Coronavirus Perspectives

I have been receiving lots of comments and opinions regarding my coronavirus podcasts and blogs. I must say that I respect every comment I have received so far. They have been thoughtful, well written, sincere, and educated. A number of health care professionals have commented and it is interesting to note that even among them opinions varied widely.

I did post the first one, however please forgive me, but I am not going to post them all and here is why: The purpose of the blogs and podcasts regarding the virus goes deeper than just the opinions and perspectives. I do not want the forest to be lost to the trees. My point is about the application of the knowledge I offer (paradigm identity, etc.) to life, particularly when the issues are emotionally charged.

You see, I have witnessed through the years that many people love the spiritual depth of my teachings until emotions and identities get threatened. It is easy to be deep and spiritual when everything is rosy, but what about when it really matters. How do we behave then?

Spirituality is about expanded awareness. Spirituality is the vessel that holds all perspectives, paradigms, emotions, and thoughts in wisdom and insight. This of course applies not only to the Coronavirus, but to everything, for example: the border wall, economics, sexuality, politics, religion, race relations, personal and interpersonal relationships etc.

I believe Buddha called it ‘the middle way’. But as with all deep spiritual teachings, how people interpret ‘the middle way’ is all over the place, diverse and more often confused than understood.

Here is another quote for you: “The only true knowing is knowing that you know nothing.” Wisdom lies in the transcendental field of ‘no-thing-ness’. Yet most are very uncomfortable with that when it matters most. Instead we grasp at the straws of thingness and insist it is “the truth”.

How about, “paradox is the nature of existence”—simultaneously valid yet contradictory realities. At one point I encourage you to ‘take a stand’. At another point, I say we know nothing. To understand this, think “reality continuum”. Are we One, or are we separate? Wisdom is the integration of polar opposites. It is the field of extremes in conflict and contradiction held in the equanimity of balance and harmony… passion and dispassion together simultaneously. Opinions not held in the context of wisdom cause narrow vision, judgement, anger, hatred, and all this world’s problems.

So again I say that I was impressed by the mature manner in which the comments and opinions were expressed. I am not saying that the makers of those points were wrong or out of balance… not at all. In fact, I respect those people for ‘taking a stand’. Yet in the context of purpose of my blogs, podcasts, teachings, and my very life, those comments, I fear, would take us off point. Therefore, I will not be posting them as they may serve to only cloud the points I try over and over again to make about the nature of true spirituality.

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Coronavirus and the New Normal

The post coronavirus new normal will not seem weird or imposing. It will be a positive step forward for us all. Just like the “don’t be a litter bug” shift that was made decades ago, it will feel like natural, right as rain, common sense. The schools are opening in Europe as research shows that is a very safe move. Hear all the perspectives and facts first, then reflect and ponder, then move forward. So few actually do that. And in the context of this Memorial Day, a vision of the new normal, this new mentality, takes on surprisingly deeper and more meaningful significance. Please know that great days are ahead. To listen to this podcast please click here.

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Front Line Doctor Says How to Not Catch the Virus

Someone sent this interview of Dr. David Price to me. Finally a front line expert who makes sense? Is this the voice of wise experience, or just another opinion? We all can decide for ourselves. He said that 99% of the time, the virus is transmitted via hands. And if I may say so, I have promoted this approach to basic hygiene for many years, as my students know, and not just regarding this particular virus, but as simple common sense hygiene preventing many contagious diseases… basic microbiology 101. I do not like shaking hands. I do not approve of hugging all sorts of people. Wash hands especially after touching public door knobs, etc. etc. Dr. Price said the exposure must be prolonged and in a closed small room to catch the virus via airborne. I know, I know, this doctor appeared on a TV station that many refuse to watch. But this is about what the doctor said and not about the channel. I would add that for some time doctors have said that people catch colds in winter, not because it is cold outside, but rather because people stay indoors confined to a closed area for a prolonged period of time. What does that say about the stay at home shut down policy? Could that be why states that reverse the restrictions have the incidence of the the virus go down?

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Coronavirus, Etc. – A Look into the Future. What Is in Store for Us?

With everything (from Coronavirus to the economy to international tensions) that is going on in our world, everyone is wondering what the future holds. In this podcast we take a look at the science, diverse medical expert opinions, Jyotish, the media and more to discern the image within the crystal ball. To listen, please click here.

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Spiritual Knowledge… What good is it? 🙀

Ok, Ok, Yes I agree that knowledge and practice of knowledge such as mantras, japa, meditation, pujas, havens, etc. is of great value in that they refine the physiology, culture the heart, and thereby evolve us.  🧚‍♀️

But I am talking about intellectual understanding here and, even more importantly, the integration of that knowledge into your behavior.  In my podcasts for example, so many listened to the podcasts on paradigm identity, reality continuum, and mapping and some felt confident that they knew all about it.  You may have even found the topic boring since you had already heard about it.  But then in the podcasts about the enlightened city and coronavirus you do well to ask yourself if you thought and felt along the lines of those principles or just fell back on your old paradigm identity and evaluated everything based upon that identity.  For example, was the notion of positive attracts negative just not acceptible by your paradigm identity?  How about the notion of mapping an enlightened city onto a nation?  Or how about different perspectives on the coronavirus?  In my conversations with people, I have seen how few are able to do look beyond their paradigm identity.  👁

Also in daily life in general, how many behave with wisdom and reflection?  How many still act instinctively and spontaneously based upon their emotional and psychological programming?  In particular when life becomes challenging, how many behave not in accord with their inner wisdom but rather upon the rakshasa value that dwells within—perhaps anger, judgement or even hatred?  Suddenly ones true spiritual level comes into question.  Yes?  😡

Keep in mind that knowing all about spirituality is a good beginning often mistaken for the goal.  If you choose to white knuckle onto your judgements and hostilities, they will, of course, stay with you longer.  Expansion of awareness, of consciousness, is no simplistic task.  It is the journey of the true hero.  There is no way around that.  Attacking anything you do not feel one with is not the path to unity.  Learn to under-stand and not over-stand.  Humility is the flip side of wisdom.  I have said all these things before.  But every indidvidual does well of take a step back and observe their own behavior.  How quickly the peace and love attitude morphs into antifa. 🤯

 Please keep in mind that this is Kali Yuga—the age when the rakshasas dwell within the hearts and minds of the people.  It is not so hard to believe that about other people.  But the most important person to know and work with in that regard is yourself.  😱

We just posted another podcast called Coronavirus: Taking a stand.  It would be a good exercise to explore where you go with it in light of what has been said here.  You can access that podcast by clicking here. 🙏

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