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Political Correctness

Political Correctness - Michael MamasThere is a concept in ancient Chinese philosophy called “The Rectification of the Names” where it is socially no longer considered correct to use terms that most accurately convey the meaning of things. I wonder if, in some cases, we have succumbed to the problems associated with that concept. Of course, in some cases, re-naming is good and important, but in other cases…???




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Why I Teach: Reflections on Awakening Others to the Wisdom Within

Why I Teach - Michael MamasI just posted a new article on LinkedIn. It begins:

“For a couple of years, I taught college chemistry and absolutely loved it. Many people, including myself, love to teach. We enjoy sharing knowledge and watching the ‘lights go on’ inside other people when they come to those new understandings we’ve conveyed. However, for the past twenty years, my motivation for teaching includes, but has gone beyond, the more traditional motivations”…

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“Why I Teach: Reflections on Awakening Others to the Wisdom Within”

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Early Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful early Thanksgiving today, Tuesday, Nov. 22 at Mount Soma because Thursday will be busy with guests. It was a potluck with tofu and lentil loaf turkey, and all the trimmings. After the feast, a bunch of us took a walk out past the Wishing Tree through the mountain trails. It was lovely. We found a quiet spot with a very fine feeling and stood there together for quite a while… chatting a bit, listening to the stillness of the woods, looking at the views and fidgeting with twigs, fall leaves, and other little treasures of nature. It was an exquisite day as we all enjoyed the food, the walk, the environment, and most of all, one another.

Thanksgiving 2016 (1)

Thanksgiving 2016 (2)

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What Ever Happened to ‘Peace and Love’?

I just published a new article on Medium.com. It begins:

“I attended undergraduate school in the late sixties and early seventies when the hippie movement was at its peak. As a conscientious student, I didn’t have time for anything other than my studies. However, today I long for those peace and love ideals.

“Realistically speaking, what is peace and love anyway? Isn’t it far more than non-violence and free love? Doesn’t it include more than being respectful, compassionate, polite, and dignified toward all people, not just the ones you agree with?”…

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“What Ever Happened to ‘Peace and Love’?”

Peace and Love - Michael Mamas

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5 ‘Exercises’ To Skip During Your Spiritual Workout

5 Spiritual 'Exercises' to Skip - Michael MamasHuffington Post just published one of my new articles. It begins:

“There are people who spend decades lifting weights in an effort to build a good physique. But there’s a subtlety to it which is why so many fail. In the case of weightlifting, we have the physical body to prove whether or not it’s working. In the case of spiritual growth, it’s not so easy to prove because spiritual development is an internal and subtle phenomenon. Let’s take a look at the different approaches used by people for their spiritual growth to understand what works and what doesn’t”…

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“5 ‘Exercises’ To Skip During Your Spiritual Workout”

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