Question: What’s the difference between staying (in the ashram) for a month and staying for a half year?


What soaks in over time is so much better absorbed. It is like so many other things in life… the more months you lift weight, the bigger the muscles get. The longer you stay on a diet, the thinner you get… etc. etc. The longer you bask in the ocean of the transcendent, the more fully you integrate its qualities into your life, your physiology, your being.

東西浸泡的時間愈久,吸收效果即愈佳。生活中很多事情也是這樣… 譬如舉重健身,當你練習的時日愈長,肌肉就愈結實;飲食控制的時日愈久,身材就可以維持得更好等。當你處在深層的心靈之海愈久,這層純淨的能量也就更能密切融合在你的身心靈整體生命。

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