Dogma, the Law, and Religion

What is the greater dogma: the law or religion?  Both religion and the law cover the full range of possibilities from fanaticism to wisdom.  A simple glance at world history, as well as current affairs, tells us it all depends upon the people involved–the people ‘in charge’?  In fact, that applies to everything under the sun.

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A Look Into the Crystal Ball: What Will Happen Over the Next Six Months

My blogs and podcasts are not intended to just provide facts and concepts.  They are meant to be experiential.  What is truth?  How can it be found?  And more importantly, how can it be lived—naturally, spontaneously?  Here we hold up a mirror, inviting you to cast your gaze within—to see what lies “beyond the looking glass”—within the crystal ball.  To listen, please click here.

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Why is California Burning?

No, we do not need to get cosmic to consider this.  Yet, at the same time, everything is transgradient, i.e., permeates all levels of life and nature.  Dogmatic perspectives undermine wisdom.  Humility is the flip side of wisdom. There is a lot to look at here: Judgement, simplistic reasoning, karma, oblivion, etc.  We can explore many facets of the diamond of life by considering the simple question:  “Why is California Burning?”.  Ancient secrets reveal deeper knowledge.  You may want to ask yourself what you would say before listening.  To listen, please click here.

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Tomorrow (Sunday, September 13) is a very auspicious day. There is a jyotish planetary configuration that has not occurred for 200 years and will not occur for another 200 years. All the planets, except Venus, will be in their own signs or exalted etc. Panditji suggests that you light a little ghee lamp or candle in front of a picture or murthi (statue) of Mother Divine and say a little prayer to Her on that day.  Meditation on that day will be particularly beneficial.  

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Ideals, Politics, Peace, Harmony and All of Us

I sincerely believe that if we all sat together and discussed personal and political matters, we would realize that we all share the same ideals.  For example we all want peace, harmony, prosperity and justice for all.  Politics has just put a harsh and passionate spin on it all. 
As with so many levels and issues of life (interpersonal, community, political, philosophical, religious, even dietary etc.) the belief that seems to hold true is that the best way to win a disagreement is to demonize those with the opposing view.  “We are good; they are bad” seems to dominate over a mature, balanced, and reasonable joint effort to move life forward.  Paticularly in this election year and certainly regarding the current challenging jyotish, we do well to sidestep the politics and not get caught up in all the negativity.  Needless to say demonization breeds hatred which destroys so much of what we all long for.
Speaking of jyotish, Saturn and Jupiter are moving closer and closer together. They will be the closest around December 21, which is not good.  Also, Mars and Saturn are very powerful these days.  So for the next few months we do well to put extra attention on staying ‘out of the weeds’ of conflict and negativity.
A brief look at the history of humanity makes it clear that we have a lot to learn before we can live, let live and just get along.  Hatred and contempt is no way to run a world, a country, a state, city, community, or personal life.  Perfection dwells deep within the Kaivalya of the Transcendent.  We do well if we do not demand it of others…or of ourselves.  Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

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The Fight for People’s Minds….and How to Free Yourself from It

Starting in childhood and going on throughout your life, everywhere you turn, perspectives have been pushed upon you.  What do you believe and why?  Where do you look to find true wisdom?  How can anyone truly free their mind?  And what does that actually mean?  What is true freedom?  Is the attempt of freedom simply rebellion for rebellion’s sake?  To listen to the podcast, please click here.

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Vedic Technology Open Letter

The following open letter is an invitation to all of those in a position to assist in the construction of a Vedic Unified Field Generator.  If you have access to any influential government, financial or business leaders that may help please contact us at

 Dear _______,
Please consider joining such luminaries as Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein, Tesla, Schrodinger, Heisenberg, and Oppenheimer in the implementation of a Vedic technology that promises to transform the current cutting edge approach to science and technology. 
Tesla knew the technology of limitless free energy for the world but failed to complete the development of that technology.  Marconi was scoffed at until he finally manifested his dream and the radio was invented. From the implementation of the wheel to the computer, technology has led the way to the advancement of humanity,
It is remarkable that, although numerous fantastic examples prove its viability, Vedic Technology has been largely ignored by the mass of humanity.  Here at Mount Soma in North Carolina we have assembled a global team of experts in Vedic Technology.   We are ready to enter the final phase of construction implementing this Vedic Technology of the quantum mechanical realm.  This technology promises to transform our world for the betterment of all humanity.
We are contacting you to request your assistance in acquiring funding to complete the project.
Thank you for your consideration.
Dr. Michael Mamas and the international team of Mount Soma Vedic Scientists

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The Inner Voice: What You Know, What You Believe, What/Who You Actually Are

So here we get to the crux of the matter called life. Where do your thoughts, your emotions, your beliefs and your convictions come from?  What is that Inner Voice?  What is it comprised of?  The happiest, most fulfilled and wisest people in the world are those who have a healthy relationship with their Inner Voice.  So how to cultivate that healthy relationship?  To listen, please click here.

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Ancient Secrets Revealed: How the Universe Actually Works: Rishis, Gods, Siddhas and UFOs

The nature and structure of our universe is explained in great depth in the Vedic Literature.  However, it is not appreciated or understood by the modern paradigm identity.  Until not so long ago, people thought the sun and planets revolved around the earth. Vedic science knew better thousands of years ago.  Also there are ancient architectural structures we can not duplicate even today.  Yet we prefer to believe UFOs built them rather than believe ancient civilizations knew things we do not.  Here we explore this fascinating topic.  Fasten your seat belts!  To listen, please click here.

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What is God?

The world today has become more critical, more skeptical and more analytical.  As a result, even our children have a hard time accepting an age old spirituality based upon simple faith.  At first glance that can seem to be unfortunate.  However, it is actually a call for a spirituality based upon a sophisticated understanding of life, of existence and of what God actually is.  What atheists mean by ‘God’ is a God I do not believe in.   Interestingly enough, many religions share that same definition of God.  The only difference is that atheists don’t believe in it and the religious do.  

Personally, I do not believe in that popular definition that atheists reject and many religions embrace.  However, I certainly am committed to a deep understanding of spirituality and of God.  It is heartfelt as well as rational.  It does not ask me to defy reason; nor does it ask me to deny a personified source of life and existence.  It is consistent with all the laws of physics I know.  And furthermore, that understanding precludes irrational tangents, convoluted thinking, emotional denials based upon narrow mindedness, refusal to acknowledge new discoveries in any and all fields of science, and loss of dedication to common sense.  

It is an understanding that satisfies both the heart and mind.  There is no burying ones head in the sand.  It does not abuse rationality with a rationalization to behave irrationally.  Rather it leads to ever deepening understandings of life and existence.  It enables the heart to soar like a kite stabilized by the tail of reason.  Without that tail, the kite just spins in irrational indulgences.  Spirituality then just becomes a flight of fancy.  

A deeper understanding replaces blind faith with knowledge, while at the same time, pointing in the direction of an ever deepening understanding. Throughout history, many great spiritual teachers have offered that deeper knowledge, however it often slips through the fingers of even the religious. The path is a razors edge of discernment.  By discernment I mean not just of the mind but also of the heart; in other words common sense and wisdom.  In this age of insistence upon instant gratification, few are willing to follow this path of discernment.  And of those few, many slip off on tangents somewhere along that razors edge.  In those instances, whatever level of understanding is there is simply misused as an excuse, a justification, to go off into a fairy land of escapism.

The deeper understanding we are talking about here is rooted in human evolution—a physiological and psychological development of consciousness, of awareness.  It is an evolution, a refinement, a culturing, of the heart and mind.  It is far more challenging than, for example, learning to play the violin or getting a Phd.   It requires a steady hand on the rudder and a keen eye to avoid personal issues, conditioned responses, distractions, judgments, biases, idealized notions, or temptations of tangential easy ways out along the way.  It leads not to a paradigm identity but rather to a refined state of awareness, of physiology.  It does not impose narrow minded beliefs but rather frees the inner spirit, the inner wisdom, the inner Divinity, the inner Knowledge that dwells deeply within us all.

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