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Auspicious Day Today

Because it is Shravan Maas (Shiva month), Shani Shanivar (auspicious Saturn day during Shravan Maas), and Pradosham – Maasa Shivarathri (auspicious day of the month for Shiva), today’s auspiciousness is considered equal to Mahashivarathri (Great Night of Shiva).

The Shani (Saturn) Puja just finished, after that a Rudrabhishekam, and there will be a Rudrabhishekam this evening at 5:30 pm at Sri Somesvara Temple. We hope you can join us!

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Sutra Tip

At times, people have mentioned that they would almost prefer to not practice the Sutras. The practice can, at times, feel almost uncomfortable. Just meditating and not doing the Sutras can seem easier.

Why? Because the Sutras enliven the structured aspect of the Absolute, and that wells up through your physiology. It is powerful. There can be a resistance to that. Just be easy with it and ride the wave. That makes it not only comfortable, but highly evolutionary. I will talk more about this in the upcoming classes.

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Advanced Techniques Video Stream

This Sunday at noon, we’ll be doing the first follow-up video stream for those who took the Advanced Techniques Course, Phase 1. If you took that course, you will receive an email right before it starts with instructions.

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Qigong Arm Swinging

Qigong Arm SwingingRegarding the Arm Swinging technique, it is good to note that it can be done not only when you are standing still, but also when you are walking. Most every morning, I walk down to the temple and Student Union as I swing my arms and silently chant some Mantras.

And, just a reminder that according to the ancient Qigong masters, physical health has to do with development of connective tissue rather than muscle.

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