Brahma Sutra:  Essential Knowledge “Now, the desire to know Brahman”


Dedicated to all sincere and humble seekers

athato brahmajijnasa…”now the desire to know Brahman”

everything gravitates to the Absolute.. i,e. evolution either drifting or Knowledge inspired  click 3 bars to right of ‘select page’ to make a donation

“The higher we are placed, the more humbly we

should walk.”


I was recently approached at the temple by a very kind and respectful young Brahmin gentleman. He spoke of his longing for true Knowledge. This touched my heart and compelled me to reflect deeply. I have been a teacher my entire adult life.  I have learned a great deal about people and how they receive or reject Knowledge.  The road of the teacher of deep knowledge is long and often leads to heartbreak.  How can a student remain steadfast along the path?  Where to begin such a limitless journey?  What are the pitfalls along the way?  Where and why along the way do so many spin out on tangents?  The simple answer it that a persons karma brings them to the Knowledge, and their karma takes them away.  This podcast is one more attempt to help.  It is humbly dedicated to all sincere seekers. Perhaps it will be the first of an unending series.  Or perhaps it is yet another in the lifelong unending series.

meditation..  experience vs knowledge

TM or youtube channel how to meditate

Veda traditionally not chanted for meaning but rather for repetition… meaning changes at various level of consciousness.  experience/knowledge

7 heads 7 levels of intellectual understanding

“practical” application

“You must train your intuition—you must trust the small voice inside you which tells you exactly what to say, what to decide.”

However “Intuition” rooted in Chit [Conditioned subconscious, programming, personal childhood ‘issues’, stress, etc.] is not true Intuition

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Ancient Secret “cell phone” to the Gods

this weeks unedited notes:

The “physics” of Is-ness: Transforming the “Dark Ages”

first day of waxing moon is called “no moon” day.  not a day to start new projects but good to worship ancestors, etc.    then the next two days are “new moon” days.  the second “new moon” day is auspicious and good day to start new things: Shiva Moon

political motivations are often very different than that of the voters

Is-ness = Consciousness…the only thing that is… isn’t a ‘thing’

Agama Shastra “cell phone to Heaven”…  entry… invite Gods to enter..  there is an Agama Shastra for each deity,  

yantra: all actions of havan create a ‘machine’, a yantra, 

mantra: emergence of deity between yantra and tantra of havan 

tantra [2 meanings one for humans e.g. meditation, one for gods receiving influence of the havan]

fish bowl effect:  kali yuga:  we are all swimming around in the same fishbowl.  who is not affected?

“The greatest chapters in history always begin with risk, and the same is true with the chapters of your life.”

risking nothing is a great risk.  everything is a risk.  nothing ventured, nothing gained. we are always traversing the unknowable. risk is the nature of the unknown.   the only true knowing is knowing you know nothing

futility of debate:  to talk another out of their feelings is to impose denial… better to help them explore what they are feeling,  The light of awareness is the true healer.

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Mai Pen Rai; The True Kshatriya

This weeks unedited reflections:

Unification of Paradox; The Art of Decision Making; What Really Does/Doesn’t Matter; How to be Great

Mai Pen Rai…  Thai: it doesn’t matter,  nice motto for the soul 

Horizontal and Vertical unification/integration

The Art of decision making: everybody makes decisions constantly even the choice to not decide is a decision

Memorial Day

Warrior/Leader, Life on the Line

baby/bathwater;  the anchor and the waves; connotations

it is not necessarily about reflecting and mourning all day long.  but take a moment as a family to address it, its value, its meaning.  that more than a huge lecture will instill values in our children.  touch their heart and then let them figure it out for themselves.

loving your country in kali yuga

be the person you would like to believe you were in a past life.

Home/Om/Womb:  The Lords of Moksha

Current Events:

Land of opportunity, not oppression, Tim Scott

ivory tower head trips vs wisdom

moral integrity: embraced or abandoned?

95% of our children spend an average of 3 1/2 hours per day on social media 

Total screen time 8 to 9 hours per day 30% of young girls has seriously considered suicide connect the dots

fiscal policy… the debt tipping point


Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

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Kaivalya;  Samhita; Kumbabishekam; Ultimate Tech

This weeks unedited notes:

Eternal Wholeness of the Totality; Veda/Nature/Cosmic Tech/Liberation

“Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.”

Kumbabishekam and Pandits

Temple first day when they started chanting

5 Havan Kunds going at once.  Thrilling Booming Reverberation of Transcendental Wholeness permeating the earth, the air, and to the very depth of our being 

physiology… when yo finally get enlightened you will realize how ridiculously physiological it is”


Make it a yearly event!?

volunteers were all so great, focused, selfless ,,  

“see job do job avoid the misery” painting, flowers, mowing, rooms, kitchen, etc, etc.

ladies singing bhajans brings to me a sense of my eternal inner home with exquisite childhood memories of family weekend get togethers.


Samhita Value, permeates everything in space and time

Undefended means innocence just simple innocence

You have to have experienced everything before you get enlightened

The witness with a capital W is Samhita. Wholeness.

The world is a wholeness 

“Somewhere out there some group that knows this because it is Truth”

World needs an axis to exist.

That is why there is always a north and south pole, completing the Samhita Value

The Yugas:  Role of the rakshasa value. An axis has two poles: The time value of Samhita…  Healthy relationship with.


Current Events: 

As the phase transition to Sat Yuga continues, things in the news are getting more and more ridiculous.  Just remember it is the nature of the transition to an Enlightened Age.  No worries.  Everything will be fine.

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Ancient Secret: How We Created and Sustain Our Current Situation

The global mind, The frame, Patanjali, karma, perception, and prana

Life is all about the frame it’s all in how do you frame it?

Every interaction is a long-term goal every thought 

we do not really perceive.  we project onto

Existence too is all about framing… vastu, set theory, field theory… how the universe was created and sustained… all done with mirrors…

What is a set theory? What is a field?:  the field you project is the reality you create for yourself…  every experience then confirms for you what you believe to be true… the color glasses you are wearing. Set theory.  Filed Theory

’You gift is also your challenge’  Like many people, my gift is that I see the good, the divinity, in others.  My challenge then is that I overlook their shortcomings until they come back to bite me.

free will  or predetermination?

karma + prana = The Mind

How to heal the planet… the Ancient Secret revealed.

My favorite Willie Nelson song:  

Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground w/ lyrics

[ you can watch on YouTube]


“Circumstances don’t make the man, they only reveal him to himself.”


“Know how to listen, and you will profit even from those who talk badly.”


Blurring or conflating Vedic studies with religion, is a big mistake    The Veda is the vessel that holds all fields of knowledge all of life all of existence

diversity of thought,  communication/communion vs polarization..judgement vs understanding… friendship

1/3 of 18-25 year olds believe in higher power.  my question:  higher than what?  what do they mean by a ‘higher power’.  I believe it is not what I mean by higher power.  I too do not believe in what they mean by it.

“The more you tell the truth the more powerful you become”…..Tucker Carlson

Carlson’s post firing video: over 60 million views in less that 24 hours

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Real World Jedi Knights of the Universe

Today we take one step further into the depth of understanding of how the universe works.

The song “imagine”:  It might read like a grade B sci-fi movie

”Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.”


”We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about.”



Archery in the Veda.  Multiple Levels

Yajur Veda,  Dhanur Veda,  Martial Arts, Archery,  Yoda in Star Wars..Jedi Knights.  Highest level of Archery and martial arts lies far beyond physical combat

But Pandits are Brahmins

Krishna was a Kshatriya—embodiment of the Knowledge—“Bridged” Brahmins with Kshatriyas you might say,

the story/trajedy of Angkor Wat

Leaders are Kshatriyas,  warrior, ruler, leader, king.  tip of the arrow.  Builder and maintainer of the enlightened city. 

Tip of the arrow. Positive attracts Negative. Its not the role of the Pandits.  Building a Shiva Temple.  Building an Enlightened City.  Huge challenges.  Not comprehended even when explained… “I get it syndrome”.


Current Events

Michigan government helping to fund CCP battery company which requires allegiance to Chinese communist party

cultural integrity getting blurred with racism

Morality getting blurred with conservatism

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The Truth about Astrology (and Your Personal Ugadi Reading)

Your personal Ugadi Reading for the next 12 months is listed below.

To learn more about Vedic astrology and your personal Ugadi Reading please listen to “The Truth about Astrology” podcast.  To listen to the audio, please click here.  To watch the video on Facebook, please click here.  To watch the video on Twitter, please click here.

There are many factors determining your karma over the next 12 months.  The challenge of jyotish is to see what those factors are and weigh them accurately.  This is no simple task.  Pandit Prasad rigorously performs all the detailed calculations for the Ugadi values every year for each Moon Sign.  This is only one factor, but a very important factor in revealing your karma for the year.  Do note that this is only one factor and your chart must be considered as a whole by a skilled Jyotishi to be most meaningful. We do well to consider these important Ugadi values when examining our jyotish charts.  If you would like to learn more, please listen to the podcast.There are also pujas than can help remedy any negative karmas that these Ugadi numbers reveal.  To have Pandit Prasad perform the appropriate pujas to mitigate the difficulties and support the positive aspects your Ugadi reading reveals, please follow these instructions: 

1) Click here to enter the “General Donation” page of the temple website2) DONATE TO: You will be asked to choose an option. Click on “General Donation”.3)  Under AMOUNT: click on “other amount”4) A DONATION BOX WILL COME UP: enter 301.00 in the box5) In the SPECIFICS ABOUT YOUR DONATION box: write “Ugadi Puja” and enter your name, date, time and location of birth.

 Your Ugadi reading follows below.  You need to know the sign (according to jyotish) the Moon was in the time you were born to read the following chart.  If you do not know what that Moon sign is, anyone with basic jyotish knowledge could help you determine that.  The numbers on the left in the column below are the jyotish moon signs (1=Aries, 2=Taurus, etc.).  The next numbers in order are Income, Expenses, Honor, Dishonor, and Lucky Number.

1:  8,14,4,3,9

2:  2,8,7,3,6

3: 5,5,3,6,5

4: 14,2,6.6,2

5: 2,14,2,2,1

6: 5,5,5,2,5

7: 2,8,1,5,6

8:  8,14,4,5,9

9;  11,5,7,5,3

10: 14,14,3,1,8

11:  14,14,6,1,8

12: 11,5,2,4,3

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Tomorrow (Sunday, September 13) is a very auspicious day. There is a jyotish planetary configuration that has not occurred for 200 years and will not occur for another 200 years. All the planets, except Venus, will be in their own signs or exalted etc. Panditji suggests that you light a little ghee lamp or candle in front of a picture or murthi (statue) of Mother Divine and say a little prayer to Her on that day.  Meditation on that day will be particularly beneficial.  

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Coronavirus, Etc. – A Look into the Future. What Is in Store for Us?

With everything (from Coronavirus to the economy to international tensions) that is going on in our world, everyone is wondering what the future holds. In this podcast we take a look at the science, diverse medical expert opinions, Jyotish, the media and more to discern the image within the crystal ball. To listen, please click here.

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Beautiful Questions

I was recently asked some beautiful questions to which I responded:

As we purify our physiologies things do come up. But it was once said that we do not need to rummage through the garbage. We just let it go. So no need to dwell too much on the past. Personal process is certainly important, but at some point letting things go is also important.

The quality of the Self is called the Rishi Value. It is good to hear that you are feeling that within you. It is not that we are actually Rishis. Rather the qualities of the depth of our own inner being can be experienced and is called “the Rishi value”. It is not just experiencing a Rishi as “other”, it is more importantly experiencing your own inner divinity. Congratulations for experiencing that! Rest with it. It is beautiful.

The solar event you are referring to is what is referred to as “the Age of Enlightenment”. It has been predicted that now is a transition to that healthy time. I understand that back in the 90’s, Maharishi was on stage with a Jyotishi and said that transition would begin to be felt when a man with orange hair was president of the United States, around 2020 to 2022. I was not there to hear him say this, but I was told about it. It has also been said that the transition happens with a period of roughness in world affairs. Interesting that even in chemistry, phase transitions can occur with a brief period of turbulence.

I am often asked what more one can do to evolve. I always respond by saying, “Steady hand on the rudder”. Yet so few people actually do that. Hang in there. Great times are ahead.

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