This week’s unedited notes:

The year of Anger and how it plays out; also, Ancient Secret to Hatha Yoga flexibility and a few Vedic verses explored

Upcoming year predictions are self-evident from watching the news and taking a step back. [as well as jyotish]. 2024: Our planet’s year of Anger, chaos, and conflict in all areas of life will continue throughout the year and well into 2025 BUT it is a clearing out process for good times to follow.  The world will then wake up to natural law, wisdom, and in-sight.  It is amazing to witness the degree to which mass mentality is so easily manipulated.  Yet the grassroots of humanity are always closer the Mother Nature.  Wisdom will emerge.  Just hang in there for now!  Think if it as a tint in the color of the water of the ‘fish bowl’ that will clear.  So, watch your anger!

Global events will be evaluated based upon one’s bias.  Think about it.  What happens in Ukraine, Israel, elections, climate change, borders, etc. etc. 

Whatever happens, half the world will see it as great, the other half will see it as disaster.  But the big picture is that we are in the phase transition.  That is a time when things bubble up in chaos as we have been seeing.  But after the chaos of 2024/2025, we will be on the right course.  Time and Mother Nature will let us know what that right course is.  

Hatha yoga secret to flexibility revealed.  

Tight muscles are about the nervous system, not the muscles!

Check it out:  

Panditji and Lakshmi will be attending a world peace havan in Varanasi, India in January.  I was invited to attend but my Mount Soma duties require me to stay at home.  ‘Would have loved to be able to attend.


From Upanishads:

Dvit¥yåd vai bhayaμ bhavati 

Certainly fear is born of duality. B®ihadåraˆyaka Upanishad 1.4.2 

Manifest diversity is unmanifest—there is nothing else. B®ihadåraˆyaka Upanishad 4.4.19 

Katha Upanishad 2.1.11 

All this is Ãtmå only. 

N®isiμhottaratåpan¥ya Upanishad 7 Chhåndogya Upanishad 7.25.2 

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