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The Last of the Mohicans

winter tree“Do not try to understand them. And do not try to make them understand you.” This beautiful quote from the movie is so far reaching. It feels best to put no limits upon it.

It applies to so much of life… to every single relationship… to dealings between cultures and to those whom we love so deeply… our children, our partners, our friends. To grasp anything, to name it, to define it, to decide you understand it… is to limit it. So much of life’s beauty lies in its unfathomability. To understand better is not to hold on, but is to let go.



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Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl was so much fun! Like football or not, last night at Mount Soma the Super Bowl party (pic below) was great fun for everyone. We even had our own Mt. Soma representatives at the game! See pic from their seats below. Our Mt. Soma annual tradition of silly emails back and forth, starting with the playoffs every year, make the game even that much more enjoyable. Lots of laughs! Big smiles! Everyone enjoys!<

Super Bowl Party!

At the Super Bowl

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Mars, Venus and Moon

Mars, Venus and Moon are together this evening in the western sky. You may want to take a look. Beautiful. Mars is just above Venus and Moon. Here is a pic of it at Mount Soma this evening.

Mars - Venus - Moon

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The Spiritual Revolution

We are in the midst of a spiritual revolution. Long ago, rationality became divorced from spirituality, and now spirituality doesn’t make sense. So people tend to dismiss spirituality all together, but what we really long for is a spirituality that makes sense. This rational understanding is attainable, and the path to get there is available to those who seek to pursue it. In this new video, I discuss the current spiritual revolution, and introduce the answer it demands.

Watch the new video on YouTube.

The Spiritual Revolution - Michael Mamas Video

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Why I Love College Football

College Football - Michael MamasA few quotes from the Alabama coaches before the championship game tonight against Clemson:

“It’s called being a champion. You have to have a team of champions before you can win a championship.”

“Wrong is wrong. I don’t care if everyone is doing it. Right is right. I don’t care if nobody is doing it.”

“Be where your feet are.”

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