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Better than an M.B.A. – Skills We Need in Business & in Life

Better than an MBA articleElephant Journal just published my fourth article. This one is about important skills needed in business and life. Your help in sharing this article is very much appreciated!

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The State of the World and What to Do: Part 2

State of the World Blog - Michael MamasMarconi knew how to build a radio that would transmit across the Atlantic. However, it took time before he could convince anyone to fund its construction. New technologies have always been met with skepticism. We have the technology I so often talk about. We now need to build it.

This ‘new’ technology is actually ancient, just long forgotten. I am talking about the technology of consciousness. While there is a great deal of science behind this technology, few are willing to sit and listen long enough for it to sink in.

Contributing to the elusive nature of this technology is the time it takes for the effects to be evident on the global level. Yet communities can experience the effects rather quickly. Mount Soma is such a community.




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Where Knowledge Dwells:  Part 2

Is “the backdrop” the same as the unmanifest?

My Response:
I was wondering if anyone would have that question. It is a beautiful question. The simple answer is ‘yes’.

Or we could say it is that deep, finest feeling level within. The delineation is so fine, like the distinction between Atman and Buddhi. Yet in those sweet tender moments when first fully awoken to, what the ‘backdrop’ is cannot be described so analytically.

The feelings it invokes are so exquisite… awe, wonder, fascination, adoration. The backdrop is pure consciousness, only to be described as God’s consciousness… the eternal omnipresent witness of all that is. No opinion, no comment, yet full and all knowing.



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Where Knowledge Dwells

It is said that Knowledge is contained in the gap. Knowledge in a book is not contained in the letters.  The knowledge is held on the page, the backdrop of the letters. Knowledge of the world is contained in the backdrop, only perceptible to those who can see it. The secret doctrines remain secret to those who read them, less they can see the backdrop.

As Bruce Lee said,

“A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.”


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Beware of Swinging Pendulums

pendulumYes, please believe me, I do understand.  They said/did something that hurt you.  It made you angry so you just had to hurt them back.  Once that pendulum swings, the conflict begins.  They hurt you so you hurt them back.  Think, The Godfather.

You have two choices.  Either work out your differences (much easier said than done), allow the relationship to be damaged in perpetuity by going your own way, or allow it to inflame even more.  Incredibly, that is the stuff that create global wars.

So how do you stop that pendulum from swinging?  First thing is to allow yourself some time to come back into balance.  That might entail biting your lip a bit.  Just don’t let time drag on too long, which could perpetuate resentment.

Then, once you are back into relative balance, what comes next next?  You need to say something.  It may just be just a few words, but let them know that the door is open to healing the relationship, to taking the next step.  Be ready for the possibility of rejection in case they are not yet ready to take that next step.  If so, just give them more time. Know that the peace offering will not be forgotten.  Know that no one wants war.  It is just that some people have a hard time taking that next step.  You can always try again with another peace offering.  Note that a peace offering is not assuming a fetal position. It is not ‘giving in’ or accepting defeat.  It is a mature and adult stance, not a weak one. It may be challenging for you to make the offering, and they may not respond exactly how you would like them to respond.  It is a process.  Your goal is to steadfastly be a respectful, mature adult.  Just keep in mind that the pendulum swings and it requires some skill to get out of its way.

When the time comes that both of you are willing to talk, know that neither of you will do that perfectly.  Little jabs will be thrown.  An ‘honest sharing’ of feelings may be more of a cloaked blaming than an honest airing.  Just remember that and handle it as wisely as possible. The possible directions a conversation like this may go are too numerous to mention. However, the concept underlying all those possibilities is the same: stay out of the way of the swinging pendulum. Do not feed that swing. You may have to tolerate a hurtful jab here and there. If it starts to feel to abusive, you can respectfully excuse yourself from the conversation, saying you need to resume it later.  More than likely they will know why and will reflect upon how they behaved.

This is an art. It requires patience and practice. A great deal of it is a function of your own personal style. There is no cookbook. Giving yourself the time to cultivate this art is much of what being an adult is all about.

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