I was asked the following:



If I meditate twice a day to maintain (my energy,) where would I end up eventually? Is there anything else to do?

To which I respond:


Everything is born out of Oneness (Pure Consciousness, The Unified Field, God, the Transcendent) and everything returns to it. I discuss that process in detail many places (the manifestation of the universe, Darwinism/Creationism, etc.). Meditating twice a day accelerates the process of returning to Oneness. When you awaken to that Oneness, it is called Enlightenment.


Enlightenment is not a mood, attitude or philosophy. It is a state of being. When you awaken to that, you awaken to all the harmony, intelligence, wisdom, bliss, perfection, and peace that dwells eternally at the depth of your being and is your essence… who it is you truly are. You then spontaneously live in harmony with Nature… Mother Nature… your own true nature. It is a state of fulfillment… wakefulness to the root of all life and existence.

見性不是一種心情,心態或哲理。它是一種身心靈合一的生理狀態。當你覺醒到那個層次,你看見所有蘊藏在你心靈深處的和諧,智力,智慧,喜樂,完美,平安… 你看見那個真正的你。接下來你便和諧地活在自然界的韻律中… 大自然的韻律…也是你真正的天性。那是一種充滿的狀態… 覺醒到所有生命以及萬物的根源。

Meditation waters that root within you. It nourishes all levels of life including your energy. However, the root is not energy… it is consciousness. It lies deeper than mere energy. As the ancient seers have said, pure consciousness is the source of all that is. Every time you meditate you re-member with that source. It is what you long for… to return to your essence… the truth of the divinity of your own being. By meditating regularly, reuniting with that becomes a habit. As you awaken more and more to it, you live from it more a more, until you fully awaken to it and then it never leaves you. It is quite possible that you attain enlightenment this lifetime through regular meditation. But I can not guarantee that everyone will do so in this lifetime. What I can guarantee is that through regular meditation life becomes better, just as surely as by watering the root of a plant, the plant is nourished. Also, through regular meditation your life will gain a great momentum toward enlightenment that will carry you through and between incarnations until you gain full enlightenment…

靜坐等於給你心靈的根澆水。它滋養你生命的所有層次,其中包括你的能量。但是,那個根不是能量…而是意識。它在比能量更深的地方。如同遠古時代的大智慧者說過,純意識是一切的源頭。每一次靜坐的時候你再次和這源頭融為一體。這是你渴望的… 回歸到你的本質… 你內在神性的實相。透過規律的靜坐,融入你的神性成為一個習慣。對這樣的實相你越來越醒悟,你由內到外活出這樣的境界也會越來越紮實,直到你全然的覺悟,那時候它便永遠不會離開你。透過規律的靜坐,你在今生見性是很有可能的,但我無法保證每一個人都可以今生見性。然而,我可以保證的是,透過規律的靜坐,你的生活會改善,這樣的肯定就像給植物根部澆水植物就受到滋養一樣的肯定。除此之外,透過規律的靜坐,你的人生可以凝聚一股衝勁朝向見性的方向,這樣的衝勁會在你投胎轉世中或來世裡承載著你,直到你完全見性。

The best you can do is to meditate regularly, read the blogs that I post, do not get distracted, do your best to stay very true to what you learn from the blogs, and if at all possible come and visit me at Mount Soma. The knowledge I offer is very profound and powerful, but it is also delicate. Take care… do not allow it to slip through your fingers.

你可以盡你最大的努力做規律性的靜坐,讀我的部落格,不要三心二意,盡你最大的努力把你在部落格中學習和領會到的運用在日常生活裡。同時,若有絲毫的可能性的話,到索瑪山來見我。我贈送給你的知識是深奧且強而有力,但也是精緻細微的。好好珍惜… 別讓它從你的指間溜走了。

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