Life Beyond Polarization

Our world today is pervaded with a churning turmoil of bias, opinion, judgement, fear, and even hatred:  take a side, love your comrades and condemn the opposition.  Here we examine what the Ancient Secrets Reveal: a vision of what lies beyond this polarizing web that engulfs modern mentality and the path to freedom from that web.  To listen, please click here.

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Dogma, the Law, and Religion

What is the greater dogma: the law or religion?  Both religion and the law cover the full range of possibilities from fanaticism to wisdom.  A simple glance at world history, as well as current affairs, tells us it all depends upon the people involved–the people ‘in charge’?  In fact, that applies to everything under the sun.

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Ideals, Politics, Peace, Harmony and All of Us

I sincerely believe that if we all sat together and discussed personal and political matters, we would realize that we all share the same ideals.  For example we all want peace, harmony, prosperity and justice for all.  Politics has just put a harsh and passionate spin on it all. 
As with so many levels and issues of life (interpersonal, community, political, philosophical, religious, even dietary etc.) the belief that seems to hold true is that the best way to win a disagreement is to demonize those with the opposing view.  “We are good; they are bad” seems to dominate over a mature, balanced, and reasonable joint effort to move life forward.  Paticularly in this election year and certainly regarding the current challenging jyotish, we do well to sidestep the politics and not get caught up in all the negativity.  Needless to say demonization breeds hatred which destroys so much of what we all long for.
Speaking of jyotish, Saturn and Jupiter are moving closer and closer together. They will be the closest around December 21, which is not good.  Also, Mars and Saturn are very powerful these days.  So for the next few months we do well to put extra attention on staying ‘out of the weeds’ of conflict and negativity.
A brief look at the history of humanity makes it clear that we have a lot to learn before we can live, let live and just get along.  Hatred and contempt is no way to run a world, a country, a state, city, community, or personal life.  Perfection dwells deep within the Kaivalya of the Transcendent.  We do well if we do not demand it of others…or of ourselves.  Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

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Internet Upheaval

A quick look at the history of humanity shows that polarization between people has been with us throughout history. Here we consider the internet, in conjunction with the dramatic jyotish we face over the next year, so we can be better equipped to deal with what lies ahead.  With a steady hand on the rudder and knowledge of the upcoming landscape, we can safely navigate the turbulent rapids ahead.  To listen, please click here.  

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Its Gotta Make Sense: The Razors Edge of Life

Be it religion, economics, or building a shed in the backyard; life just works better when it makes sense.  But that is easier said than done.  What does ‘sense’ mean anyway?  We take a look at ‘sense’ from various angles as it applies to different fields of life.  We explore that ancient secret, what it all means and how to live it.  We will also take a quick look at some interesting developments in physics.To listen to the podcast, please click here.

 Please note:  In this podcast when I briefly talked about physics, I talked about particles in space draining energy from light.  In the moment, I knew I was forgetting to say something more but could not recall what that was.  Very simply, when energy is drained from light, the frequency of the light is reduced.  So the idea is that it is not because the universe is expanding that the frequency of the light goes down, but rather that the frequency reduction is the result of the drain of energy (for those interested the formula is: energy equals frequency times planck’s constant or simply that energy and frequency are directly proportional).

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Coronavirus and the New Normal

The post coronavirus new normal will not seem weird or imposing. It will be a positive step forward for us all. Just like the “don’t be a litter bug” shift that was made decades ago, it will feel like natural, right as rain, common sense. The schools are opening in Europe as research shows that is a very safe move. Hear all the perspectives and facts first, then reflect and ponder, then move forward. So few actually do that. And in the context of this Memorial Day, a vision of the new normal, this new mentality, takes on surprisingly deeper and more meaningful significance. Please know that great days are ahead. To listen to this podcast please click here.

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Coronavirus, Etc. – A Look into the Future. What Is in Store for Us?

With everything (from Coronavirus to the economy to international tensions) that is going on in our world, everyone is wondering what the future holds. In this podcast we take a look at the science, diverse medical expert opinions, Jyotish, the media and more to discern the image within the crystal ball. To listen, please click here.

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I received the following thought provoking comment to my last podcast:

Just some comments. In referring to your friend’s comment, “people are unable to believe the magnitude of the corruption on all levels” rings so true. I had that realization several years ago; albeit on a much lower level than what is being revealed these days. About twenty years ago you spoke of coming into an age where society would become rather chaotic. At the time, it seemed impossible. Impossible in that it was difficult to imagine what life would be like in twenty years and with our culture being run like a machine….and here we are. Fascinating to hear someone spoke of the man with orange hair around that same time. Who would have ever thought this so called “pandemic” would be the trigger that would begin to wake people up.

To which I respond:

Your thoughtful words compel me to reflect upon the past 20 years. I poured my heart out in an attempt to prepare people for what was coming–how to deal with it wisely. And now we find ourselves in the midst of The Great Transition. Yet in spite of my warnings, few are keeping their balance. So now I say again that we will come through these turbulent times into an era of calmer waters, peace, and prosperity. Admittedly as the storm rages, even the best of us find ourselves holding on tightly in hopes of making it through these violent rapids. Steady hand on the rudder!!

When the next podcast CORONAVIRUS: TAKING A STAND posts next week, you will be able to access it here.

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