Humanity’s Moment in Time, Miracles, UFOs, religion, and the Gods


This point in human history… what is really going on.  Who we are becoming.  Awakenings Cusp.


Unedited notes:

This point in human history… what is really going on.  Who we are becoming.  Awakenings Cusp.

What really matters in the news and how little coverage it gets:

Mexican essentially Civil War, Brazil rebellion France, huge demonstrations US border out of control, US government and Chinese government, both supporting felon overtaking Brazil government

            Ukraine in shambles Russia is winning if you can call that winning

            China implodes in the next 10 years due to population demise

            US government with big tech censoring: clear violation first amendment 10th amendment has been trampled [states rights]

China/Russia trying to replace dollar as world currency.

            Vaccine thiasco

            Joe Biden/Trump documents,

Pesticides, genetic engineering, modern medicine, global warming

As  Christ said: “We have to be made new in the attitude of our mind,,, to be righteous and holy”

i.e. align with natural law… Chaitanya, Bhavatitum

            Bells theorem, big bang… clarified through classical Newtonian physics

            It’s all coming to a head, the great phase transition!

            The truth about religion

            UFOs in world history

Puma, Punku, Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco), Ancient Aliens show gone overboard

            Small worlds: Egocentricity’s roll in human history including today

How little we know and how much we believe in it.

            Expanded vision versus La La Land

            The gods laws of nature and quantum mechanical fluctuations the source of the mind

            Pele personified correlate to Hawaii volcano myths are personified Carlos

            The Gods: Infinite number of superimposed personified correlates


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The World is in a Battle for its Soul

My unedited notes for this weeks podcast:

History continues to repeat itself:  the manipulators and the manipulated.  Control of the mass mentality.  To live better, look deeper. .  Facts vs Opinion  News vs Politics/Propaganda

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The main reason corruption reigns is because people can not believe anyone can be that corrupt.

Secondary reason,

Corrupt manipulation creeps in gradually … infiltrates as if unnoticed convincing people of a bogus perspective

third reason: mass cowardice to resist

Motivation of behind the scenes manipulators:  gain power, control, money, to takeover with their new world order must destroy what is

Lenin:  the worse the better

Behind the scene manipulators manipulate front men to manipulate via blackmail, threats, or convincing/brainwashing the foolish puppet leaders

Senate committee on state affairs:  _cancelled animal testing of vaccine because animals were dying mandating it for people to keep their employment

Approved for children

banning the words ‘mother’ and ‘’father’

Fourth branch of government:

Agencies bureaus and departments  432 agencies two. nine million employees that can’t be fired  

Supreme Court: West Virginia versus EPA in a broader sense  putting a stop to people never elected running other peoples lives  

the covid virus fiasco that I spoke about as it was going on is another example   

US strategic oil reserves are going to China and India   Chicago schools passing out condoms to 5th graders.

“the liberal world order:”  

only women can get pregnant

how many lights are using Liking the Star Trek next generation   if they can conceive you men could get pregnant and people can be whatever sex they wanted to be then they can convince you of anything and they pretty much do the world is in a battle for its soul  mass hysteria     

 I was born for this song at Wimbledon:  what were you born for?  LIVE YOUR LIFE! But first know who/what you are! Requires great courage and inner strength.  Otherwise convitions and perspectives are simply born of indoctrination

I was born for this

In brazil and states:  increase gun control, increase murders over and over

the world is in a battle for its soul

       Mass hysteria

              “Shed your skin , find your life” nice quote not sure of source

       Chaos predisposes tyranny

       Wuhan virus was man-made shutting down US economy resulting in China and I’ll be in the largest economy in the world connect the dots

       Wuhan lab is now currently working on the engineering of a monkey pox virus

       Decency/ethics versus unhinged mentalities

       Fossil fuel dependency is simply the way it is… wind and solar not up to task.  New World Order ploy

       Fentanyl and drugs… how to overthrow a county 101

       Lots of bad habits in the world

Lashing out… the cost,  how to transform it

they say that the people are smart… that depends on what u mean by smart….   smart vs wise

smart means capable of connecting some dots.

Wise means capable of looking deeper

Hang in there:  the golden aage is around the corner.

“always darkest before the dawn”

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What is Enlightenment?

sunEveryone senses it within… people, animals, even insects… Some may simply call it the instinct for self preservation.

It has many names… the soul, the self, inner divinity, the unified field, Oneness, God… call it what you will.

Through evolution, the sense of it becomes clearer and clearer… Along the way, there are many awakenings… glimpses, hints, faint whispers of what is to come…

As water cools, it comes to know the nature of ice more and more fully… Yet, at one point it crystalizes… it becomes ice… and everything changes…

Everything in creation gravitates back to the Oneness out of which it came. It is that Oneness that you are sensing deep inside… that you are being drawn toward… like a moth around a candle flame… like a plant reaching to the Sun… like a mountain stream to the ocean… until that moment when it all comes together… it crystalizes… that moment is called enlightenment…

It is not that anything goes away…
The full range of thoughts and emotions remain… The you that was… remains… But the real YOU emerges in full splendor… like a backdrop to all of creation… And in that moment, your relationship with everything changes… forever… You realize that nothing is really happening… that relative existence is a beautiful, glorious, magnificent mirage… a virtual image… like a reflection in the mirror, lightly etched on the face of Being… your Being… the only thing that really IS… Shiva… You and God are One…

The Self that you sensed deep inside, overtakes the universe…

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It Doesn’t Matter

moonCertainly, there is a place for political correctness.  But why is there so much focus upon it today?

We live in ‘The Era of Things’.  There are endless incredible things to capture your attention… computer gadgets, amazing cars, beautiful homes, and even limitless perspectives… social views… political stances and dogmas.

Awaken to the level of Vedanta… where no ‘things’ exist… where no ‘things’ matter. Matter is of the relative.  Awaken to that which dwells beyond matter.

Do not lose yourself to things.  Your relationship with things… with all things… defines the quality of your life.  Resting into your Self is the gateway to a healthy relationship with all that is.  Fulfillment with anything starts from inside of you. Attitude matters.  But more significant than attitude is the state of your being. Culture your self.  Proper meditation is the engine that best propels you.  Proper discernment provides the wings upon which you fly.

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Time Stands Still



Everyone has those moments.

Imagine a warm, quiet, summer’s Sunday afternoon. Perhaps you decide to take a moment… a moment to rest… to lie on your bed as a gentle breeze moves through the window’s sheer curtains.

Once settled in you notice… a robin’s song echoes from a backyard tree… the faint hum of a neighbor’s lawn mower… the distant murmur of children at play. Then it happens – a subtle, but palpable, shift in your being and in the space all around you.

Time stands still. An eternal quiet holds you. The moment is exquisite.

When will it next be noticed?

Perhaps while you sit under a favorite tree; or while lounging on the porch with a morning cup of tea; or while taking an evening stroll through the neighborhood…

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People have many diverse motivations in life. Some strive to make money. Others are devoted to mastering a musical instrument. Some aspire to higher and higher levels of education. Some are dedicated to certain principles, that is to say their beliefs regarding being in the right as much as possible. Still others focus on accomplishing whatever task may be at hand.

But after it is all said and done, there is one thing that brings more fulfillment regarding how you live your life than anything else. That, quite simply, is how other people feel about you. Do they respect you as a person?

The odd thing about all this is that that most fulfilling aspect of your life is very simple to attain… yes indeed, very, very simple. The only problem is that people do not have their attention there. They focus more on motivations such as the ones listed above. That is done at the expense of gaining the respect, love, and good feelings of others. Simply making a habit of keeping your finger on the pulse of how others are feeling about you is the simple yet profound key to it all. And even more amazing is that you do not have to always do it perfectly. Mistakes in this regard are not really a problem. You have only to do your best to correct the mistake and move forward. And the correction need not be a dramatic act. A simple acknowledgement is usually quite enough. That in fact, will gain you more respect than if the mistake was never made in the first place. You may think the acknowledgement is a swallowing of your pride or and undermining of your stature, but in truth, it is exactly the opposite.

I encourage you to just try it. Go ahead and focus on whatever task is at hand, but keep your finger on the pulse of how your actions are compelling people to feel about you as a person and do your best to make that a very positive feeling. You will find that in doing so, whatever the task at hand may be, you will be more successful in the accomplishment of it. At the same time, over and above the accomplishment of the task, you will find greater fulfillment in life.

It is really all so simple. Just do the Surya Ram Meditation as instructed and keep you finger on that pulse of respect. Respecting others is the key to attaining their respect and love, is the key to success in whatever task you may embark upon, and is the key to fulfillment in a life well lived.

One final point:  It is not so much about how you behave when everything is wonderful and everybody is getting along that gains the respect of others.  It is more about how you behave during conflicts or disagreements.  Do you just try to prove your point, make yourself right, or make the other wrong?  Do you stonewall any perspective or feeling other than your own?  Or are you working with the relationship in a manner that will gain the respect and appreciation of others.  Never forget that this is how you gain your own self-respect and appreciation.  Never forget that you have not won over a person, just because you have silenced them.

Real conflict resolution, and I mean resolution within your own heart and mind, comes not from winning an argument, but instead it comes from winning the respect of others.


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The Art of Life

pianoLike all children learning to play a musical instrument, my daughter gets frustrated when she has to play the scales.  At such times, with frustration, she decides she doesn’t want to play piano anymore.

Playing piano is an art.  It is learned through practice.  Even if you are enlightened, it doesn’t mean you are a good pianist.  It requires practice.

Perhaps the most challenging art in all of life is dealing with people.  It takes practice. Frustration is part of that process.  Like children with music, adults often feel inclined to give up on learning the art of dealing with people.  They would prefer to live in a bubble, isolated from the world.  This is just like the ostrich burying his head in the sand.  The ostrich may think that makes him safe, but in truth, it makes the ostrich more susceptible to danger.

The simple truth is that life is all about people.  Your ability to deal with people directly affects the degree to which you are successful in life.  Success in this regard is measured on all levels: personal fulfillment, financial success, happiness, the list goes on.  The sooner you accept that and dedicate yourself to cultivating the art of dealing with people, the better off you will be.  As with playing the scales, you will become frustrated.  You will hit the wrong note many times, but practice makes perfect.

I offer many tools to assist you in the process.  It takes time to learn those tools, but learning them is just the beginning.  You must practice their application over and over again.  You are not just learning to play a musical instrument here.  You are embarking upon the greatest challenge of life, second only to the attainment of enlightenment.

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The Law of Subtraction

snowmanAs opposed to adding, take away.  Continue doing so until all that is left is essence, truth.  Neti, neti, neti… not that, not that, not that… until the only thing left is no-thing-ness… pure ‘is-ness’… pure consciousness…pure Being… the source of pure Knowledge… the home of all Knowledge.  Thereby, you come to know the One… who and what it is you truly are… Divine.  Thereby, you come to know what is useful and what is not.

When asked what I teach, tell them, “The Law of Subtraction.”

The world of spirituality has been shrouded in a garb of mysticism, dogma, laws, rules, and pomp.  No wonder so many today are rejecting it.  The wheat has been lost to the chaff.  The Truth of who and what you are has been buried beneath the indoctrination of lifetimes… conditioning, programming, samskara.  Information must be used to free you, not to overtake you.  How unfortunate: However well intended, so much beautiful spiritual knowledge has been distorted and misused to overtake people instead of emancipating them.  After all, it is called spiritual emancipation for a reason!

Truth is not attained.  It is revealed… uncovered.  It is already there within you.  Nothing need be added.  It need only be found within.  You merely subtract away this and that and that until your own inner wisdom is uncovered.  This is the real purpose of spiritual doctrines and teachings… to awaken you to what is already there within you.  I use spiritual texts to reveal what lies beyond all texts.  When asked what I teach, tell them the Law of Subtraction. I take away, I unencumber, I free, until you are left with essence, the grandeur of your own being… the Divine, the Truth.  This is called true spiritual teaching… the Law of Subtraction.  It is an art.  It is a science.  The diamond is perfected by chipping away and polishing.  Nothing is added.  There is only to be taken away.

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The World’s Strongest Addiction?

IMG_0191Another thing I like about the fitness world in general, and about my trainer in particular, is the strong results orientation.  Do what works!  If it doesn’t work, stop doing it!  This makes his following declaration quite interesting. “Do not associate with negative people.  Stay away from them.  Get them out of your life!”  That is easy to understand on a philosophical level, but in the real, results-oriented world of fitness, it is more compelling.  It works!

When I was in the ashram, we always favored positivity.  Note, that is different from oblivion.  Eyes can be wide open while you favor a positive approach.  It is important to know, not believe but know, there is always a solution.  If you think there is not, your world is too small… you are not thinking broadly or patiently enough.

The world today is addicted to negativity.  The news broadcasts are not really the news.  They are all skewed toward negativity.  Even worse, most people live their lives in that way – one crisis after another, interrupted by periods of worry as they await the next crisis to erupt.  That is no way to live; yet it is a pandemic addiction. Know that an addiction is not just to something you like. In fact this addiction to what you do not like, crisis, is perhaps the strongest and most common addiction of all.  Addiction is habit.

I remember when I was a kid.  Everything was fine.  Life went on day to day and stability was taken for granted.  Imagine living your life that way.  Imagine viewing your life as a stream of one joy on to the next, with periods of calm contentment between them.  Because you are no longer a child, you are not oblivious.  You plan and act wisely and responsibly, but the state of your mind is not negative or in crisis mode.  You are positive.  You understand that life is fine… things work out.

Life is a bell curve.  Yes, there is the rare instance of the guy who was, for example, sleeping in his bed when a sinkhole erupted taking him away never to be seen again.  But such things are way, way far out to the edges of the bell curve of life. Worrying, worrying, worrying, in anticipation of the next crisis is life destroying in and of itself.  Yet ‘the news’ bombards us daily with reports of the sinkholes of the day.

Some are taught to take nothing for granted.  However, there is one thing you can and should take for granted: Nature supports.  Your nature and Mother Nature are supportive to your life. Life has a way of working out.  Free yourself from the addiction to crisis. Appreciate yourself.  You are a resourceful and capable being.  That is your greatest asset, certainly greater than some money in the bank.  Somewhere along the line people stopped believing in themselves.  Then they turned to God and spirituality as a crutch to lean on.  No!  It is not a crutch, it is your greatness… It is the greatness of life, of humanity, of nature, of YOU.

Positivity breeds the positive in your life.  Everything is fine.  You are fine.  Life is good.  When challenges arise, they are challenges, nothing more.  You will be quite capable of dealing with them.  Find contentment within and act from THAT place within you.  That is your home base.  That is your touchstone.  That is the true nature of life.  When everything is quiet, you naturally and spontaneously settle into the silence of contentment… peace… shanti.  When you put your head on your pillow at night, know that everything is fine.  Life is positive.

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Staying on Course


I am continuing to have a great deal of fun (fascination) with physical fitness. It serves as a wonderful mini-model for life, certainly including spiritual growth. The proper routines and diet are of course more tangible than in the spiritual arena where things are so profoundly illusive (the razors edge), yet they are subtle enough to draw some beautiful analogies.

My fitness journey has served as a reminder of how such principles apply to spiritual growth. How easy it is to drift off course without even knowing it… that is a fine example. You have a program. You know what to do. But if you take the time to reflect, it may shock you to realize how far you may have drifted without even knowing it. This is true with your meditation routine as well as with the Knowledge. The Knowledge is so delicate, so subtle. As Adi Shankara said, it must be re-enlivened and purified, generation after generation. This is so very true from day to day, month to month, and year to year for every individual.  It is very easy for little compromises to creep in here or there.

This is one of the major roles of a teacher… to keep people on course. I have been struck through the years at how easily the teaching slips away from people, all the while still believing that they have it.

Stay focused. Go 110% for your enlightenment. Listen, ponder, and listen again. This is indeed the final frontier for every individual. It is the ultimate journey, the ultimate quest. Keep a steady hand on the rudder and continue to check and recheck the course you are on. Re-affirm your commitment again and again. Your reward will be the universe and beyond!

Success means never losing your enthusiasm.  I have a fitness coach/trainer. I read his blogs regularly. They serve as great inspiration. I hope my blogs are doing the same for you.

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