The Western approach to knowledge started at the surface of life and slowly went deeper. First, the physical was examined. Newton’s laws of physics describe this physical level. Then later, the deeper electromagnetic level was explored. The exploration also went deeper with the microscope, looking at cells rather than the overall tissues of the body. In time, the exploration went even deeper with the atomic and sub-atomic levels. Then, even deeper to the quantum mechanical level. This is the out/in approach, the surface to the depth. Even the field of psychology is an out/in approach, first starting with the observation of behavior and then attempting to control the behavior in the name of improvement of the person.


In these modern times, the out/in approach has overtaken the world, both East and West. We are fortunate to live in a time when all the different superficial pieces of life’s puzzle are finally coming together, so that we can now see that all things are born out of that one thing, namely the Transcendent. This realization opens the gateway to the rediscovery of the essence of life. It is the source of life, the fountainhead of all wisdom and knowledge, the one thing that brings all things to a unified whole. By awakening to that, all health, knowledge, wealth, and prosperity can be made available to all of humanity. Through that, there will no longer be a need for suffering, wars, poverty, or disease. This knowledge will bring forth the Enlightened Age.


An Eastern approach is the opposite. It goes from in to out. With meditation, the individual taps into the deepest level of their being first, the Transcendental level. By awakening to that perfection that dwells at the depth of their being, the qualities of perfection bubble up through more and more superficial levels, all the way out to the physical and psychological aspects of the person. Similarly, knowledge is gained by starting with the source of all knowledge. Just as all knowledge of the tree is contained in the seed, all knowledge of the surface of life is contained at the depth of every individual’s being. It is called the Atman level, where you are one with the source of all that is.



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