What the ancients said about life after death.  What happens?  Are there past and future lives?  What is heaven, etc.  People submitted many questions which are answered here. To listen to the audio version, please click here. To watch the video on Twitter, please click here. To watch the video on Facebook, please click here.

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A Realistic Guide to Peace on Earth: The Ancient Secret Revealed

Here we explore why peace on Earth has been so elusive.  Then we explore the technological solution offered by the ancient masters.

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Beyond the Confines of Karma, Mind, Space, and Time

The better you understand life and existence, the better equipped you are to live it wisely.  So many spend their lives living it with very little understanding of what it is.  Wouldn’t it be better to understand it, before you try to live it?  Here we explore that essential knowledge of the ancients, which today remains a secret to most.  To listen to the podcast, please click here.

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UFOs?: Ancient Aliens, Gods and the Vedas

Here we take a look at what the Vedas have to say about UFOs and ancient technological marvels that some attribute to ancient aliens visiting earth.  Light is shed on the matter from the perspective of Vedic knowledge, including the nature and structure of the universe.  This goes far beyond conventional UFO perspectives to sort out the full spectrum of life throughout space, time, and dimension.  To listen, please click here.

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The Rise and Fall of Societies

This podcast discusses our world today and what the ancient Masters had to say about it.  Without proper context, our lives are really just blown in the wind.  But context is not just concepts, facts or a paradigm. Knowing all about it is just a good beginning, all too often mistaken for the end.   Here we explore the big picture including the light of Shuddha Chaitanya, Vishwa Chaitanya, Brahman, Atman, Jiva, Apurva etc.  Two points determine the line which gives direction to life.  Wherever and whatever our societies have become, may this podcast give insight into the secrets of the ancient Masters that offer direction to societies one and all.  To listen, please click here.

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Its Gotta Make Sense: The Razors Edge of Life

Be it religion, economics, or building a shed in the backyard; life just works better when it makes sense.  But that is easier said than done.  What does ‘sense’ mean anyway?  We take a look at ‘sense’ from various angles as it applies to different fields of life.  We explore that ancient secret, what it all means and how to live it.  We will also take a quick look at some interesting developments in physics.To listen to the podcast, please click here.

 Please note:  In this podcast when I briefly talked about physics, I talked about particles in space draining energy from light.  In the moment, I knew I was forgetting to say something more but could not recall what that was.  Very simply, when energy is drained from light, the frequency of the light is reduced.  So the idea is that it is not because the universe is expanding that the frequency of the light goes down, but rather that the frequency reduction is the result of the drain of energy (for those interested the formula is: energy equals frequency times planck’s constant or simply that energy and frequency are directly proportional).

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The Mystery of the “Enlightened City”

I learned a tremendous amount about the construction of an “Enlightened City” over the past 20 years. To even begin to describe it all requires some background in Vedic Knowledge. Principles in the Vedic literature must not only be understood but (much more of a challenge) must be embodied before one can begin to fathom the fantastic technology. In the Ancient Secrets Revealed podcast series, we first offer some of those essential principles. Then in episode 5 (coming up some time within the next week or so) those pieces of the puzzle are put together to shed light on the remarkable technology involved. If you have not yet listened to episode 1-4, you can catch up by clicking here. I would also suggest listening to the podcast entitled “Adrishtha Apurva”. I believe the process involved will fascinate, surprise and challenge everyone. What follows is a brief description of the upcoming episode 5.

Ancient Secrets Revealed E5: Mystery of the “Enlightened City”
Once all the ancient secrets are known, why do they remain a secret? Does the ancient technology of an “Enlightened City” offer an explanation? When the Vedic architect says no such city exists anywhere in the world, the obvious question is, “Why?” This episode investigates that remarkable mystery, while holding up a mirror to all humanity.


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