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The Trinity

When Consciousness perceives itself as other, duality is born. Simultaneously, a third thing is born: the process of that perceiving, that knowing, of ‘other.’

The deeper the level of existence, the greater the freedom; i.e., the less the identity, the more freedom; i.e., the more possibilities for the process of perceiving/knowing.

The process of knowing determines/defines the nature of the perceiver/knower and of the perceived/known, the subject and the object. As the multiplicity of creation emerges, the multiplicity of processes of knowing emerges.

Every point in space/time is Consciousness… simultaneously, a unique Knower and a Known. Diversity, non-homogeneity, emerges. Related ‘Knowers’ coalesce to form planets and galaxies. The result is a non-homogenous universe built upon the foundation of the homogeneity of pure Consciousness. The deeper, the more freedom. The more superficial, the less freedom. Matter is coalesced Consciousness.

Deep Space

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Wave Motion, Identity, Gravity, and Time

Identity comes with the notion of ‘other.’ On the deepest Transcendental level, there is no identity. On the deeper levels of relativity, identity is less concrete. The electron moves in one direction, only to let that go due to minimal identity, and swings back in the opposite direction. The pendulum cyclical motion permeates all relative existence.

On the surface/physical level of relativity/reality, identity is strong. The stronger the identity, the longer in time is the wavelength of the pendulum swing. On deep levels, an electron is a rapid in time, pulsating wave. On the more superficial physical levels, the time cycles are longer: From the oscillation of a violin string, to the rising and setting of the sun, to the yearly cycle and beyond… the frequency depends on the physical nature of the object.

The physical level is the level with the most extreme identity. Identity that holds the atom together is potential energy that can be released when the atom is split. As identity is reduced, the dynamic/kinetic energy increases. Gravity is identity. The non-homogeneity of the universe is the product of identity. Identity permeates the reality continuum. Ultimately, everything is the unified field; everything is Consciousness.

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What Is Matter and the Nature of Identity?

The foundation of existence is Consciousness… i.e., the unified field. Identity is a quality of consciousness.

Are the quantum, fundamental, building blocks of existence, particles or waves? Reality is an identity continuum. On the deepest level of relativity, there are no particles, only Consciousness, then probability clouds… waves. An electron on that level is a probability wave. If you grab onto the wave, it collapses down to a particle at a particular point in space and time. Matter, then, is a level of existence, a level of identity, in the reality continuum. Matter is Consciousness coalesced through identity-with-a-perspective, determining how the probability cloud is perceived, grabbed onto, and thusly how it emerges as a point in space-time.

Consciousness manifests on the deepest level of existence as space, Akasha, the ‘glue’ that holds all levels of relativity together. Particles on one level, waves on a deeper level, unified and held together through Akasha.

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Space-time, Special and General Relativity in a Nutshell

Consciousness becomes conscious of itself, and the notion of other is born.
The sense of separation between those two births space.
The continued, sequential unfolding of that process births distance and time.
Time and space are thusly intimately entwined.

As to the question: Why must there be an upper limit to velocity, i.e., the speed of light?
Answer: That need not be. But if there were not, the notion of distance, and therefore space, and therefore the notion of time, would not exist, and so there would be no universe.
Special relativity is just that simple.

Dimensionality, then, is dependent upon space-time.
Acceleration through space-time alters the experience, the nature of that dimensionality.
General relativity.

Theoretical physics first must understand nature. Then, the equations are found to express that nature in the language of mathematics. Trying to derive the nature of things from the math is a folly. First, nature must be understood. Then, the math is found to express that. The math then further clarifies the understanding.

Space-Time - Michael Mamas

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