The Truth About ETs/Aliens:  Ancient Secrets Revealed

The Perfection Game: How the Universe works

Ready or not here it is!



May 15-17 Kambabishekam    May 14 Hanumans birthday

Leonard Nimoy in 70s announced on TV scientists predicted global freeze in next decade or two.

”Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.”



Everything in the universe is gravitating toward perfection  ..  ETs too

Everything emerges out of the Absolute and then gravitates back to.  We all strive for it through different things:  people we love, goals we aspire toward, believes we hold dear to. All beings throughout the universe live this, each in their own way,

water erosion around sphinx 10,000 years old,  more and more evidence of older and older ruins around the world, anthropology as well…  group theory as applies to rishi values.  Every decade or so anthropology and archeology get turned upside down with another new discovery. 

Hopis, Egyptians, Greeks, etc… various ancient “myths”  Multiple slices through the one infinite Vedic Pie.  Veda means Nature… just that simple.,,, not a religion.

Christ, Chaitanya, God in this context explained

The Ancient Greeks for example knew the world was round, had the math, etc. etc.  But ancient vedic knowledge dwarfs even todays understanding.  The Sun rises and sets.  Everything does.

Bob Lazar element 115… who knows but Veda does describe Vamana powered with element not known by science until perhaps element 115.

Why Sci Fi often predicts the future:  We otherwise get in the way of our own intuition for example, e.g. the exercise that I taught in classes once

Intuition– anther chethana…  finest feeling level…  gut feeling   

it is all there in the Veda… cognized.

you don’t need to see too many “miracles” to change your relationship with everything… expand your view.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ― Albert Einstein.

Humans around for 28 MahaYugas i.e. over 200 million years…  universe is a well populated community of ETs   Humans included.  Vamanas: how to build a UFO is in the Veda …  When things get too impure here [Kali Yuga like now} immortals retreat into caves or other planets.  It is always Sat Yuga in midst of Kali Yuga somewhere.  Some UFOs are Vamanas from long long ago.

A.T.R.I.  Ancient Technology Research Institute AKA for CRS

list of the names of interplanetary species is in Veda

list of Yugas, Rishis “in charge” of each Yuga,  and part of vedic literature cognized/corresponding to each..

Samhita value is there in all 4 explained 

Satya yuga: Dakshina murthy [incarnation of Shiva]- shruthi

Thretayuga : Dattatreya [Incarnation of Trinity]- Smruthi –

Dwapara: Veda Vyas [incarnation of Vishnu]-   18 Puranas-

Kaliyuga : Adishankara [incarnation of Shiva]-  All Pourusheya Vedic Literature except puranas

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Global Snapshot in Time: Any ETs Must Be Shaking Their Heads!

My Unedited Notes:

No worries.  All going as planned.  The Sun will rise.  ‘Just keep a steady hand on the rudder.’

‘If you wear a mask for too long, there will come a time when you can not remove it without removing  your face.”

The power of human mentality, e.g., the middle eastern mentality versus western mentality, etc.


Here is what The Great Transition to the Golden Age of Sat Yuga looks like:

Whatever country you’re living in you should ask yourself a question: do you feel safe? …Germany, United States any European, Africa, South America country, Mexico, China any Asian country, etc and then ask yourself why. and I’m telling you it’s the leadership of our nations that are not right in the head.  and that is because global mentalities are askew and that is called Kali Yuga.

That sounds frightening BUT it’s all about to self correct! When the rubber band is so tangled up, it’s about to unravel and that’s a good thing.  People are waking up.  Sat Yuga,  the golden age is about to be spring forth.

The only question is the nature of the transition. Will it be smooth and seamless or will it be an Armageddon? Does seem we have averted the worst!  I have been foretelling of this transition for the past 20 years (longer even) and have  been explaining how to make the transition, smooth and efficient. But it is, of course,  not just me saying this.  It is in the Vedic Literature from Rishis, Lord Krishna, Jyotish, etc. etc. as I have shared many times.  And who’s listening? Very few.  If only we could’ve had the Enlightened City of Vishwakarma built by now  (We have his plans/drawings from the cognitions in every detail)…. the transition would then have been much smoother, but everything is well and wisely put. Karma and Dharma are both the will of God.  We’re still marching on forward, forward, forward.  The transition will happen.  In a few short years we will be able to say we had the fantastic opportunity to witness the great and rare transition from Kali to Sat Yuga.  It will happen like the rapid transition of nature in spring time as humanity awakens.

Current Events

“The government can’t be trusted” Governor Kristi Noem, South Dakota


SVB Silicon Valley Bank funded high risk high tech ventures and failed.  No big surprise there. 

FTX  was ridiculous.

Janet Yellen thinks to much about diversity, equity, etc. and not enough about common sense fiscal policy.  No common sense.  How people like that get in such high offices is a wonder.

And now the push for the digital dollar?  Spooky.


Because people cannot believe anyone would be that corrupt (or stupid), therefore believe that what they’re saying must be true.  Some really are that corrupt, some that gullible, that entrapped, stupid, lost, ensnared, greedy, or whatever.

It does make me wonder about their motivations why did they feel the need to control? How do they justify it?  To what degree might drugs have been involved.  (I mean just look at the shear volume of legal and illegal drugs consumed!)

I think they feel entitled self-righteous, and really just not in touch with the lives of others

I also think they just gradually sink into it more and more deeply and before they know it they’re just lost in it with no notion of it and/or no way out anyway. I think we’ve all heard people say when they get close to them and look in their eyes it’s like there’s nobody there.


On a positive note, It looks like Prime Minister Modi will be coming to the United States in June. We should try to get him to visit Mount Soma!


Doctors Around the World Say It’s Time to Stop the Shots    Epoch Times

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The Counter Intuitive Culture

The subtle art of over thinking the obvious

and under thinking the sublime.  Intuition: the Vedic understanding, Puranas

Tid Bits:

Every 12 years or so, Kumbabishekam, re-inauguration of temple.  10 pandits, etc.  will be huge  3 days…  fabulous..   looking for date around May….  we are all very much looking forward to it.

Craftsmanship is steeped in tradition.

Far too many people lack the courage of their deeper inner convictions. Too many hearts and minds are blown in the winds of karma.

Simply say what you know is true I would’ve never thought that would require courage.  Do your best to say it kindly, sweetly, thoughtfully; but do your best to say it.

Hatred carries the inability to speak out feelings without losing one’s balance.

Jesus saves’ and ‘confession’.     What they really mean and how that really work explained in the podcast.

‘Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you’ll understand what little chance you have in trying to change others.”

The Counter Intuitive Culture:

Current thinking seems to be if it’s right it has to be counter intuitive.   Yet God knows it’s a joy to be simple.

e..g. anti-inflation bill, lockdown to prevent spread of virus, trans parties for children, cartel run boarders, CDC suppression of vaccine data, etc.

Counter intuitive can be valid, but only rarely when it is main stream. You know things are way off.

Your life is the result of the decisions you make, and the simple truth of the matter is the drugs and alcohol, are a death trap.    Take a triple backflip with a half gainer off the high knuckle board and who knows where you will land?

Intuition, The Vedic Understanding: Puranas, Relative viewing the Gap… remembering with Absolute beyond limitations of space and time.

Current Events

Fentanyl and heroin has made its way into Mexican pharmacies, as well as online pharmacies with labels that are hard to distinguish from a genuine pharmaceutical companies

some estimate $2 trillion per year in dark money…  i.e. unaccounted for in US feed gov.  That makes no sense to me.  is it possible?  Hidden gov behind the scenes with own military , navy, airfare, etc.  A full level deeper than what we have even thought of as the ‘deep state’.  

I am told that the federal government spent $6.27 trillion in FY 2022. This means federal spending was equal to 25% of the total gross domestic product (GDP), or economic activity, of the United States that year.

Rumor is that the plane that hit the pentagon hit where they were auditing the oversight of the money—tough for me to believe that one but who knows? 

Iran is one week away from having a nuke

I heard that the physicist, Micio Kaku admitted that he will have to rewrite all of his physics books post the Web telescope discoveries. Then sadly, he added that those pictures were not of galaxies but of black holes.   If true, I forgive him. I’ve said stupid things  myself in life.  We all have. Those were obviously galaxies not black holes.

Finally in the news: Lab really did leak the virus… no kidding, and what next?  2+2 really does = 4?

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Rudra in Action as Off Axis World Self Corrects


 Called “Ancient Wisdom” but to Vedic scholars its not just ancient but nobody’s listening.

Rudra and Shiva… what is the difference?  Age of Rudra rising

Shiva: Silence Absolute

Rudra:  Manifestation of Shiva… power to destroy negative,

Sri Rudrum.. Vedic ceremony every day at Mt Soma to purify global consciousness

“Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward.”


“A man’s character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation.”


[or as MMY put it.  A significant part of your spiritual evolution comes from your speech]

Ainsley University Christian Revival is in the national news.  It shows the power of group consciousness.  Imagine how powerful  and transformative it would become if raised to its full technological potential as the ancient masters explained in detail,

Beware of Experts

Experts know lots of facts.  But how much importance or weight is put upon one fact or another can skew the conclusion in any direction.  , for example, jyotish weighting.  True of all of life for that matter.  “Experts” vs common sense

Smart versus Crazy…  Many smart people are also crazy.

Equity in action:  e.g. recent plane crash and they saw it coming!.. across the board more people will die

Brakes on train in Ohio overheated with lots of warnings ignored.  Was the problem infrastructure, drugs, equity in action, or some other cover up?  IDK but I would like to know who was monitoring those warning signs,

We need competent, pragmatic, leadership, fiscal, responsibility, etc.

The world is salvageable, but the direction must change soon  …[2 more years? China window of opportunity]

Federal reserve needs competent management

RELATIONSHIP CAUTION: Mars in one sign for several months [Taurus] a few weeks to go  anger, etc. 

Very simple question: why does CDC refuse to release results of studies on the vaccine affectiveness and side effects

WHO [World ‘Health’ Organization] total takeover globally of pandemic, including lockdowns, vaccination mandates, etc for each separate country, including US to be signed Monday by president Biden with no congressional approval required.  Even climate change could be declared a pandemic.  WHO ties with CCP [comunist Chinese gov] is well documented].   However, if signed, I believe the time would come when congress would reverse.

They would also decide what is information and what is this disinformation and what goes on in the schools regarding the pandemic


China licking its chops over Ukraine situation, natural resources of Russia food source of Ukraine, will rebuild Ukraine and get a foothold in Eastern Europe

Build your opponent, a golden bridge to retreat across the heart of war 

Sun Tzu

Putin speech:  Ukrainian people become hostage of Kiev regime and their western masters are concealing their true goals to inflict a strategic defeat to Russia. they intend to transform the local conflict into a global confrontation.

Putin speaks on rampent perversion and morality corruption in the West [and he is correct about that].

NATO nations still not putting up their 2% [US/NATO fracture].  putin withdrawing from strategic offensive reduction treaty of 20 years ago between US and Russia [huge move!].  Putin drafting something like half a million troops. Russian economy is still robust… slight contraction at most.  

Many mysterious deaths/suicides among Russian military leaders against war

China/Russia alliance/axis strengthening — most dangerous anti USA block in history.  forms largest by far most powerful world economy, population, natural gas reserve, and land mass.    China and Russia economies becoming intertwined.  significantly more and more trade not being done in US dollar [very dangerous to US economy].  This is all leading to more and more military ties between nation with largest navy and nation with largest nuclear arsenal.  

Like it or not, Trump warned of this years ago and was impeached largely as a result.  Also, Biden with Afghanistan and now Ukraine has lead right into it. 

Zelensky himself said if China and Russia unite, there will be a 3rd world war.  However, as the above shows, they have already united.  Zelensky is no hero.  Aligned with Soros, skimming US money, banning christian priests, etc. The masses and puppets are duped once again just as Biden and Zelensky in Kiev walk before cameras to the sound of fake air raid ‘photo op’ siren.

[The greatest tragedy in my heart is the innocent children…war after war throughout history]

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Nagadevata, Fabric of Existence, the Transgradient Principle

this weeks unedited notes:

Ancient Secret Key to Life’s Mystery and Mastery, Ultimate “Game Changer”, DNA, Medical Logo, Kundalini, etc.

Naga [“Snake”] and Vayu [wind]

in balance:  health, Shakti, bala, life force

out of balance: ‘creepy’, dangerous, evil, frightening

Naga very powerful thread in fabric of existence, but easily goes out of balance and historically that gives a creepy feeling frightening

Ancient technology of maintaining healthy fabric of life.  Infinite number of threads of which an essential one is Nagadevata.


Naga value at work when out of balance:

A floundering pursuit for deeper meaning

creates susceptability to woke, drugs, etc.

can not derive coherence from incoherence

like looking through piece of melted glass or fabric when twisted and snagged.  Entire fabric distorts.  Clean the fish bowl, remove the stress, and it self corrects due to underlying source [homeostasis plus!]

WOKE is not just political but cultural, social, racial

chairman Mao killed people with glasses, accents, educations, etc.  

Autocracy, oligarchy, fascist state just look at the simple definitions and see for yourself where they apply today. Even Mussolini defined fascism as a union between government and corporate.

Agency equity team in every government office department, most racist federal program since Nazi Germany

Gender policy council headed up by Barack Obama through Susan rice.  Every group protected except straight white males

History of maintaining the grind of war for example Vietnam, Iraq, and no Ukraine

Also, Afghanistan, the question is what to do about Ukraine now I said the very beginning it could be negotiated away to the benefit of all and perhaps an in fact, I still believe it could be negotiated at this point in time so the question is do we suddenly defined it well perhaps negotiate versus defund is a question defunding emboldens, Russia negotiating would be equal 13 for the most reasonable resolution

CCP knows full well that it has a limited window of opportunity while the president of the USA is fully compromised, inept, and incompetent.

Incompetent, president and vice president what are we supposed to do sit around and wait for two more years while they destroy the country?

Joe Biden, physical exam assessment vigorous

Vinyl chloride at camp Lejeune in blue state—huge response.  In red county, no FEMA.

Pipelines much safer than trains.

Covid vaccine neither safe not affective

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The Big Picture:  Essential Knowledge

My unedited notes from this week:

Are we losing the forests for the trees?  Context is everything.  Just look out the window and see for yourself.

Opening tidbits:

it is said that ‘the people are smart’  but history has shown that they are also gullible

With internet, etc., it is a whole new world: governments and media struggling to adjust.  More difficult to deceive those who are willing to at least look.

we could make a whole podcast commenting on this quote:  “Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what’s right.”


Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness  and states rights:  issues from abortion to slavery

Population of Ukraine has gone down from 37,000,000 to 22,000,000 since the war started… Nation demolished

It is now been revealed that as we said sometime ago, the United States could’ve prevented the war, but wanted to prolong it, just to go after Russia and Putin

Just look out your window:  If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.  But is this the over thinking generation?  One thing for sure:  It has proven you can justify anything with the intellect


Play of consciousness, is-ness, unified field of physics, God…  Veda is nature.

the Relative (vs. the Absolute): 

It is all in how you frame it.

increasing evidence of major cycles over 10s of thousands of years…as per Veda

maya… Losing the forest for the trees

religion is not immune.


Mount Soma Ancient Technology Research Institute

The way the world works is really so simple. Yet it’s so elusive.

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Hidden Chambers of the Mind and Good Parenting

My unedited notes/topics for this weeks podcast:

 How to protect your mind

 A house with many rooms “in the aura”

Six short Issues [what a book is about in a few words]:

1]  Reading this weeks sign at the church I often drive by: It  said “be the person your dog thinks you are‘.   Looking at it when I again drove by. It said “be the person you’re God thinks you are”.  Interesting and very sweet.

2]  directv at&t censurship in general

3]  Covid lockdown pulled the rug out from under millions of people who are now floundering to find a life.

4]  Ccp Ballons over USA: and the boy who cried ‘wolf’ wake up call anyone??

5]  james webb telescope findings predictably denied.  It is understandable… scientists struggling to keep their carriers afloat.

6]  UFOs: we are not alone …  of course…

7]  Enlightened Age and Pole shift?

Chambers of the mind explained:

The importance of good parenting!

Tibet: naked Naga Babas sadhus technology. Spooky stuff.  From ants to global influences.

Mature relationship with those things is something many in India grew up with as self evident, but rather rare in the west.

The world is not as we have been lead to believe.

your dreams

stages of possession

The truth about demonic possession. It’s not what you think.

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The Motivation Underlying Abuse: Its Roots. Its Nature, Its Healing

my unedited podcast notes:

Decorum’s thin crust on the volcano of global stress 

From the individual level, to government, to national to global level: heal the source not just the symptoms.  News and Governments just look at the symptoms… like painting the leave of a wilting plant green.

world gone mad:  phase transition on the brink

When the physiology is sufficiently refined gut instinct, surpasses other sources of knowledge.  But global stress compromises hope of such refinement.

Stress, pollution, permeates everything not just an individual psyche, but the psyche of group consciousness, and even the atmosphere the plants, the earth, the weather, stress pollution is a thing of material that concepts, the works of everything on all levels of life. Just like poluted water in a fish bowl effects everything in it.  That is the salient point to all the worlds conflicts and problems, but it is never identified by the public or by the media or governments or scientists. They’re missing the main point .   we can not only understand it from ancient Vedic knowledge, but through Vedic technology we also are given the methodology to purify out that stress, that pollution.

The pollution of stress is a material. It’s substance It’s a thing.  it’s a dross.

Some peoples psyches are weak in one area or another that makes them more susceptible to that dross in the environment

Earth Changes?

Canada compass is going crazy in LA during the earthquake etc.

Younger Dryas impact event 11-12k years ago ended last ice age from impact event in Canada raising sea level 3-4 hundred feet almost instantaneously

The time of the Younger Dryas event coincides with the believed destruction of Atlantis

Ancient Aliens show attributes so much to ETs but still very good information if not all attributable to UFOs.

Ancient cultures with technological advancements far be on ours, but in a totally different direction, have been wiped out due to such cataclysms throughout the ages the ancient legends Vedic, and otherwise.  We have been given accounts of those cultures but usually people cannot accept them simply because the technologies were so different.. so people today view them as unimaginable. But it is in the ancient history of so many cultures.

Pole Shift = Phase Transition?

changing of the pole events that have caused cataclysms, causing huge tsunami‘s earthquakes, and volcanic eruption’s

Tyre Nichols. Difficult to believe but also well documented that it happens not only on individual level but even on governmental level, national level, global level

I just have to try to fathom what were the cops thinking what was their motivation? Why would they do that?

Global Warming Issue

Cows grazing is actually good for the environment. Nurture is the soil. Fertilize the soil improves the global warming situation.


Define ‘classified documents’ i.e. what makes them de-classified, Trump, Biden, Clinton, no doubt Obama and many more.  e.g. federal gov computers…   no doubt ridiculous


Fiasco: Directv dropped that’s One American News.  so post Newsmax issue, i searched OAN: the title of a heading reads the earths core stopped rotating the earths core, which is approximately 1800 miles below. The surface of the Earth has seemingly stopped rotating and my nail be reversing rotation.


we took a good bit of criticism for things we said about covid, etc.   we have proven right as we will be about more things.  but thosr who left will never admit they were wrong nor return.  such is they 

we need to face the state of human mentality. 

pfizer video… recorded executive saying they are researching more violent viruses to make money on vaccines, etc.

Google almost immediately deletes candid interview with Pfizer executive

Mike Pompeo… ‘never give an inch’  governors meeting .. not interested until he said the Chinese had a file on every governor.

RICO act racketeering, abused… use to target political opponents

Totalitarianism as an ideal, and how to attain it

Breed fear, hate, division, climate change, indoctrination of children, etc.

Their greatest asset is that people can not believe that anyone could be that heartless and depraved and thereby accept their manipulations as truth [call it conspiracy theory]

Federal court judge had no idea what the articles of the constitution said when questioned by Senator John Kennedy [“Power does not change you, it unmasks you.

“] John Kennedy]

Former Polish defense minister states that Putin said he wants to dominate all of Europe and keep the United States out of Europe

European union putting bugs in food bread, pasta, and drinks and chocolate.  Some say that will be coming to America soon

Peoples intuitive felt sense knows better because the energetics of eating bugs is pitiful but science isn’t that subtle.. can justify anything with intellect.

The truth about Angkor Wat… well could have started as Enlightened City but lost their way.

“keep yourself to yourself otherwise people will get over on you”  from Dean Martins family village heritage

Horrific indoctrination of our children

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“We the People”: Are ”The People” Smart?  Tyranny, Liberty, & Plato

my notes:

The Ancient Secret:  What really matters. “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.”  Winston Churchill  


Group Consciousness: We get what we deserve.  They crucified Jesus. 

Science, Religion, Politics, Morality, etc.: we get what we deserve… i.e. what the group consciousness dictates

Regardless of form of Government,Group Consciousness Rules


Are “The people” smart? Yes and No, here is why.

Philosopher King

“The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” ― Ronald Reagan 

The notion of an enlightened king.  Platos Philosopher King.

Does the form of government matter?

Lowest common denominator: religion, politics, music, etc.

When questioned he asked, “Can you keep a secret?”  When assured they could he responded, “So can I.”

“we the people…” lowest common denominator

what is the best form of government?

Vedic Technology restored! ,,  All things, religions included, get lost to emotion, irrationality, and superstition but will be regained through vedic tech.  like watering the root, there its no other way.

Vedic Tech is simply alignment with nature/natural law.

“Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.”


dare to be great

“Delicate Invincibility” a state of physiology… fine tuned stradivarius violin

Are people smart?

Chinese educational system teaches self discipline integrity and respect for elders: American woman who spoke highly of this slammed by media.  War are waged by blanket degrading of a people.  When will we ever learn.  People everywhere are good,  but easily manipulated by tyrants.

Luc Montagnier – discoverer  of  HIV virus [AIDS] says  mass  vaccinations  spread  Covid  and  said  that  is  also  what  caused  all  the  variants. BUT much on internet denies this.  Easy to condemn any truth to the trough of contradiction.

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Humanity’s Moment in Time, Miracles, UFOs, religion, and the Gods


This point in human history… what is really going on.  Who we are becoming.  Awakenings Cusp.


Unedited notes:

This point in human history… what is really going on.  Who we are becoming.  Awakenings Cusp.

What really matters in the news and how little coverage it gets:

Mexican essentially Civil War, Brazil rebellion France, huge demonstrations US border out of control, US government and Chinese government, both supporting felon overtaking Brazil government

            Ukraine in shambles Russia is winning if you can call that winning

            China implodes in the next 10 years due to population demise

            US government with big tech censoring: clear violation first amendment 10th amendment has been trampled [states rights]

China/Russia trying to replace dollar as world currency.

            Vaccine thiasco

            Joe Biden/Trump documents,

Pesticides, genetic engineering, modern medicine, global warming

As  Christ said: “We have to be made new in the attitude of our mind,,, to be righteous and holy”

i.e. align with natural law… Chaitanya, Bhavatitum

            Bells theorem, big bang… clarified through classical Newtonian physics

            It’s all coming to a head, the great phase transition!

            The truth about religion

            UFOs in world history

Puma, Punku, Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco), Ancient Aliens show gone overboard

            Small worlds: Egocentricity’s roll in human history including today

How little we know and how much we believe in it.

            Expanded vision versus La La Land

            The gods laws of nature and quantum mechanical fluctuations the source of the mind

            Pele personified correlate to Hawaii volcano myths are personified Carlos

            The Gods: Infinite number of superimposed personified correlates


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Please see the compelling Jyotish article that we are also posting today.

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