Knowledge is strength. Opinion is fleeting

My notes for this weeks podcast:

Knowledge is strength. Opinion is fleeting

e.g. ivermectin, Russia hoax. Etc.f

                        July 12 James Webb telescope , big bang,  physics based upon what they can see…  Galileo was limited, we are too!

Ancient Technology Research Initiative… ATRI

            time is responsible for knowledge getting lost through the ages.  people get on to something new  and the old slips away.

            Compelling quote “the normalization of perversion” made me chuckle and shake my head at the same time

            regardless of which side is right, one this for sure, it is remarkable how radically wrong the other group is.  are people that stupid or are they just that corrupt/motivated to lie?

            Difficult things are good but vogue these days to go with easy way out

            guns:  brazil case study

            Normalization of Perversion:  Education, Guns, Drugs, Politics, etc.

            global colonization,   colonization of America

            Criticism yields power … easy way to get TV ratings

            Message to Americans from Bazil President: God, homeland family, and freedom

Very little Usable farmland in China Saudi Arabia

Lots in Ukraine and United States

            Africa and South America colonized by China… taking natural resources

Brazil resisting

            history of guns in brazil, gun free zones: contol up, then murders up.  Same in states of USA

            the only real power is knowledge

            Political prisoners targeting political opponents

            January 6

            Blackrock in big business doing bidding government can’t

            $10 trillion have US GDP

            Asset managers controlling big business from behind the scenes

            On board of directors etc.

            For example Disney ignoring fiduciary responsibility to the little guys invested in the companies

                        January 6 where is the due process i.e. the process do to the people involved

            Kangaroo Court, Nazi Germany

US Constitution:  originalist or living breathing document.

Provides a structure and means to work within that structure to adapt to times

            38% down from 68% proud to be American’s.  I get it.. unfounded wars, curruption, etc.  But founding principles are great and must be restored.

July 4 freedom, alienable rights due process of law

Bezos, Bill Maher, Joe Rogan, Elon Musk all now critics of Biden Administration

Chinese state media:  “Capitalism is all about exploitation”

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World Gone Wild: What’s Next?

The following are my personal this weeks random notes which led up to the associated podcast.  More details and other points are in the podcast.

Julie Andrews special

Ancient Rishis on who and what we are: the soul, the intellect, bhakti, and darwin:  utopia or oblivion:  putting it all together

 human potential a glimpse at our future

Idealized notions seen through the looking glass darkly

rational vs wise…  integration of depth with surface

humans get lost in the ‘rational’ and rational-ize all sorts of things

thoughts, emotions, fine feelings, traanscentant

quiet moments… access to wisdom… some just go into torment, negative emotions.

you can justify anything with the intellect… and people do

people reach for depth but  all too often revert back to estblished psychophysiological state.    what is psychophysiology

spirituality current….  5 currents

docking station

big bang of brain

next major step in human evolution

vishnu incarnates every cycle… fish, turtle, boar, etc.


What it means for a person to lose their soul

Darwin.  Next major step in human evolution how to use the brain

human beings are at the evolutionary stage of struggling to integrate rational thought with the souls inner wisdom

intellectual reckoning vs the souls inner wisdom

  Intellectual reckoning vs the souls inner wisdom

justify anything with intellect

it is still not too late

soulless intellect is a loose cannon of the highest order

the more lightly tethered the more intense the feelings…..   the tailless kite spins the most

definition of a savage

bhakti yoga… what it is and what it is not

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Tantra and the Gordian Knot: Kitchen Table to Cosmos

As promised, here are this Weeks Thought Fragments

 Todays world: 

Gordian knot….easily solved “by finding an approach to the problem that renders the perceived constraints of the problem moot”

This is a time to endure but not to cower.  Everything will be fine for the world, but this is a time of transition.  if you can just take a step back, that is obvious.

someone responded saying, yes but hasn’t the world always been nutty like this.  i say no, not like this.  moral decay in every arena has become mainstream.  it won’t last long.  time of transition.  the pendulum will soon swing back to a more wholesome world.  just hang in there.

humanity needs to learn how to cultivate a healthy relationship with the internet.  a healthy relationship with hemlock is to not drink the tea…favor the good, avoid the bad.  very simple but yet the lowest common denominator is ruling these days

These days negativity is  the lowest common denominator

But wholesome living is inherent to life, simple. It will rise with Golden Age.  it is a joy to be simple.  negativity pulls at and spirls down, positivity uplifts and refreshes.  simple question: is life pulling you down, or is it uplifting you.  simple choice.  surf the internet or the tv channels and see the direction the world has gone.  but that is not where we will be going for long.

Todays marijuana/THC potency like heroine’ destroying todays youth

Bill Mar: from 1950 to present…  LGBTQ self-identification has gone for less than 1% to over 20% and increasing exponentially.

are they ‘protecting trans’ or turning kids away from straight?

BLM, defund police, promoting trans..  all the same thing really

one saint advised another about the world: “why go out in all that mud”  

many people come for spiritual teaching… clueless but think they ‘get it’

divide and conquer….woke.   lost to narratives

what wearing a cross means to people… alignment with wholesome.  Good/God

Christ = Chitanyaa

Chaitanya =  transcendant

Weaponizing justice…   ww2 hungarian woman said creeps in over time like a thief in the night

guilt by accusation

politicizing justice system

right left-handed tundra law justice  S/supreme court.. Natural Law or biased

Lenin: the worse the better…  see it as birthing pain to transition to their takeover

just like Bolshevik revolution: starve people to get then to overthrow Czar

spiritual escapism is no solution

Logic rationality and clear thinking is irrelevant rather emotion is what carries the day

law, justice, natural law, politics

said it would be easy to find supreme court leaker… so who is it? cover up? A justice involved?

yuga dependent law and justice..  

the caste system is misunderstood

nazi germany and legal system

watch movie: ‘judgment at nuremburg’ to see how it happened

“A man must have a good deal of vanity who believes, and a good deal of boldness who affirms, that all the doctrines he holds are true, and all he rejects are false.” ― Benjamin Franklin, A Benjamin Franklin Reader: The Essential Writings of a Colonial Sage

how to unravel a twisted rubber band–very simple

The subtle Art of Conflict Resolution in Our Conflicted World

who started it doesn’t matter

from within a twisted perspective, your viewpoint looks straight

after calming down, it doesn’t matter any more

stay out of weeds in first place:  the art of relationship

once you step in it, it is hard to get it off your shoe

You don’t put out the fire by fanning the flame

Worst thing imaginable used to think others don’t believe you were that you could be wrong but ultimately it does not matter

Left handed tantra is addictive: tearing open 3rd eye, intoxication, indoctrination.  obstacles to spiritual growth.  Explosive results … destructive.  Blurs Vedic understanding

i get it syndrome

fish bowl

Vedic principles do not exist in isolation, they all appear at every point in creation.  universal

we will see a rise in right handed tantra

Moral fabric versus political correctness

Right/left tantra: do u prefer a rapid or gradual solution?  the ultimate distraction.. detonation vs blossoming.

can justify anything with the intellect

twisted.  From within the twist, it seems straight: Evolution is highly elusive.

angry grocery store guy with tee-shirt telling people to calm down

convolutions, messy… taking the twist out of it… 

Mt Soma

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The Next Major Step in Human Evolution

The Ancient Seers said awakening to the depth of our being is the key to the golden age.  But what will that look like on the surface of life?

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Anatomy of Oblivion; Blueprint for Utopia

World Views, Chaos, and Armageddon—Ancient Seers In-Sights and their Offered Global Solution 

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