Hidden Chambers of the Mind and Good Parenting

My unedited notes/topics for this weeks podcast:

 How to protect your mind

 A house with many rooms “in the aura”

Six short Issues [what a book is about in a few words]:

1]  Reading this weeks sign at the church I often drive by: It  said “be the person your dog thinks you are‘.   Looking at it when I again drove by. It said “be the person you’re God thinks you are”.  Interesting and very sweet.

2]  directv at&t censurship in general

3]  Covid lockdown pulled the rug out from under millions of people who are now floundering to find a life.

4]  Ccp Ballons over USA: and the boy who cried ‘wolf’ wake up call anyone??

5]  james webb telescope findings predictably denied.  It is understandable… scientists struggling to keep their carriers afloat.

6]  UFOs: we are not alone …  of course…

7]  Enlightened Age and Pole shift?

Chambers of the mind explained:

The importance of good parenting!

Tibet: naked Naga Babas sadhus technology. Spooky stuff.  From ants to global influences.

Mature relationship with those things is something many in India grew up with as self evident, but rather rare in the west.

The world is not as we have been lead to believe.

your dreams

stages of possession

The truth about demonic possession. It’s not what you think.

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The Motivation Underlying Abuse: Its Roots. Its Nature, Its Healing

my unedited podcast notes:

Decorum’s thin crust on the volcano of global stress 

From the individual level, to government, to national to global level: heal the source not just the symptoms.  News and Governments just look at the symptoms… like painting the leave of a wilting plant green.

world gone mad:  phase transition on the brink

When the physiology is sufficiently refined gut instinct, surpasses other sources of knowledge.  But global stress compromises hope of such refinement.

Stress, pollution, permeates everything not just an individual psyche, but the psyche of group consciousness, and even the atmosphere the plants, the earth, the weather, stress pollution is a thing of material that concepts, the works of everything on all levels of life. Just like poluted water in a fish bowl effects everything in it.  That is the salient point to all the worlds conflicts and problems, but it is never identified by the public or by the media or governments or scientists. They’re missing the main point .   we can not only understand it from ancient Vedic knowledge, but through Vedic technology we also are given the methodology to purify out that stress, that pollution.

The pollution of stress is a material. It’s substance It’s a thing.  it’s a dross.

Some peoples psyches are weak in one area or another that makes them more susceptible to that dross in the environment

Earth Changes?

Canada compass is going crazy in LA during the earthquake etc.

Younger Dryas impact event 11-12k years ago ended last ice age from impact event in Canada raising sea level 3-4 hundred feet almost instantaneously

The time of the Younger Dryas event coincides with the believed destruction of Atlantis

Ancient Aliens show attributes so much to ETs but still very good information if not all attributable to UFOs.

Ancient cultures with technological advancements far be on ours, but in a totally different direction, have been wiped out due to such cataclysms throughout the ages the ancient legends Vedic, and otherwise.  We have been given accounts of those cultures but usually people cannot accept them simply because the technologies were so different.. so people today view them as unimaginable. But it is in the ancient history of so many cultures.

Pole Shift = Phase Transition?

changing of the pole events that have caused cataclysms, causing huge tsunami‘s earthquakes, and volcanic eruption’s

Tyre Nichols. Difficult to believe but also well documented that it happens not only on individual level but even on governmental level, national level, global level

I just have to try to fathom what were the cops thinking what was their motivation? Why would they do that?

Global Warming Issue

Cows grazing is actually good for the environment. Nurture is the soil. Fertilize the soil improves the global warming situation.


Define ‘classified documents’ i.e. what makes them de-classified, Trump, Biden, Clinton, no doubt Obama and many more.  e.g. federal gov computers…   no doubt ridiculous


Fiasco: Directv dropped oann.com that’s One American News.  so post Newsmax issue, i searched OAN: the title of a heading reads the earths core stopped rotating the earths core, which is approximately 1800 miles below. The surface of the Earth has seemingly stopped rotating and my nail be reversing rotation.


we took a good bit of criticism for things we said about covid, etc.   we have proven right as we will be about more things.  but thosr who left will never admit they were wrong nor return.  such is they 

we need to face the state of human mentality. 

pfizer video… recorded executive saying they are researching more violent viruses to make money on vaccines, etc.

Google almost immediately deletes candid interview with Pfizer executive

Mike Pompeo… ‘never give an inch’  governors meeting .. not interested until he said the Chinese had a file on every governor.

RICO act racketeering, abused… use to target political opponents

Totalitarianism as an ideal, and how to attain it

Breed fear, hate, division, climate change, indoctrination of children, etc.

Their greatest asset is that people can not believe that anyone could be that heartless and depraved and thereby accept their manipulations as truth [call it conspiracy theory]

Federal court judge had no idea what the articles of the constitution said when questioned by Senator John Kennedy [“Power does not change you, it unmasks you.

“] John Kennedy]

Former Polish defense minister states that Putin said he wants to dominate all of Europe and keep the United States out of Europe

European union putting bugs in food bread, pasta, and drinks and chocolate.  Some say that will be coming to America soon

Peoples intuitive felt sense knows better because the energetics of eating bugs is pitiful but science isn’t that subtle.. can justify anything with intellect.

The truth about Angkor Wat… well could have started as Enlightened City but lost their way.

“keep yourself to yourself otherwise people will get over on you”  from Dean Martins family village heritage

Horrific indoctrination of our children

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“We the People”: Are ”The People” Smart?  Tyranny, Liberty, & Plato

my notes:

The Ancient Secret:  What really matters. “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.”  Winston Churchill  


Group Consciousness: We get what we deserve.  They crucified Jesus. 

Science, Religion, Politics, Morality, etc.: we get what we deserve… i.e. what the group consciousness dictates

Regardless of form of Government,Group Consciousness Rules


Are “The people” smart? Yes and No, here is why.

Philosopher King

“The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” ― Ronald Reagan 

The notion of an enlightened king.  Platos Philosopher King.

Does the form of government matter?

Lowest common denominator: religion, politics, music, etc.

When questioned he asked, “Can you keep a secret?”  When assured they could he responded, “So can I.”

“we the people…” lowest common denominator

what is the best form of government?

Vedic Technology restored! ,,  All things, religions included, get lost to emotion, irrationality, and superstition but will be regained through vedic tech.  like watering the root, there its no other way.

Vedic Tech is simply alignment with nature/natural law.

“Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.”


dare to be great

“Delicate Invincibility” a state of physiology… fine tuned stradivarius violin

Are people smart?

Chinese educational system teaches self discipline integrity and respect for elders: American woman who spoke highly of this slammed by media.  War are waged by blanket degrading of a people.  When will we ever learn.  People everywhere are good,  but easily manipulated by tyrants.

Luc Montagnier – discoverer  of  HIV virus [AIDS] says  mass  vaccinations  spread  Covid  and  said  that  is  also  what  caused  all  the  variants. BUT much on internet denies this.  Easy to condemn any truth to the trough of contradiction.

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Humanity’s Moment in Time, Miracles, UFOs, religion, and the Gods


This point in human history… what is really going on.  Who we are becoming.  Awakenings Cusp.


Unedited notes:

This point in human history… what is really going on.  Who we are becoming.  Awakenings Cusp.

What really matters in the news and how little coverage it gets:

Mexican essentially Civil War, Brazil rebellion France, huge demonstrations US border out of control, US government and Chinese government, both supporting felon overtaking Brazil government

            Ukraine in shambles Russia is winning if you can call that winning

            China implodes in the next 10 years due to population demise

            US government with big tech censoring: clear violation first amendment 10th amendment has been trampled [states rights]

China/Russia trying to replace dollar as world currency.

            Vaccine thiasco

            Joe Biden/Trump documents,

Pesticides, genetic engineering, modern medicine, global warming

As  Christ said: “We have to be made new in the attitude of our mind,,, to be righteous and holy”

i.e. align with natural law… Chaitanya, Bhavatitum

            Bells theorem, big bang… clarified through classical Newtonian physics

            It’s all coming to a head, the great phase transition!

            The truth about religion

            UFOs in world history

Puma, Punku, Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco), Ancient Aliens show gone overboard

            Small worlds: Egocentricity’s roll in human history including today

How little we know and how much we believe in it.

            Expanded vision versus La La Land

            The gods laws of nature and quantum mechanical fluctuations the source of the mind

            Pele personified correlate to Hawaii volcano myths are personified Carlos

            The Gods: Infinite number of superimposed personified correlates


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Please see the compelling Jyotish article that we are also posting today.

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Fundaments of Freedom

My unedited notes:

Inner priorities can free or confine.  Let’s take a moment to reevaluate how we ‘roll’.            

Reaccessing your goals.  Have the courage to tack like a sailboat.  To tack is not to say you were mistaken. It is just life.

Self Honesty

Facing the wind 

Lying to yourself is the greatest form of self betrayal

Samskaras—impressions left upon the mind… the sum total of lifes stored experiences…. Karma.   Fight your karma with everything you’ve got.

commitment to stands taken can be the biggest obstacle in life.

Aspire to the divinity within, not allegience to notions  Freedom lies beyond beliefs and convictions.  It is a pathless path, yet is eternally committed to the light within. Do not confuse beliefs or notions with that Inner Light.  Wisdom lies beyond notions but is the guiding light that leads to freedom from the chains of such addictions.  Truth is an abstraction.

Freedom lies beyond limitations imposed upon the mind.

Follow the heart of your being, not the samkaras imposed upon the emotional heart.

Clinging to convictions can overshadow decades of meditation.

 Having to be right all the time to feel good about yourself is the guaranteed path to a life of inner torment and conflict.

Echoes of Truth perceived as Truth hold Truth at bay.

True learning means moving beyond what you know.  It is not just reinforcement of what you already think you know.

 Always be willing to reevaluate.

Do not evaluate yourself or others based upon the biggest mistake you/they ever made. 

Facing an error you may have made is not an annihilation of your self… rather it is an affirmation of it.  Do not allow the surface of your life to define your depth, your self worth.

 “What we do in life echoes in eternity” Russell Crowe in movie Gadiator

Life is a paradox

 “…to believe in the heroic makes heroes.”


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And the Good News Is…

How to See What Really Is.  The Rishi’s Eternal Yet Elusive Knowledge

incredible to go outside and 2 a.m. with the mountain in a cloud—still, serene, timeless

exploring Wim Hoff breathing technique… looks very good so far.

Left right handed tantra:  nothing about being right or left handed.  Filters to be cleansed and refined, not torn open,  Enlightenment does not mean light flooding in because filter is ripped open,

“You are what you do, not what you say you will do.” CARL JUNG

Hodgepodge global holidays versus cultural integrity for every nation.

 “Do not look for perfection in the relative.  It is not there.”

 “jesus love you”  what does that mean? “Wise people still love Jesus”

personified correlate to laws of nature.  God and Physics

time for a deeper understanding or religion will continue to fade.. good news is: a spiritual regeneration is at hand.

Divya drishti explained… Cognition in real time… Cosmic Sight:  Rishi [Ant Hill] Valmiki Ramayana.   Vyasa Mahabharata, Puranas

Ishwara and the evolution existence and enlightenment.  Can not derive perfection from imperfection.  Transcending relativity

May the depth of ancient Vedic Knowledge no longer slip through the fingers of humanity,

To see what is, ultimately, is to actually become it.

Adrishta [not seeable] and Apurva [beyond cause/karma] explained

Free Will, Divine Intervention, and Apurva:  Does God really hear your prayers… 

Depth of Being vs Intensity of Feelings

Current Events

The good news is that with modern communication, politicians will realize that age old deception and cover ups will no longer work.

Humanity is waking up.

However, that realization is coming with great resistance and denial.

Ancient Rome became corrupt, the politicians forever conspiring to advance their careers

The electorate became more and more composed of relatives of nobleman and politicians, putting the power over the state in their hands, eventually giving into bribes to get the people to vote the way they wanted

Then becaming dependent upon a handful of big families

This system became dependent upon personal contacts and influence

Sound Familiar?

“Communism succeeds in the crush of human spirit”

east/west: Surface to depth versus depth to surface and the best of both worlds

Heaven above, and the chakra system

Viktor Bout:  On his return to Russia, in an interview with the Kremlin-controlled TV network RT news, he said, “What is happening in the West is simply the suicide of civilization. And, if this suicide is not prevented, at least within the non-Western world, within the world that is not controlled by the Anglo-Saxons, then the whole planet will commit suicide. And it may be happening in all areas, with drugs and LGBT+ among them.”, “ …teaching first graders there are 72 genders”

medical cartels… I was now proven right at cost of alienating some back then.

Omnibus Biils should be outlawed…thousands of unread pages passed into law with tons of ‘pork’ [add on laws, etc. slipping in]

Current proposed Omnibus bill… locks it all in for a year before house changes at years end.

Worthwile to hear what others are saying:  French news, and on YouTube: Gravitas news, RT news. 

Biden is giving $55 billion to Africa for reparations

Michelle Obama wrote Twitter telling them to censor Trump

Last year more people died from fentanyl than from automobile, accidents, gunshots, and suicides combined

state of psychophysiology

Origin of word “Barbarian”: Romans invading Germania and native langauage sounded like “blah blah”.

Who are the barbarians throughout history? and now?

Time to consider what it means to be a barbarian

the problem with perversion…. not recognizable by the perverse, i.e. the unrefined awareness

With latest release documents was CIA complicit in Kennedy assassination

CDC buries fact that every year defensive gun use saved 60k to 2.5 million people.  pulled  due to anti gun pressure

Modern physics went astray:  dividing by zero and black wholes

e.g. Schroedinger’s cat explained.  Copenhagen vs. statistical ensamble interpretations 

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Darwin’s Loop, the Veda, and the Mind: Global Awakening

This weeks unedited reflections:

The portal to Formless Genius:  Fundamental under-standing eludes those too fervently devoted to their mode of function.

Shruti, Smirti, and the many forms of Genius:  Why it is called Liberation

To this day, there are scholars in India of tremendous knowledge, they could transform the world for the better, but they are largely ignored, because modern mode of mental and emotiional function is not aligned with that level of understanding, so they are largely ignored,

I was asked why do I love Shiva? It’s almost like the word ‘love’ in that way doesn’t even work for me. “True Love” is not emotionally based—it goes much deeper. Like genius, love comes in many forms.   For me personally, hearing a great lecture getting a profound insight into an abstract algebraic concept, that’s all Shiva. That level of profundity is what I love I guess I have to say.  But how many would even call that ‘love’?

the veda and superstition: hearing the knowledge, then spinning out on it. 

Knowledge is structured in consciousness: a persons level of consciousness determines the depth of understanding of the knowledge that is heard.

            Angels and earth spirits are all very real, but people have become so jaded that they are unable to feel what is there. Or embrace it on a level par with superstition. The object of understanding of angels for example, has lost touch with the reality of what the angels are in truth

            Upon dropping the body, if all systems are going well, the spirit may stick around for perhaps a year and then move on until next incarnation, but our memory of those souls can live on with great affect—a true communion with the deepest eternal soul that is the depth of that persons being.

            To truly sense into the subtleties in this arena, one must be stable within themselves. Otherwise they go off on invalid and irrational tangents, not having the grounding to clearly perceive those subtle fluctuations.  For that reason, it is easier to perceive things when one is not personally emotionally attached—i.e.  the grounding is undisturbed.

Current Events:

            “ for the Washington elites, getting dinner party invites in Washington DC is their whole life”

            Christmas cultural integrity and the value of tradition lost to a calloused society

            My favorite absurd quote of the week: “it doesn’t have to make sense”

            John McEnroe, “You have to develop an attitude to be great at something.”

            How to save publics opinion of Christianity/reliigion: aa deeper rational understanding

            They say it’s just the top leaders of the FBI that are corrupt but if that’s the case, who are the people breaking down the doors?  Are they just that attached to their pensions or are they too radical ideologlues?

            “….there is no greater, nobler, more heroic form of devotion than the act of a man who assumes the responsibility of thinking.”


                        Anything that threatens a corrupt status quo will be attacked violently until it is destroyed or wins

            totalitarian government takeovers throughout history started by first suppressing free speech

            Frogs in boiling water as human rights erode away?

            California shockwave:  overplaying their hand.  Frogs leaping out!

            When did “wholesome” become a four letter word?

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The Internet Revolution: Human History Unfolding

Blurb: The Golden Age birthing process revealed: Next 2 months suggest critical timing. 


My unedited notes for this week:

The birthing process to the Golden Age.  Next 2 months will suggest timing.

World spinning around 2 poles

Free speech unchained?  Maturity, Discernment, gullibility key.

Our 2022 predictions very accurate.

Apple moving manufacturing out of China.

cultural revolution in China..  anti CCP

a turning point in china, the world

People scared to speak the truth.

Disinformation revealed:  getting harder and harder to manipulate the masses.

Border, covid, economy, inflation, Ukraine, 

Lowest common denominator?  Politically, materially, musically, spiritually, etc.

Apple air drop in China suspend it so protesters cannot communicate among themselves

World government will come from the bottom up [true democracy] not the top down [autocracy]. The age of autocracy is coming to an end. Technology has a lot to do with it, Internet, satellites etc..  oh, and this point they are relatively new in the larger scheme of things, and as humanity’s relationship with them mature, a golden age will emerge

New Year’s predictions coming up soon. Our predictions for 2022 were very accurate

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”


Vaccinated make up most of covid deaths

Elite globalism, one world government ESG

ESG: How many minorities on your board how many women that determines your score for the asset manager’s?

Black rock management down from  $8 to $6 trillion

ESG etc.

Peter Schiff perspective on 2023: inflation recession loss of value of dollar

Currency crisis, unemployment rate spiking

Energy prices rising strategic petroleum reserve dwindling

Demonic waves do not consider [or present] themselves to be demonic that is Hollywood       Demonic, waves consider themselves to be justified, even righteous

The great recoil is coming

Elon musk is first of many trends to keep politics more honest on both sides sides of the aisle

A listener sent in the following list of topics. I believe it is a popular perspective on the world today. I post it for your own refection:

The systematic takeover by the 1% made clear

China is the blueprint for the global cult

Vxx passports more than just for vaccines

Carbon lockdowns coming via a new credit system 

Gates owns most of the farmland in America (ie.. mass food shortages)

Control of the supply chain was given to China

China is supporting Russia 

The west is supporting the Ukraine 

Scale of what is to come is beyond the imagination 

How electric vehicles are part of the agenda of control (this part was very interesting!)

“The smart grid” — planet covered by technologically generated electromagnetic field via low orbit satellites firing 5G, 6G, 7G will impact our minds and perceptions … Elon Musk is behind this (Neuralink)… right. And I thought MAYBE he was a white hat. Not. 

Forcing people into micro homes is part of the agenda (think Tesla homes… again, Musk)

One world digital currency coming

The war on cash and how it’s been creeping in since credit cards began (LONG time!)

Trump vs. DeSantis

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Grassroots, Government, Military & Religion in the Golden Age


Not all ancients were wise, but only wisdom endures times test. It is there.  Pursue it.


This weeks unedited notes:

Not all ancients were wise, but only wisdom endures times test. It is there.  Pursue it

Grassroots deeper meaning is “soul”:  Humanities grassroots are always good.. yet often overwhelmed by a message

humanity must be soma strong, not agni alone.. balance

Kshatriya warrior class, Kings military those who serve the people.  Raja Dharma

Lord Krishna was a Kshatriya

“Courage is like a muscle. We strengthen it by use.”


World, economic forum

Klaus Schwab says will act swiftly like a tsunami to transform all aspects of society

Climate reparations, China exempt

40% of the world population in China and India

Both countries burn lots of dirty coal

Claim Climate change caused bad weather,  a “bad weather reparations”

Media assault on the fabric of this country i.e. grassroots

Like in Nazi Germany, it creeped in like a thief in the night until it took over the nation

The problem with modern globalism:

Digital money no cash [biig brather watching ur every move like book 1984

Digital passport, vaccine passport, no privacy whatsoever

G20 a single global Order

G20 claims importance of countering disinformation campaigner [which is the disnformation? Where is free speech?]

Tracking peoples movements, spendings, etc.

Tracking health, status, vaccinations, etc.

Would it be Star Trek like government or 1984

World today too polarized for a Star Trek ‘ideal’

Is academic freedom, dead e.g., Covid climate change

Government now controls, academia, strong argument for states rights across the board.

“Those who control the message control the masses”

Government controls academia by grant funding only research that supports the narrative e.g., Covid, climate change

Government controls, academia etc., strong argument for states rights across the board

Manage the masses vs freeing the individual

“ Politics and crime, they are the same thing” movie godfather 2

The world needs two poles to spin around.  In the Golden Age, their will still be contradicting perspectives.  That is why it is called “the relative”.  Generally speaking, hate is rooted in immaturity.

Peoples sexuality is their own business. It’s a private matter. People have affinities but also aversions to be respected.  Stop pushing ones sexuality on other people.  Peace and love do not mandate homogenization.  Choose the world you live in.  Different worlds can exist in the same one society.  Live, let live, and mind your own business.  Clean the fishbowl of global consciousness and it will all sort itself out.

Faith based / rational-based spirituality

Left and right lobes of the brain must worked together.  When one or other dominates, religion crumbles.

Ukraine solutiion is not about funding or defunding, but it’s rather about negotiation, which at this point would certainly work.

“So the rare individual who unselfishly tries to serve others has an enormous advantage.” 


Yet dogs bark at moving cars

To heal the planet, nourish the soul of the individual.  Water the root and the entire plant thrives.  Look to the depth, not the surface.  Mount Soma is dedicated to the technology.

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Mystery of Global Imbalance: The Ancient Secret Key

blurb: First Under-stand, Only Then Proceed: The Simple Elusive Solution


This weeks unedited notes:

First Under-stand, Only Then Proceed: The Simple Elusive Solution

Nobody in the news or anywhere else is taking a big enough step back to take a look at what’s really going on

ATRI: We do not have to look very hard to realize that there were ancient technologies that we do not understand today.  ATRI ancient technology research Institute is revealing those ancient technologies and employing them

Overheated engine like Yugas.. soma lubricates/cools

Soma strength vs agni strength

 “Be Soma Strong” button

Can we discuss the following delicate topic and keep balance?

Homogeneity, female/male, yin/yang: Mona Lisa

Expand definition to accommodate the range of each gender

It is set an a person is enlightened they’re equally male and female

Key hidden in last place anyone would look

soma refinement

Agni male Agni female

Positive incarceration

Mona, Lisa smile

“Be soma strong”

Inner strength

Sort of [not so much] like the tortoise and the hare story

Why, the nation is dependent upon drugs: too much agni

Adderall: speed and the yin/yang hamster wheel

Until fire and water are in balance there will be no world, peace, famine, hurricanes, forest fires, etc. will continue

We must clean the fish bowl of global consciousness

Soma/agni. Yin/yang water/fire.  It is all about balance.

Convoluted thinking, across-the-board, symptomatic phase transition of the first order

World is agni oriented   on fire

Male, female versus masculine feminine

when cleaning ur house, dust gets raised

imbalance permeates all aspects of life/mentality:

everywhere you look: drugs, border, corruption, etc.


1] Homogenized humanity

2 ETX:  woke meets finance: In a nutshell money wants to regulate money power wants to regulate power.

3] Even physics: Lost in math

Copenhagen versus statistical ensemble, interpretations of Schrodinger equation

Bell’s theory to big bang

4] multi-nattionals

5]  7 million able-bodied men in the US are not in the workforce which is unprecedented in times of peace and it is estimated they spend approximately nearly 40 hours per week on screens

Water in fishbowl of global consciousness is not only dirty but it’s also overheated

“ trust that God is with you”:  transcendental basis is what that is about

one step at a time

step one: clear and cool the fish bowl water and the rest will then happen

Mt Soma, meditation

Tony Robbins, most people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in 10 years

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