Grassroots, Government, Military & Religion in the Golden Age


Not all ancients were wise, but only wisdom endures times test. It is there.  Pursue it.


This weeks unedited notes:

Not all ancients were wise, but only wisdom endures times test. It is there.  Pursue it

Grassroots deeper meaning is “soul”:  Humanities grassroots are always good.. yet often overwhelmed by a message

humanity must be soma strong, not agni alone.. balance

Kshatriya warrior class, Kings military those who serve the people.  Raja Dharma

Lord Krishna was a Kshatriya

“Courage is like a muscle. We strengthen it by use.”


World, economic forum

Klaus Schwab says will act swiftly like a tsunami to transform all aspects of society

Climate reparations, China exempt

40% of the world population in China and India

Both countries burn lots of dirty coal

Claim Climate change caused bad weather,  a “bad weather reparations”

Media assault on the fabric of this country i.e. grassroots

Like in Nazi Germany, it creeped in like a thief in the night until it took over the nation

The problem with modern globalism:

Digital money no cash [biig brather watching ur every move like book 1984

Digital passport, vaccine passport, no privacy whatsoever

G20 a single global Order

G20 claims importance of countering disinformation campaigner [which is the disnformation? Where is free speech?]

Tracking peoples movements, spendings, etc.

Tracking health, status, vaccinations, etc.

Would it be Star Trek like government or 1984

World today too polarized for a Star Trek ‘ideal’

Is academic freedom, dead e.g., Covid climate change

Government now controls, academia, strong argument for states rights across the board.

“Those who control the message control the masses”

Government controls academia by grant funding only research that supports the narrative e.g., Covid, climate change

Government controls, academia etc., strong argument for states rights across the board

Manage the masses vs freeing the individual

“ Politics and crime, they are the same thing” movie godfather 2

The world needs two poles to spin around.  In the Golden Age, their will still be contradicting perspectives.  That is why it is called “the relative”.  Generally speaking, hate is rooted in immaturity.

Peoples sexuality is their own business. It’s a private matter. People have affinities but also aversions to be respected.  Stop pushing ones sexuality on other people.  Peace and love do not mandate homogenization.  Choose the world you live in.  Different worlds can exist in the same one society.  Live, let live, and mind your own business.  Clean the fishbowl of global consciousness and it will all sort itself out.

Faith based / rational-based spirituality

Left and right lobes of the brain must worked together.  When one or other dominates, religion crumbles.

Ukraine solutiion is not about funding or defunding, but it’s rather about negotiation, which at this point would certainly work.

“So the rare individual who unselfishly tries to serve others has an enormous advantage.” 


Yet dogs bark at moving cars

To heal the planet, nourish the soul of the individual.  Water the root and the entire plant thrives.  Look to the depth, not the surface.  Mount Soma is dedicated to the technology.

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Mystery of Global Imbalance: The Ancient Secret Key

blurb: First Under-stand, Only Then Proceed: The Simple Elusive Solution


This weeks unedited notes:

First Under-stand, Only Then Proceed: The Simple Elusive Solution

Nobody in the news or anywhere else is taking a big enough step back to take a look at what’s really going on

ATRI: We do not have to look very hard to realize that there were ancient technologies that we do not understand today.  ATRI ancient technology research Institute is revealing those ancient technologies and employing them

Overheated engine like Yugas.. soma lubricates/cools

Soma strength vs agni strength

 “Be Soma Strong” button

Can we discuss the following delicate topic and keep balance?

Homogeneity, female/male, yin/yang: Mona Lisa

Expand definition to accommodate the range of each gender

It is set an a person is enlightened they’re equally male and female

Key hidden in last place anyone would look

soma refinement

Agni male Agni female

Positive incarceration

Mona, Lisa smile

“Be soma strong”

Inner strength

Sort of [not so much] like the tortoise and the hare story

Why, the nation is dependent upon drugs: too much agni

Adderall: speed and the yin/yang hamster wheel

Until fire and water are in balance there will be no world, peace, famine, hurricanes, forest fires, etc. will continue

We must clean the fish bowl of global consciousness

Soma/agni. Yin/yang water/fire.  It is all about balance.

Convoluted thinking, across-the-board, symptomatic phase transition of the first order

World is agni oriented   on fire

Male, female versus masculine feminine

when cleaning ur house, dust gets raised

imbalance permeates all aspects of life/mentality:

everywhere you look: drugs, border, corruption, etc.


1] Homogenized humanity

2 ETX:  woke meets finance: In a nutshell money wants to regulate money power wants to regulate power.

3] Even physics: Lost in math

Copenhagen versus statistical ensemble, interpretations of Schrodinger equation

Bell’s theory to big bang

4] multi-nattionals

5]  7 million able-bodied men in the US are not in the workforce which is unprecedented in times of peace and it is estimated they spend approximately nearly 40 hours per week on screens

Water in fishbowl of global consciousness is not only dirty but it’s also overheated

“ trust that God is with you”:  transcendental basis is what that is about

one step at a time

step one: clear and cool the fish bowl water and the rest will then happen

Mt Soma, meditation

Tony Robbins, most people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in 10 years

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Liberations Paths/ Channels of the Mind

blurb: The real pandemic and what lies beyond thoughts and emotions


Unedited weeks notes:

The real pandemic and what lies beyond thoughts and emotion

I am adding comments to my blogs now

your comments are welcomed

Beyond the maze of thoughts and emotions yet through them

Refinement—the tip of the pencil, Atman, Ego and Chaitanya

Bigger than the biggest and smaller than the smallest

Most refined ‘feeling’ level… nothing is really happening

Beyond attitude, beliefs.. the path leads beyond itself

Gradually all of a sudden…’what happened to me?’

What liberation really looks like

Current ‘candidates’: Pele soccer star, Buckminster Fuller, Mother Teresa, Dali Lama

No perfection in relative… that is why it is called ‘relative’

‘New Age’ notions: Too many superhero movies

Raja dharma.  Lord Rama

plato’s philosopher king

stoicism.. marcus aurelius

Current Events:

Managing the masses versus liberating the individual

“… put a price on denial in politics”  Al Gore

half of younger voters get their news from social media

Scholars exist but are essentially ignored/managed/controlled/supressed

’breaking the glass ceiling’ ?!? Fetterman

Climate change vs the movies “climate hustle”

propaganda and conspiracy theories, who is the funny man?

grassroots and the narrative

critical thinking vs indoctrination

world history of how to control a nation, now a world, a people….  hard to believe..

global takeover of governments through energy and financial policies [money]

control from above, media

critical thinking is key/essential

are people stupid or just swayable? Social creatures

funding controls science: ‘misallocating funds on a gargantuan scale’

eisenhower warned American of government/private sector complexes

ideology ‘ -isms’

hysterical response to ‘supply/demand’ concept. hysteria is the real pandemic

the de-industrailization of western civilization

transformation of global economic model to an oligarchic socialist system

keeping people under their thumb

 “assassinate character of those who oppose you”

V. Klaus former prime minister of czech republic:  “… end of freedom … brave new world of dictatorship and totalitarianism”

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”


“The way to get things done is not to mind who gets the credit for doing them.” 

The Great Awakening

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Hidden in Plain View:  Blown in the Winds of Time.


Ancient Knowledge must be expressed in a manner acceptable to modern thought.

The world is not as we have been led to believe.


My this weeks unedited notes:

Ancient Knowledge must be expressed in a manner acceptable to modern thought.

The world is not as we have been led to believe… kite without tail

What is common sense anyway?

superstition, science, religion, and prayer

Left/Right Tantra… body floating down Ganges

Male/Female and the Agni/Soma connection, [yin yang?]

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”


great quote, but know that those who witness it will not believe or trust it because it is so foreign to how most behave.  positive attracts negative

apurva:  beyond cause…beyond karma…just is…

adrishta: the cause is not seen, not visible

The Secret of water.

play recording of Pandit Prasad chanting mantra to

purify water.

Water takes on energy regularly


Deep lack of understanding of

of Cultures

The restoration of devastated mentalities will take a generation,

the truth about prayer

God’s [natures] language… not ours

People who lack strong enough sense of inner being can not be made wrong…feels like existential annihilation.

Ukraine in a nutshell:  russia wrong to attack,  US wrong to not negotiate.  my #1 heartache is for the children, caught in the middle and suffering.

Some say goal is to overthrow Putin? Frightening

If Russia shoots down satellites helping Ukraine: space war would make space unusable for quite some time…  behind scenes negotiations essential      

ret general blaine holt usa…. brink of war

world has become dependant upon space satellites.

Round n’ round we go!:

hawk dems,   dove republicans…  amazing!

libs anti free speech.and visa versa… another amazing flip

Now:  extreme liberals censure and are racists. humanities foundation lost but in process of being found.  Golden Age coming!

A Senator or Congressman promoted Jihad against the conservative Christian nation Russia!  Incredible.


Out of diesel fuel in three weeks from Sunday

Saudi’s hate Biden cut production warn the world

Of danger of depleting oil reserves

The whole thing is so crazy that if we do run out of diesel in 21 days it’s going to get spun around to say that it is proof that we must not be dependent upon oil batteries are powered by the energy grid based upon petroleum.  Got it?

UK gov predicts 10,000 of its citizens will die by freezing to death this winter due to lack of heating energy

Israel Netanyahu:  I do not know all that much about him, but do know that when I hear him speak, I liked what he says.

If people refuse to understand or accept the notion of supply and demand how can we expect them to have an a grasp upon what’s going on in the world of economics the world of survival, the world of global security, and peace versus confrontation

Rubberstamp politicians or people of integrity

Lets vote against rubber stamps regardless of political party

Rubber stamp elections means voting or promoting the best rubberstamp person

Love them or hate them one thing for sure people like DeSantis or Trump are not rubber stampers. And are therefore viewed as people that must be destroyed.

Biden is the perfect rubberstamp so they did whatever they had to do to get him in office so the country could be run behind the scenes.

I know little about Kanye West, but enough to know that he is no rubber stamp.

Elections:  States claim it takes days to count the votes yet France the entire country count all the votes in one day.        Is it really so hard to connect the dots?

1 in 4 San Fran residents are victims of assault.

“He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.”


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Mentality Currents


the invisible authority figure, global currents, sub currents, the power of innocence


my unedited notes for this week:

the invisible authority figure, global currents, sub currents, the power of innocence

physiology of consciousness

blown in the wind

different countries and subgroups

science, religion, god, mentality

the mentality frame…  how do you frame your thoughts and emotions?

currents constantly flow

authority issue, rebellion vs evolving the flow

the invisible authority figure

oneness to separateness…  ,,, the eternal birthing process

self actualization

Rubber band mentality, stretching with words of wisdom, does it spring back?

Choosing wisely.  Are we what we eat?  Reflection vs Rebellion

global currents, sub currents, how people function

an exercise:  access others reality frame. then access yours.  not so easy to do. 

Run the Rapids.  Hang in there. Golden Age Soon

law of karma:  risk and reward are not linear nor instantaneous.  If they were, the universe [prapancham] would not exist

“Change is the end result of all true learning.”


“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.”


Radical difference of the same news event from different countries

systemic racism, confusion, equity, global currents

Had a wonderful meeting with a guru who visited Mount Soma

my life is becoming more spontaneous in the sessions that I give … nothing planned one person a small group whatever it is

 “Moral excellence comes about as a result of habit. We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts.”


my mentality frame and mt soma

seeing the good in others vs ignoring potential rakshasa within

takes time to know anothers heart

future humans: what the ancient seers say…healthy cultures culture awareness, innocence vs oblivion

Is God the answer?… depends on what you mean by “God”

Culture and bicycle training wheels, evolution vs indoctrination

“Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.” 

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Knowing the Heart


Confusion, self betrayal, Armageddon


My unedited notes:

“…Honestly expressing yourself.  Now it is very difficult to do…” B Lee

the art of self expression

politics in a nutshell: Confusion, self betrayal, Armageddon

self betrayal leads to personal and global armageddons. where the heart leads, does the mind follow?

Eventually does not even know what one really feels/believes

Cannot be honest with another went not honest with one’s self

Taking the time and care needed for self expression is rare .

Not doing so boxes one into a corner

Diplomacy vs self betrayal

lying to ones self

yet few are willing to [capable of] really talk from the heart

so it builds and builds until explodes in irrationality

do ones actions align with ones feelings in ones quiet moments,

future of the free world

            Biden sells oil from strategic oil reserve to China and China turns around and says it to Europe at a profit

            Woke is permutations of hippie drug era which went a long way to making recreational drugs popular with the pharmaceutical companies happily getting on board

            Just consider the volume of drugs consumed annually and ask yourself what percentage of people in your grocery store and on your roads are under the influence not to mention alcohol

            Saudi’s are cutting production to drive the price of gas up right before the midterm elections they want Republicans in there and Trump in there cause they can’t stand Biden

            The great sobering

            Equality guarantees equal opportunity equity guarantees equal results

            ”As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.”     ANDREW CARNEGIE

            ”No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”   HERACLITUS

            Working title: did God really create us all equal

            DNA intervention

            DNA knots

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The Second Brain and How to Use It: i.e. “Enlightenment” in a Nutshell


Examples: Sweden, Italy, France, Germany,

Hungary, Poland, Belarus, usa

Brazil, China, usa;

Russia, Ukraine, usa

China, Mexico, usa


My unedited notes.  Please consider them thoughts to reflect upon, not declarations of truth

The Second Brain;

intuitively obvious” math expression and the expression gut instinct

intuitive vs indoctrinated

learning to feel what is… i.e. learning to live in harmony with nature, your nature, Mother Nature

people too much in head and trendy emotional tangents… to live better, look deeper

why abandoning religion: betrayal of visceral intuitive emotional felt sense in name of justifying anything with intellect “intuitive felt sense” vs bias”

The world is waking up to the notion of cultural integrity

Marthas Vineyard confused more than hypocrits

Sweden, Italy, France, Germany,

Hungary, Poland, Belarus, usa

Brazil, China, usa;

Russia, Ukraine, usa

China, Mexico, usa

culture integrity and the visceral intuitive

”nationalism’’  or  ”national  identities” is  rising  everywhere,  Sweden,  Italy,  France,  India,  every  European  country,  and  also  the  USA.


Talking about abandonment of second brain:

Your kids belong to the government

California governor Newson just signed bill passing composting of human corpses

should evolve understanding of religion, not abandon it due to lack of deeper in-sight

Queen Elizabeth funeral Will re-enliven a sense of cultural integrity throughout the world

 “Words are energy and cast spells.  Why do you think they call it ‘spelling”’ Bruce Lee“

fame is accompanied by gossip ..  i.e. spell casting

a significant part of your evolution comes from your speech.

Conviction is the luxury of those on the sidelines from movie “a beautiful mind

“don’t criticize what you can’t [don’t] understand”  Dylan

woke is a fad nothing more then the hippie movement and bell bottoms

working title:  Why people do not believe in God

from beginning zelensky been provoking russia.. to bring in NATO… could have had peace long go.

USA role

I heard India now involved in Fentanyl?  But not government.  What is really going on?

Estimated $400 billion of the $900 billion Covid Unemployment relief program was taken by international fraudsters

Estimated 45 billion in pandemic unemployment fraud

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Keys to the Kingdom and the Cultural Soup

“The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.” 

This weeks note fragments:

Fundamental principle of Healing psychophysiological Centers, i.e. Chakras: If you can feel it, you can heal it.

tonal quality of group consciousness.  influences individuals in that group.

Tonal quality of a people cultures a society held and conveyed through individuals.

how to feel the group consciousnesss..  lost art of feeling what is. across the spectrum of life

drive through Asheville, and feel what is there

so caught up in mental trips that lost art to feel what actually is… hand on healing, chiropractic, MDs, .

working title:  Fascinating Studies in Cultural Dynamics

working blurb: Ancient Secret principles in clear display for those willing to look

people are waking up.  the only question is how far will it go before it reverses back to sanity

rebelling against the touchstone

What “high class” really means

Meeting such a high class individual made me realize how far we have to go as a culture… Very humbling

Brings to mind the question of what that tonal quality will be like in the golden age

We all live in the same cultural soup

happens by proximity, TV, books, etc.

media boom starting with TV significantly and then expanding to internet, etc. tends to create lowest common denominator, but as people see this happening more and more, will become committed to group consciousness of orders based upon nature of their psychophysiology’s… I.e. people will protect their minds.   drugs are another major component resulting in people resonating with lower common denominator

e.g. when i was a kid, public school upheld a particular level of group consciousness but that has degraded with mechanics described here.

higher values of group consciousness include refinement, dignity, wisdom, intelligence, grace, respect, for others nd for self, humility, culture integrity, decorum, polite social behavior

Monarchy ideal: dignity behavior personal conduct

Fascinating concept of a monarchy/ Queen Elizabeth apolitical though Britain clearly did some vile acts in the colonies

Orange marmalade sandwich

Asheville NC in top 10% crime cities in USA.  could feel decay in group consciousness over past years

asheville is antifa hub.  People avoid Asheeville…  nothing needed there anyway.

mayor and officials radical left. 

what it really means to be “out of touch”

radical left mayor and city officials….   amazing how we could just feel it when we

Research in ancient Vedic technologies already confirmed on small scale

Power of prayer.  Group Meditatiton

Statisticly proven to be valid

Enlightened City ancient secret: Global scale

to become enlightened, become the highest level of paradox


Current Event Tidbits:

At this point if anyone doesn’t see the absurdity of the open border, limitless printing of money, turning violent criminals loose, etc.  Then they are just not paying attention

Bloated federal government taking over So many things they have no right to take over such as education

China and Russia’s plans for a new world order

Most dangerous words in the English language “hello we are from the government and we are here to help” RR

“Do you believe in God?”

logic, feelings, and cultural integrity

you can justify anything with the intellect and people do

dramatic drop in christianity… here is why

Martha’s Vineyard: It’s not hypocrisy; it’s ‘privilege’

they would need to send 28,000 migrants to Martha’s vineyard to make it even with cities in texas

Strategic petroleum reserves now the lowest it’s been in decades to lower gas price before election,dangerous, many problems including making susceptible to foreign price hikes/control

“All government spending is taxation” Milton Friedman. Economist

Bill Maher “Magic Moral Time Machine”

woke judging people from 100s of years ago

fentanyl leading cause of death in US ages 18-45.  Coloring as candy and sidewalk chalk. Intentionally killing children… underground declaration of war

Obsession on any issue becomes its own enemy

Arguing on merits not as compelling as smear campaigns…Caustic

Human Nature?!

MAGA  called right extremist, insurrectionist

Calling democrats far left extremist then

slander opposition:

tea party.. balanced budget amendment

term limit, power to the people

name calling politics

“Joe Biden is best business partner Mexican cartels ever had”  Marjorie Taylor Green

Presumptive negativity: go straight to the declarative i.e. gossip, etc. a lie circles the world before the truth can put on its shoes.

Once heard, can not be unheard

Guilty before proven innocent

No verification

The need to want to prove that someone is less then

Nobody ever apologizes

years ago when Louse Lerner was head of the IRS we applied for Mt Soma Vedic University and were denied.  My accountant could not understand why so he reapplied and we were denied again.  RACISTS!

Power is never neutral//human nature/perspective

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“Owning Others Feelings/Behaviors/Beliefs”

Ancient Secret art of reflection and the Crucible

This weeks notes unedited:

Ancient Secret art of reflection and the Crucible

‘Boat in water. No water boat.

Owning can occur as collusion or confrontation

Yet when people throw darts it naturally hurts

difficult particularly with family friends coworkers local national and international news

Retire inwardly, not react outwardly

The art of digestion

Two approaches to imperfection:

1] attack verbally

2] pitch in to help improve

The two types of memory one divine  [Smriti] the other the devil

Claire/Outlander:  “and if life is anything akin to God, i suppose that memory must be the devil”

How to [not to] think for yourself,,,

Momentum of mass mentality: everything from US Open to politics , human condition

“It’s no measure of good health, to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”

⁠— J. Krishnamurti

Trying to bury it or push it away it’s just a form of denial… answer: the Light of awareness heals.  The knowing IS the doing. 

Simplistic versions of deep spiritual concepts may just have their value for example to be God-fearing or regarding the notion of Satan ”his greatest strength is that people cannot recognize him even when they see him”

Mount Soma, the Crucible: “It always seems impossible until it’s done” Nelson Mandela

Udana vayu:  prana that carries past life karma with it.  Energy between 4ttth and 6th chakras. . Refined and you can do anything

Current human condition:  Emotionally based twisted convoluted passionate perspectives of one and other.  or is it just a fishbowl that desperately needs to be cleaned?

all knowledge dwells within… just refine the awareness to find it… easier said than done


‘thank god we are not getting all the government we are paying for’  Will Rogers

“George Orwells 1984 cease to be a warning and become rather a suggestion?” 

Biden speech, I have heard many comments: tyranny, felt like Red bricks of hell, could part with blood spewing forth, spooky

typical political motivations? #1money, #2 staying out of jail

Student loan forgiveness estimate cost $1 trillion.  If you were given $1 million every single day since the birth of Christ he would have less than 3/4 of $1 trillion

IMPORTANT EXPERIMENT: “ is the sky blue, red, green, gold, white or …”

Go back and forth from MSNBC TO FOX NEWS coverage of Mira Lago… stressed me out.   there no truth outside the Gates of Eden [Dylan]

Be ahead of the time.  That’s how you transform the world”  Billy Jean King

“Just be sure the world is headed in the right direction” mm

working title: of by and for what? the people?money?  ivory tower? Or what?

Europe preparing for winter: to freeze in poverty hoarding wood and coal

Tons of ammo sent to Ukraine has depleted our military supply and we have not tracked what was done with the ammo pentagon says has compromised our preparedness for defense…..Senseless suffering.

China’s hidden war on cultural integrity: FENTANYL , woke…  How to defeat a nation… destablize the culture

Ivory tower politics: wants to do double backflip with a triple half Gainer off a high knuckle board landing with 1 foot on a thimble

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The Ancient Secret Fundamental Blueprint of Life and Existence

Essential yet lost knowledge and the consequences.

Also second podcast: Dr Mamas Talks with Mount Soma Guests

Unedited notes from the past week:  

“There is a River”  edgar cayce… song by Bill Gaither

deeper meaning in so many biblical quotes and concepts.  Panditji and I enjoy signs outside local churches.

I.e. awaken to the transcendental essence [heart] of your being which lies far beyond the emotional heart.

What is God and are there multiple gods?  One God, multiple faces/names/aspects

Human condition in a nutshell:

“The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.”

Power of identity  [habit]  just understand how the word ‘identity’ is used here.

what is natural and how do you know? what is natural law

 natural vs.conservative vs. liberal

what is unnatural?

Looking to nature can give insight.

the magnitude of effect of state of global consciousness has is vastly underestimated

In the golden age, the earth will bear its treasures. No idea how grand those treasures are.

Current Events:

most dangerous words in english language: “Hello, we are from the government and we are here to help”  R. R.

World is sadly emotionally based.  Not logically and only loosely teathered to true base, i.e. transcendental essence [“There is a River”]

“Prosecution by leak. “. Kimberly Strassel

slander, rumor, how the world works

“Victory is sweetest when you’ve known defeat.”


student loan debt transfer [it is not cancelation].. buying votes

raid university slush funds?

$2k per working american [appx 157k of them] to pick up student loan tab of $300k

main cause of inflation is government spending…

second is stupid regulations

Texas dinosaur footprints in dried out river bed..  113 million years old, appx. 60 feet tall, 44 tons.

Working title:  when will all the endless blunders stop

“Donald Trumps vaccine”  if that label can be made to stick, the truth of the damage of the vaccine will come out.

Trump was the one that pushed the vaccine through and the Democrats would then blame him

Some say Mar-a-Lago docs implicate Obama and Clinton in Russia fraud

“Trust in God with your whole heart” versus “Know God with the

2035 no gas cars in Cal. fiasco washington following suit

Electric car blunder

As we predicted a backlash against the anti-big bang theory is underway.  Identities die hard even in face of proof.

Cosmic hum emitted for rocks in space, not big bang.  Cosmic microwave background radiation

3 degrees Kelvin  not cooling from big bang

Universe much warmer ages ago

Roman empire all over again… corruption, convolution of motives,

Adding lead to silver coins.  When the currency fall, the empire falls.

amazing how numerology predictions fit what we have been saying

Hang in there 2025

100 years from now will look back at this time with awe and wonder

Egalitarian Vs equity

What does it mean to cast a vote?  Congress Senate essentially ALL dems vote one way and ALL republicans another?!

It’s not a vote; it’s a coercion

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