Ukraine, usa

China, Mexico, usa


My unedited notes.  Please consider them thoughts to reflect upon, not declarations of truth

The Second Brain;

intuitively obvious” math expression and the expression gut instinct

intuitive vs indoctrinated

learning to feel what is… i.e. learning to live in harmony with nature, your nature, Mother Nature

people too much in head and trendy emotional tangents… to live better, look deeper

why abandoning religion: betrayal of visceral intuitive emotional felt sense in name of justifying anything with intellect “intuitive felt sense” vs bias”

The world is waking up to the notion of cultural integrity

Marthas Vineyard confused more than hypocrits

Sweden, Italy, France, Germany,

Hungary, Poland, Belarus, usa

Brazil, China, usa;

Russia, Ukraine, usa

China, Mexico, usa

culture integrity and the visceral intuitive

”nationalism’’  or  ”national  identities” is  rising  everywhere,  Sweden,  Italy,  France,  India,  every  European  country,  and  also  the  USA.


Talking about abandonment of second brain:

Your kids belong to the government

California governor Newson just signed bill passing composting of human corpses

should evolve understanding of religion, not abandon it due to lack of deeper in-sight

Queen Elizabeth funeral Will re-enliven a sense of cultural integrity throughout the world

 “Words are energy and cast spells.  Why do you think they call it ‘spelling”’ Bruce Lee“

fame is accompanied by gossip ..  i.e. spell casting

a significant part of your evolution comes from your speech.

Conviction is the luxury of those on the sidelines from movie “a beautiful mind

“don’t criticize what you can’t [don’t] understand”  Dylan

woke is a fad nothing more then the hippie movement and bell bottoms

working title:  Why people do not believe in God

from beginning zelensky been provoking russia.. to bring in NATO… could have had peace long go.

USA role

I heard India now involved in Fentanyl?  But not government.  What is really going on?

Estimated $400 billion of the $900 billion Covid Unemployment relief program was taken by international fraudsters

Estimated 45 billion in pandemic unemployment fraud

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Keys to the Kingdom and the Cultural Soup

“The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.” 

This weeks note fragments:

Fundamental principle of Healing psychophysiological Centers, i.e. Chakras: If you can feel it, you can heal it.

tonal quality of group consciousness.  influences individuals in that group.

Tonal quality of a people cultures a society held and conveyed through individuals.

how to feel the group consciousnesss..  lost art of feeling what is. across the spectrum of life

drive through Asheville, and feel what is there

so caught up in mental trips that lost art to feel what actually is… hand on healing, chiropractic, MDs, .

working title:  Fascinating Studies in Cultural Dynamics

working blurb: Ancient Secret principles in clear display for those willing to look

people are waking up.  the only question is how far will it go before it reverses back to sanity

rebelling against the touchstone

What “high class” really means

Meeting such a high class individual made me realize how far we have to go as a culture… Very humbling

Brings to mind the question of what that tonal quality will be like in the golden age

We all live in the same cultural soup

happens by proximity, TV, books, etc.

media boom starting with TV significantly and then expanding to internet, etc. tends to create lowest common denominator, but as people see this happening more and more, will become committed to group consciousness of orders based upon nature of their psychophysiology’s… I.e. people will protect their minds.   drugs are another major component resulting in people resonating with lower common denominator

e.g. when i was a kid, public school upheld a particular level of group consciousness but that has degraded with mechanics described here.

higher values of group consciousness include refinement, dignity, wisdom, intelligence, grace, respect, for others nd for self, humility, culture integrity, decorum, polite social behavior

Monarchy ideal: dignity behavior personal conduct

Fascinating concept of a monarchy/ Queen Elizabeth apolitical though Britain clearly did some vile acts in the colonies

Orange marmalade sandwich

Asheville NC in top 10% crime cities in USA.  could feel decay in group consciousness over past years

asheville is antifa hub.  People avoid Asheeville…  nothing needed there anyway.

mayor and officials radical left. 

what it really means to be “out of touch”

radical left mayor and city officials….   amazing how we could just feel it when we

Research in ancient Vedic technologies already confirmed on small scale

Power of prayer.  Group Meditatiton

Statisticly proven to be valid

Enlightened City ancient secret: Global scale

to become enlightened, become the highest level of paradox


Current Event Tidbits:

At this point if anyone doesn’t see the absurdity of the open border, limitless printing of money, turning violent criminals loose, etc.  Then they are just not paying attention

Bloated federal government taking over So many things they have no right to take over such as education

China and Russia’s plans for a new world order

Most dangerous words in the English language “hello we are from the government and we are here to help” RR

“Do you believe in God?”

logic, feelings, and cultural integrity

you can justify anything with the intellect and people do

dramatic drop in christianity… here is why

Martha’s Vineyard: It’s not hypocrisy; it’s ‘privilege’

they would need to send 28,000 migrants to Martha’s vineyard to make it even with cities in texas

Strategic petroleum reserves now the lowest it’s been in decades to lower gas price before election,dangerous, many problems including making susceptible to foreign price hikes/control

“All government spending is taxation” Milton Friedman. Economist

Bill Maher “Magic Moral Time Machine”

woke judging people from 100s of years ago

fentanyl leading cause of death in US ages 18-45.  Coloring as candy and sidewalk chalk. Intentionally killing children… underground declaration of war

Obsession on any issue becomes its own enemy

Arguing on merits not as compelling as smear campaigns…Caustic

Human Nature?!

MAGA  called right extremist, insurrectionist

Calling democrats far left extremist then

slander opposition:

tea party.. balanced budget amendment

term limit, power to the people

name calling politics

“Joe Biden is best business partner Mexican cartels ever had”  Marjorie Taylor Green

Presumptive negativity: go straight to the declarative i.e. gossip, etc. a lie circles the world before the truth can put on its shoes.

Once heard, can not be unheard

Guilty before proven innocent

No verification

The need to want to prove that someone is less then

Nobody ever apologizes

years ago when Louse Lerner was head of the IRS we applied for Mt Soma Vedic University and were denied.  My accountant could not understand why so he reapplied and we were denied again.  RACISTS!

Power is never neutral//human nature/perspective

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The Eternal Crystalline Touchstone

       blurb:  The ancient secret foundational mechanics revealed.  How the world actually works…

my unedited notes from the past week:

Queen Elizabeth influential history: Royalty/USConstitution mapping/correlation… Royalty is apolitical

no written constitution

will King Charles be political?

E.G. Can not divide property


The ancient secret foundational mechanics revealed.  How the world really works: the crystalline structure, underlying all life and existence

ratna, crystaliline energy of temple/enlightened city

ratna in first mandala Rig Veda

Yantra: gears,  moving

Mt Soma…Resonance: building a crystalline touchstone

       the veil of maya, illusion in all its forms

       blurb:  Mechanism of the emerging ratna,

Quantum mechanics the mechanics of the quantitization level of existence

Cycles of Time: the sun rises and sets

Conceptualization vs. Actualization: eternally elusive but now within our grasp.

“1000 points of light”… “crystalline city on the hill” deep inside everyone knows everything yet shrouded by identity/maya/samskaras

clean the fishbowl



       Ben Rich deathbed confession about UFOs

Skunk Works, Stealth,  Clarence “Kelly” Johnson,

See Ancient Aliens Declassified “top secret sites”

       Appx 90 minutes into the program I also believe he is the guy that a lecture at UCLA engineering said we have the technology to bring  ET home


Current Events:

Tearing down statues what it really means to the nation to the culture and to the individuals

       What does it really mean to be a great person to be a great public figure what is the role of public opinion

       The sour specter of hatred, veiled in the guise of righteous heroics, is the virus released within the world

       it comes in all forms: taliban, el queda, right/left political affiliation, conservative/liberal, religious/atheistic, black/white/brown/yellow, no end…

       What values the nation embodies as a people

       Working for versus working on the people


       Deepfake: beyond photoshop

       two most common perspectives: fear, judgment

most difficult to remember yet most critical context: Phase Transition

       Dawning of the Golden Age, the age of oblivions last hurrah

       Always darkest before the dawn

       undocumented not vaccinated, explain that!

       Words redefined to manipulate people

e.g. Fascism , racist, gender,  inflation, etc.

control the language and you control the people

Blackrock: Environmental, social, and governance (ESG)

       Green New Deal: growing Global Suicide Pact

       Energy is control for example Europe is under control of Russia via pipeline on/off switch and if US turns over energy control also is turning over self determination

       Tick-tock USA versus tick-tock China…controlling mentality of nations

       China number one in education USA number 25

       US spends more per capita on education than any other nation

       Across nation children being sexually mutilated and sterilized puberty blockers increased suicide rate

Undermine culturaal integrity to overtake a nation


       We have the technologies and capabilities right now on this earth to bring peace and prosperity to all of humanity.  It is only the dedication to conflict that prevents us from making it so

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“Owning Others Feelings/Behaviors/Beliefs”

Ancient Secret art of reflection and the Crucible

This weeks notes unedited:

Ancient Secret art of reflection and the Crucible

‘Boat in water. No water boat.

Owning can occur as collusion or confrontation

Yet when people throw darts it naturally hurts

difficult particularly with family friends coworkers local national and international news

Retire inwardly, not react outwardly

The art of digestion

Two approaches to imperfection:

1] attack verbally

2] pitch in to help improve

The two types of memory one divine  [Smriti] the other the devil

Claire/Outlander:  “and if life is anything akin to God, i suppose that memory must be the devil”

How to [not to] think for yourself,,,

Momentum of mass mentality: everything from US Open to politics , human condition

“It’s no measure of good health, to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”

⁠— J. Krishnamurti

Trying to bury it or push it away it’s just a form of denial… answer: the Light of awareness heals.  The knowing IS the doing. 

Simplistic versions of deep spiritual concepts may just have their value for example to be God-fearing or regarding the notion of Satan ”his greatest strength is that people cannot recognize him even when they see him”

Mount Soma, the Crucible: “It always seems impossible until it’s done” Nelson Mandela

Udana vayu:  prana that carries past life karma with it.  Energy between 4ttth and 6th chakras. . Refined and you can do anything

Current human condition:  Emotionally based twisted convoluted passionate perspectives of one and other.  or is it just a fishbowl that desperately needs to be cleaned?

all knowledge dwells within… just refine the awareness to find it… easier said than done


‘thank god we are not getting all the government we are paying for’  Will Rogers

“George Orwells 1984 cease to be a warning and become rather a suggestion?” 

Biden speech, I have heard many comments: tyranny, felt like Red bricks of hell, could part with blood spewing forth, spooky

typical political motivations? #1money, #2 staying out of jail

Student loan forgiveness estimate cost $1 trillion.  If you were given $1 million every single day since the birth of Christ he would have less than 3/4 of $1 trillion

IMPORTANT EXPERIMENT: “ is the sky blue, red, green, gold, white or …”

Go back and forth from MSNBC TO FOX NEWS coverage of Mira Lago… stressed me out.   there no truth outside the Gates of Eden [Dylan]

Be ahead of the time.  That’s how you transform the world”  Billy Jean King

“Just be sure the world is headed in the right direction” mm

working title: of by and for what? the people?money?  ivory tower? Or what?

Europe preparing for winter: to freeze in poverty hoarding wood and coal

Tons of ammo sent to Ukraine has depleted our military supply and we have not tracked what was done with the ammo pentagon says has compromised our preparedness for defense…..Senseless suffering.

China’s hidden war on cultural integrity: FENTANYL , woke…  How to defeat a nation… destablize the culture

Ivory tower politics: wants to do double backflip with a triple half Gainer off a high knuckle board landing with 1 foot on a thimble

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The Ancient Secret Fundamental Blueprint of Life and Existence

Essential yet lost knowledge and the consequences.

Also second podcast: Dr Mamas Talks with Mount Soma Guests

Unedited notes from the past week:  

“There is a River”  edgar cayce… song by Bill Gaither

deeper meaning in so many biblical quotes and concepts.  Panditji and I enjoy signs outside local churches.

I.e. awaken to the transcendental essence [heart] of your being which lies far beyond the emotional heart.

What is God and are there multiple gods?  One God, multiple faces/names/aspects

Human condition in a nutshell:

“The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.”

Power of identity  [habit]  just understand how the word ‘identity’ is used here.

what is natural and how do you know? what is natural law

 natural vs.conservative vs. liberal

what is unnatural?

Looking to nature can give insight.

the magnitude of effect of state of global consciousness has is vastly underestimated

In the golden age, the earth will bear its treasures. No idea how grand those treasures are.

Current Events:

most dangerous words in english language: “Hello, we are from the government and we are here to help”  R. R.

World is sadly emotionally based.  Not logically and only loosely teathered to true base, i.e. transcendental essence [“There is a River”]

“Prosecution by leak. “. Kimberly Strassel

slander, rumor, how the world works

“Victory is sweetest when you’ve known defeat.”


student loan debt transfer [it is not cancelation].. buying votes

raid university slush funds?

$2k per working american [appx 157k of them] to pick up student loan tab of $300k

main cause of inflation is government spending…

second is stupid regulations

Texas dinosaur footprints in dried out river bed..  113 million years old, appx. 60 feet tall, 44 tons.

Working title:  when will all the endless blunders stop

“Donald Trumps vaccine”  if that label can be made to stick, the truth of the damage of the vaccine will come out.

Trump was the one that pushed the vaccine through and the Democrats would then blame him

Some say Mar-a-Lago docs implicate Obama and Clinton in Russia fraud

“Trust in God with your whole heart” versus “Know God with the

2035 no gas cars in Cal. fiasco washington following suit

Electric car blunder

As we predicted a backlash against the anti-big bang theory is underway.  Identities die hard even in face of proof.

Cosmic hum emitted for rocks in space, not big bang.  Cosmic microwave background radiation

3 degrees Kelvin  not cooling from big bang

Universe much warmer ages ago

Roman empire all over again… corruption, convolution of motives,

Adding lead to silver coins.  When the currency fall, the empire falls.

amazing how numerology predictions fit what we have been saying

Hang in there 2025

100 years from now will look back at this time with awe and wonder

Egalitarian Vs equity

What does it mean to cast a vote?  Congress Senate essentially ALL dems vote one way and ALL republicans another?!

It’s not a vote; it’s a coercion

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Ancient Secret Underlying Motivations: Churning the Ocean of Life

My unedited notes from the past week:

No Thing is Not Nothing

The Establishment vs Ageless Wisdom, Rebellion vs Evolution

Working Title:  The Churning of the Ocean and The Upcoming Enlightened Age

‘the only true knowing…’

nothing vs. ‘no thing’

pure consciousness = isness = consciousness before it is

conscious of a ‘thing’… the illusion of ‘other… maya

Big Bang video:  last 2 minutes James Youtube video: 

Webb Telescope’s Discovery of Galaxies That Shatters the Big Bang Theory

working title:  what is happening to us all?

      Not about Democrat versus Republican but rather about the establishment versus those who oppose it

gas prices down because depleting strategic  oil reserves… frightening.

      are we all going crazy?  has the world gone mad?

      i have begun grinding 1 or 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds daily and adding to oatmeal.

      The thing that is important is the thing that is not seen

      antoine de saint-exupery

      Defund FBI bumper sticker made me chuckle.

’The man who hears a different drum a-drummin’”  Thoreau

Yin creates yang.. ‘round and ‘round.. racism goes full circle… affirmative action or racism?

      ‘i supposed that memory must be the devil’  claire outlander…

working title:   the ancient secret of past lives lives… why we can’t remember

      Star chamber—vigilante in government.. Henry viii

      Tulsi Gabbard

Entrenched unelected Washington bureaucracy

      Referred to as the “swamp”

      Stochastic terrorism—vogue on both sides of most debates

      Career bureaucrats

      Status quo establishment… Mitch McConnell

      Motivation is perhaps the most difficult thing to understand with respect other people as well as ourselves

      Why do people do the things they do?

      Entrenched unelected bureaucracy,  some call it deep state, swamp, Big government, status quo, Career bureaucrats, gravy train, Selfish interest conglomerate…. Call it what you will but when someone like a tick is enjoying the benefits of the establishment as is it can become their primary focus to keep it going in the name of money power or self protection

      This becomes an inpenetrable Conglomerate that permeates all levels and branches of government and society

Epidemic:  e.g. big bang, world is flat, etc.


      According to Epoc Times FBI authored the request for a search warrant

            Ukraine nuclear power plant gas and oil for Europe Moscow chaos China and Russia working together total mess

      Famine nuclear holocaust energy crisis mess

      Strategic oil reserve 1/3 depleted

      70% of weaponry and funds to Ukraine from US never make it there

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Ancient Secret:  How to Read Tea Leaves

The lost art of setting perspectives, beliefs, and convictions aside to see what really is

Here are my unedited notes from this week: 

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.”

Current events have become so clearly, obviously transparent that I will not spend much time with them.  Suffice it to say the phase transition to a Golden Age is well underway… just as the Rishis predicted.  The only question is:  how smooth or rough will the transition be.  We have only to “clean the fishbowl” as the Rishis directed.

The lost art of setting perspectives, beliefs, and convictions aside to see what really is

Human nature is divine we have only to clean the fish bowl, clear the cobwebs of conviction.

Raw nerves cloud perception.

The true meaning of non-attachment Is not the conventional understanding

It is not an attitude or behavior…. It is a state of physiology of mind, of consciousness… beyond fantasy, beliefs, or longings.

Dynaamic of group consciousness:  Internal conflict only facilitates government takeover.. Chinese.. George Soros

The worse it gets the better it gets… Lenin

Working title who is facilitating the Chinese and why

The blood of a goat will shatter a diamond Aristotle

E.g.  People favor Who they perceive to be the victim

Why zombies have become a popular theme zombie consciousness

Democracy dies in darkness

Justice Scalia:

Constitution separation of powers,  otherwise Bill of Rights is just a piece of paper…. Every third world country has a “bill of rights’

“Decide to construct your character through excellent actions and determine to pay the price of a worthy goal. The trials you encounter will introduce you to your strengths.”


‘pay the price of a worthy goal. ‘

tradition of crucifying spiritual teasers

Back to fundamentals and away with tangents

The power of speech is to evolve or to inhibit evolution

There is no cost no amount of death destruction and suffering that will get in the way of permanent Washington’s fulfilling their agenda 

Tulsi Gabbard   2020 democratic presidential candidate “

‘Defund FBI’ bumper sticker made me chuckle

tariffs vs competitive advantage: flaw in Ronald Ragan’s pro free trade logic vs China… only works if participants are not in conflict.  Result is China grip on US economy

500,000 children in Iraq Madeleine Albright it was worth it to go after that one man…Sanctions

Outraged out of touch out of control outnumbered

Out of their minds Out of bounds…..let  them eat cake

The ruling class grip on power

New bill adds 87,000 IRS agents to current 75,000 with middle class as target

Agents required to bear arms and be willing to use lethal force.

Modern economic “theory”…. Print all the money you want, just pull it out of circulation with huge taxes….  But this creates chaos and strife!!

Stupid-er and stupid-er ridiculous-er and  ridiculous-er


“ I suppose that memory must be the devil” Claire Outlander

“ Don’t be careless with the time you have together”  Claire Outlander

The power of identity:  Michio Kaku in interview sidesteps new evidence refuting the Big Bang

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The Fossilized Grasp for Truth

This weeks unedited notes:

For starters:

All in Podcasts not in notes and visa versa

Larry Kudlow “where is George Orwell now that we need him”

 “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”  Edmund Burke

In times of extremism, only the coward can avoid divisiveness

 Managed forests

Most dangrerous words in English language:  “hello we are from the government and we’re here to help”

The Struggle over truth:  What is it?

working TITLE:  the question of enlightenment

If you must judge/evaluate a teacher, do so by their teachings.  ‘Certainly not by what you hear, be it positive or negative… be it of the street or of the gutter.

“If you do not like your personality, you better change it now because after you are enlightened, you will not care:”  Muktananda

Yet we judge people based upon the superficiality of their personality

wars on all levels are ignited by superficiality….ego, pride, narrow minded self indulgent thinking i.e. the immaturity of humanity

Psychology 101:

Positive Transference eventually becomes negative transference.

If you think you might be in enlightened be sure to not telling anybody.   If they believe you, you lose. if they don’t believe you, you lose

 “A man without regrets cannot be cured “:     Aristotle

Human nature is divine we have only to clean the fish bowl we wallow in.

“Conceal a flaw and the world will imagine the worst” Marcus Aurelius

What does it mean to you when someone does not respect your words or your opinion and how deeply does it cut and why

One’s identity is too often equating their words and thoughts with their soul is bogus yet if one does not share your thoughts and feelings through identity it feels like one is rejecting your very soul and it cuts that deeply… feels like e.g. betrayal

If consider another might be of high level of consciousness/enlightened:  Constant monitoring, observation measuring up to their idealed notions, gossip, rumors, judgement, jealousy, etc.  Or they just think the person is “nuts”

We all sense however obliquely the Divinity within … the place we are all already enlightened… so it is not far reach for people interested in spiritually to consider themselves enlightened…  mix in ego and identity and there you have spiritual immaturity


Modern economic theory says you can print all the money you want as long as your tax heavily enough to pull all that money back out.  Crazy

 There was developed a Gain of function virus 60 times more lethal than Covid if released estimate says it would set humanity back a millennium

75,000 IRS agents…  adding 87,000 to go after small business middle income people… some say it might be a good thing is they went after fraud regarding things like claims of 50 dependants, etc.  right now IRS is overwhelmed…IDK

“anti inflation bill”  joe manchin and sinema what happened to them, reversing west va vs EPA: destroy west. va. economy—unelected lifetime bureaucrats making regulations at will, increase taxes on individuals and corporations, 87k agents, louise lerner, 80B allocation to IRS is six times their current budget–swarm of locust,

Multiple reputable unbiased independent agencies all say the bill would be a disaster but government pays no attention

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Veda explains the Big Bang and “Mount Soma; The Movie”

Here are this weeks unedited notes:

everything in podcast is not always in notes and visa versa so you may want to check out both. 

A movie based on the true story of Mt Soma

Would have to be done as science fiction because people would not believe it.

Movie would not need to embellish the truth one bit!

Incredible means ‘beyond credible’.

To witness it is to know it is real/true!

Real world reads like science fiction!

The Path of Vedic Global Tansformation.

Worlds within Chaitanya and the Laws of Nature

Mapping is so far beyond the conventrionally understood

Gravity affects time.  Atomic clock runs differently on earth than in deep space due to gravity effect.     Field equation is the umbrella between Lorenz transformations and Maxwells equations and gravity

Space is not curved

Space time is an artiical math construct used to make calculations—really there is no such thing in the physical world

big bang only works mathematically if u could divide by zero to get infinity [Chaitanya/transcendent]. assumed electrons were points with no size at all [zero].. Beyond physical….  Infinite pillar/linga of light in Puranas.  Haranyagarba shape of universe, etc. 

Truth dwells hidden within us all.  /Reaching for it…  yet echoes of truth hold truth at bay.  Field equation has been around for 100 years but wrong interpretation [divide by zero] led scientists astray for all that time.

A deeper understanding is coming out, but still not accounting for Chaitanya. it works: gravity, ‘general’ relativity, time corre vtion

From perspective of relative, Chaitanya is virtual.  But relative is virtual [Maya]…illusion.  Can not grasp the ungraspable…  can not divide by zero.

[Big bang, black holes, etc. is in Absolute, not relative]

Haranyagarba, Samyama on the Moon, Pillar of Light.

cosmic rays in space detrimental to human heath.. e.g. one year in space station lost 20 IQ points.  Trip to Mars would make astromauts vegetables unless find way to block cosmic rays.

Nuclear power is with current technology safe  [no meltdown] but still oroblem with what to do with the waste.  Probably best solution.  Dump into deep sea trenches goes all way down to aesthenosphere below earths crust. Mariana trench 7 miles deep and fills with sediments.   Never see it again.  Mix with magma.  Millions of years to resurface… ½ life expired?

Inside earth is already nuclear reactor which is why we have volcanos, moltent core, etc.  Auguste Piccard… 

religion is not the problem.  superficial superstitious understandings of religion is the problem.  Don’t throw out Baby with bathwater.

People get carried away with their hocus-pocus new age sort of interpretation of Vedic knowledge which is a highly sophisticated knowledge but they reduce it down to superstition and that is tragic

The Indian community generally speaking has seen it all and is then far more mature in its relationship with the hocus-pocus and left handed tantra.

Emotional Indulgence vs. the path of Wisdom

Echoes of truth hold truth at bay.

emotions: Indulgence vs Wisdom

Rajneesh , Maharajiji, cults

Highly educated people are still very susceptible.

Huge Sri Yantra on ground Oregon like Nacza Plains… how did it get there?

I am exasperated with what is going on in the world.  Don’t really want to keep talking about it.  But the light of awareness heals.   Here is some of it:

The good news is that it is so absurd that people are seeing past it.

The pendulum will swing

Adderall and Ritalin opioids are killing people: rate up 3000% anti-depressants all suicides up 35% big Pharma it’s all about the money

Over 200 million prescriptions per year in our country of 300 million people add to that all of the recreational drugs and it’s clear that essenttially the entire society is being drugged and then of course voting

Antidepressants mask depression : claim it is a chemical in balance which it is not as more current research admits.  But still using it. 

Tom Cruise said this years ago.  At the time for most of us that was obvious but now many ssee it at prophetic !

Even Faucy is admitting that they’re not sure what the effect is of the Covid vaccine on the female reproductive system

Current research shows that people who took the vaccine are 80% more likely to get sick of course the medical community ignores this… of the money by the money for the money

10 to 0 vote medical advisory committee said to not provide the drug for Alzheimer’s which now seems to do nothing for Alzheimer’s they did and do prescribe it anyway

Johann Hari “Lost Connections” the real cause of depression

Your emotional pain is telling you something that you really need to hear       masking it with drugs does not work

George Orwell the best way to control a society is to control its language first

Med schools spend “more time teaching pronouns that kidney disease.”

We are in recession with inflation and the governments solution” is to just redefine the terms

Big government weaponization Department of Justice, FBI, etc. to be their own political hit squad   Tulsi Gabbard

Ukraine is autocracy blacklisting dissenters even Americans

China buying up farmland cattle ranches and acreage often in close proximity to US military and nuclear bases.  Can set up monitoring and sabatoge.

China financing US college professors

“Whatever is begun in anger, ends in shame.”


Energy is strength—All batteries together can power the world for 76 seconds. 

Polution to create and power electric cars, solar, and wind energy far exceeds fossil fuel when done with current cleaner tech of USA.

False claim that unemployment is low.  Most of potential work force is not looking for job so not in unemployment statistic.

Inflation definition:  increase in money supply [printing money]

Money talks: senators are hired by China after retiring to lobby for them

California trucking compromised by new refulations in California.

California mask requirements falsifying documents

try to cross the border to USA on your own and cartel will kill you… multi billion dollar industry… highly ‘sophisticated’ business

sign in to Tic Toc and China moniters and knows everything about u every key stroke u make

OAN …. Directv and soon Fios dropping it.  Eyeing Newsmax.  Freedom of speech?

Cancel Culture:  Soviet Union,  Nazi Germany

“I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to death your right to say it”

State of West Virginia standing up to woke corporations like Blackrock and JP Morgan who refused to finance fossil fuel companies and their stance is also being held by a few other states…

Joe Manchin backs down allowing legislation of higher taxes and controls

FBI Political prisoners in USA…incredible.  History repeating itself

Borderless hemisphere Hillary Clinton

Merchant of death trade for basketball player caught with illegal substance in Russia. 

4000 illegals total in DC vs 7000 daily in Texas.  Suddenly /C=DC mayor wants national Guard.

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Human Condition: Big Bang to Personal Lives to Politics

this pic from James Webb Telescope shows mature ‘red’ galaxies older than big bang accounts for.

How our hearts an minds function:  The too often ignored essential point in life.


A number of people responded with interest in coming to Mt Soma to help.  We are deeply appreciative and will be getting back to you soon,  THANK YOU!

 Here are my notes from the past week:

working title:  echoes of truth hold truth at bay

            Big Bang politics and religion it’s all the same thing

            Einstein versus Poincaré

Modern big bang notion vs bigger big bang picture.

            Grossman versus Einstein general relativity

            Cartan physicist: said electrons are not points… rather have dimension which refutes formulas for black holes, big bang etc.

            Stand back because of the bigger picture from the very perspectives there is a big bang but it’s not what physicists currently understand yet at the same time deep inside we know everything and physicists are trying to derive those deeper things that they can sense but didn’t really understand as yet

James Web:  pic shows fully mature ‘red’ galaxies that are older than big bang allows for.  

Working title/idea: history repeats itself the world is not flat

            When people do not know the absolute their perspective on things becomes their substitute for the absolute

Someone quoted to me: “The general population is beginning to realize that they can do without grandiose plans, but they can’t do without affordable food, housing, transportation, and clothing, and reliable systems to deliver those goods and services…”

                        The perpetual cycle of knowledge lost gained and lost the human condition

            The observable universe is the world of physics: the other way of gaining knowledge, all dwells within you… even that which is beyond what is currently outwardly observable.

            Russia’s greatest ally: the green new deal people are making Russia lots of money

            150 red flags for Hunter in banking system… when one or two is considered alot.

            Woman in Norway is facing three years in prison for saying that men cannot be lesbians and men cannot get pregnant

            Delusional quite simply we do not have the technology currently to run this world on wind and solar. Period

            We live in the current political era of a blend of corruption and stupidity

            Stupidity is not the right word were plenty of smart people that were totally deceived by Nazi Germany etc.  “manipulate-able”  humans are highly psychologically dependant upon their peer group

            The core of Christianity must not get lost to historical debates and viewpoints,  core is inner sense of divinity and universality within.  Debates regarding for example ‘vigin birth’ must not undermine that.  i.e. essence of Christianity is essential to life and is in fact essence of all ‘true’ religions.

            Pregnancy centers vandalism… obviously wrong, but someone pointed out that if they are coercing people in a direction, that would be wrong too.  IDK the details.

            working title?: big bang, entanglement, and spirituality      astral echoes?

            echoes of truth… the ‘i get it’ syndrome

            SEVERAL have responded to call.  if you have not heard back yet, you will soon.

            working title:  the socialist new world order: utopia or oblivion?

            The frequent problem with leaders:  the corrupt behind the seen, the visible yet corrupt, and the disceived/mislead/coerced leaders

Conspiracy theory has become a catch all phrase to discard many things into the ‘round file’ … how the human mind works: catagorize concepts, thoughts, and people

             “What true is false and what false is true” in a notion conveyed in George Orwell’s book 1984.  Like in a Star Trek adventure, if they can brainwash a person into, for example, believing they see three lights when there are only two then they have them… they have captured their mind.  Some of the absurd notions promoted today seem to follow along those lines.  Don’t they?  The deceivers are all to often, or in a larger sense always, among those who have been deceived.

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