The Web that has No Weaver

Photo by Joy Anna Hodges

Decades ago, I consumed the knowledge in a book about Chinese Medicine called, The Web that has No Weaver. Now, I recall only bits and pieces. The title is as enchanting now as it was then, as it applies to all of life. Where do our thoughts and attitudes come from? It seems as if they have no origin. Instead, they are part of a weaverless web we call “the world.” That web is ‘oh so delicate’ and, like a spider web, entraps the inattentive, yet well intended, prey.

For example, the other day after speaking with a couple of people, we thought it would be good to ask another to join in the conversation. Their participation and perspective would be valuable. However, I had just seen that person and knew they were very busy so I suggested we only ask if now would be a good time. I imagined it was not a good time. When one of us then approached the person… Well, whatever one of us said, that person heard it (we will never know how the web got woven and the people got entangled) as a command: “You will meet with us now!” Of course, and understandably, the person got upset. Somehow, the simple message became twisted in the web we call “life.”

Now, take that little example and apply it to everything that happens. Understand that it applies, not just to little issues, but to major themes that determine the “warp and woof” of our lives. Truth is: It is a wonder that we can even communicate. I guess the deeper truth is: We can never really, at least not totally, communicate.

Bottom line is: Life is a delicate finesse as we traverse the fine fabric of the web that has no weaver. We will get entangled from time to time, though we wish we never would. The key then: Do your best to find a way to artfully get unentangled, lest more and more entangled life becomes. More often than not, giving the entanglement time and space to unravel is essential.

I once wrote a business article about Being, Merging, Knowing, and Doing that applies to this web. Funny enough, it used as an example the time when I helped my daughter unravel the web of her ball of yarn that was all tangled.

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A Heartfelt “Thank You”

Aboard the plane returning home from California class, I sit with the fine feelings of love and kindness that filled me over the past several days. From the moment I arrived at the SF airport on Wednesday, and throughout my visit, the nurturing support fed my soul. As I look back upon the past 25 years of the school, the major theme of the classes seemed to be the exquisite knowledge we have been given. Though the knowledge was certainly there this class, for me the theme of this visit was the kindness and love we all shared, starting the day I arrived early to enjoy the city with some of you, extending throughout the days of class, and continuing with another visit to the city on Sunday. I am renewed by the waves of love and support you gave through your presence—now received again aboard the plane as I read your kind emails, texts, and cards.

The task of bringing forth the teachings I was able to offer all these years was certainly not without its challenges, heartache, struggles, and opposition. The unavoidable realities of the mechanics of the process were a good portion of the class topics this past weekend as we all sat together and allowed ourselves to be with whatever was… reflectiveness, knowledge, fatigue, communion, commitment, and love. This class was a deeply emotional experience for me and, I believe, for all who attended. The children there, as well, were such a precious part of my week.

Taking now a year to reflect will provide the space needed to continue moving our long term plans forward, forward, always forward. A most warm and heartfelt “thank you” to all who attended the class. Your loving support nourishes my soul and will never be forgotten.

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This started out as a private personal letter to a friend, but I decided to offer it in an open blog:

Dear _____,

You asked the other day if I was still experiencing kundalini changes as the Jyotishis predicted would happen this autumn. When I told you ‘no,’ I was being honest in the sense that it is not like in times past when kundalini energy flared up and was moving through my body, etc. However these recent nights have indeed been eventful.

You, of course, know how it feels to meditate. It is a state of being. Well, to try to explain what is happening to me, I would say that it is as if that state is sourced in a place beyond all that is… pulling me to it. It is not that I am afraid to go. Rather, it feels that if I let myself fully go there, I would not return. I would no longer be part of the world we share. Instead, I would go to another place that was not connected with, not a part of, not integrated with, had nothing to do with, this world. It has been said that the Krishna value is the highest value that has anything to do with the relative. I believe that is true. This world is such a tiny virtual window in the diamond of all that is.

This world we share is just a dance of illusory perspectives. There is no Truth here. Only contradictory perspectives poking, pushing, and pulling at one another. Only hollow perspective identities seeking space, recognition, validation, commonality and communion with others. It seems so futile, yet at the same time, so precious, so beautiful, and so much in need of peace and harmony, that currently, it feels necessary for me to stay here. However, at the same time, we know it will only be Shanta Durga who, in time, takes Hari and Hara by their hands to bring peace and harmony to this world. Yet, to put it frankly, in spite of that pull I feel at night, I know I still have something I am to do here. That feels as inevitable and as right as rain. 

The night time pull of that place inside feels almost overwhelming, yet in the mornings and during the days, I feel more normal. Yet, still, that place deep inside that calls me feels like where I belong. It is just not time to go there yet. Maharishi once told a group of us that he will take us deep into Kaivalya. Feels like now, all these decades later, I have a better understanding of what he meant. There is no end to how deep Kaivalya goes.

If all happens according to plan, when my time comes, I believe it will be because I finally know I have done what I came here to do and it is time to just let it go.

Photo by Joy Anna Hodges
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Refining the Physiology Question

I was recently asked the following question:

I saw “What is Genius? – Bruce Lee #1” again, and there you said like Bruce Lee refined his physiology through Martial Arts, and there are many different ways to do it. Last time I didn’t even notice that when I saw it, but I always felt there were more ways to grow.

There is one poet they say, and he himself says, it was his breath, his life, his therapy to create poetry and rhymes.

So things like art, sports, etc, can evolve you in a major way, like Bruce Lee did for himself?

To which I respond:

Every field of pursuit can be a path to enlightenment.  However rapid evolution through some is more likely than through others.  Yet the approach to any field can be constructive or destructive.  That of course includes the field of spirituality.

Photo by Joy Anna Hodges
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Durga Havan 2019

Please note that our blog notification system has been down for a few weeks; thus the delay in this post.

During this autumn’s Nine Days of Mother Divine, we had the annual 6 hour Durga Havan. It is such a tremendous Havan. The power builds and builds. By the end, the Shakti is incredibly palpable. All the people are so wonderful. It is such a feeling of family, friendship, and community. I feel so honored to be a part of it. My humble gratitude to each and every one of you.

A few days before, I mentioned to Panditji that I would be buying a pumpkin because, as he has said, this is the time of year to put a pumpkin on the front porch as it will dispel any negative energies from the home and residents. He told me to bring it to the Havan so it would be blessed and become powerful. One thing led to the next and MB ended up donating 10 pumpkins to the Havan for others who would like to also have one. Panditji said that all the power of the Havan would be there in the pumpkins to protect the homes where they were placed. Based upon the wise response, one thing is for sure: next year, we are going to need more pumpkins!

Photo by Joy Anna Hodges

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