Grassroots, Government, Military & Religion in the Golden Age


Not all ancients were wise, but only wisdom endures times test. It is there.  Pursue it.


This weeks unedited notes:

Not all ancients were wise, but only wisdom endures times test. It is there.  Pursue it

Grassroots deeper meaning is “soul”:  Humanities grassroots are always good.. yet often overwhelmed by a message

humanity must be soma strong, not agni alone.. balance

Kshatriya warrior class, Kings military those who serve the people.  Raja Dharma

Lord Krishna was a Kshatriya

“Courage is like a muscle. We strengthen it by use.”


World, economic forum

Klaus Schwab says will act swiftly like a tsunami to transform all aspects of society

Climate reparations, China exempt

40% of the world population in China and India

Both countries burn lots of dirty coal

Claim Climate change caused bad weather,  a “bad weather reparations”

Media assault on the fabric of this country i.e. grassroots

Like in Nazi Germany, it creeped in like a thief in the night until it took over the nation

The problem with modern globalism:

Digital money no cash [biig brather watching ur every move like book 1984

Digital passport, vaccine passport, no privacy whatsoever

G20 a single global Order

G20 claims importance of countering disinformation campaigner [which is the disnformation? Where is free speech?]

Tracking peoples movements, spendings, etc.

Tracking health, status, vaccinations, etc.

Would it be Star Trek like government or 1984

World today too polarized for a Star Trek ‘ideal’

Is academic freedom, dead e.g., Covid climate change

Government now controls, academia, strong argument for states rights across the board.

“Those who control the message control the masses”

Government controls academia by grant funding only research that supports the narrative e.g., Covid, climate change

Government controls, academia etc., strong argument for states rights across the board

Manage the masses vs freeing the individual

“ Politics and crime, they are the same thing” movie godfather 2

The world needs two poles to spin around.  In the Golden Age, their will still be contradicting perspectives.  That is why it is called “the relative”.  Generally speaking, hate is rooted in immaturity.

Peoples sexuality is their own business. It’s a private matter. People have affinities but also aversions to be respected.  Stop pushing ones sexuality on other people.  Peace and love do not mandate homogenization.  Choose the world you live in.  Different worlds can exist in the same one society.  Live, let live, and mind your own business.  Clean the fishbowl of global consciousness and it will all sort itself out.

Faith based / rational-based spirituality

Left and right lobes of the brain must worked together.  When one or other dominates, religion crumbles.

Ukraine solutiion is not about funding or defunding, but it’s rather about negotiation, which at this point would certainly work.

“So the rare individual who unselfishly tries to serve others has an enormous advantage.” 


Yet dogs bark at moving cars

To heal the planet, nourish the soul of the individual.  Water the root and the entire plant thrives.  Look to the depth, not the surface.  Mount Soma is dedicated to the technology.

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Mystery of Global Imbalance: The Ancient Secret Key

blurb: First Under-stand, Only Then Proceed: The Simple Elusive Solution


This weeks unedited notes:

First Under-stand, Only Then Proceed: The Simple Elusive Solution

Nobody in the news or anywhere else is taking a big enough step back to take a look at what’s really going on

ATRI: We do not have to look very hard to realize that there were ancient technologies that we do not understand today.  ATRI ancient technology research Institute is revealing those ancient technologies and employing them

Overheated engine like Yugas.. soma lubricates/cools

Soma strength vs agni strength

 “Be Soma Strong” button

Can we discuss the following delicate topic and keep balance?

Homogeneity, female/male, yin/yang: Mona Lisa

Expand definition to accommodate the range of each gender

It is set an a person is enlightened they’re equally male and female

Key hidden in last place anyone would look

soma refinement

Agni male Agni female

Positive incarceration

Mona, Lisa smile

“Be soma strong”

Inner strength

Sort of [not so much] like the tortoise and the hare story

Why, the nation is dependent upon drugs: too much agni

Adderall: speed and the yin/yang hamster wheel

Until fire and water are in balance there will be no world, peace, famine, hurricanes, forest fires, etc. will continue

We must clean the fish bowl of global consciousness

Soma/agni. Yin/yang water/fire.  It is all about balance.

Convoluted thinking, across-the-board, symptomatic phase transition of the first order

World is agni oriented   on fire

Male, female versus masculine feminine

when cleaning ur house, dust gets raised

imbalance permeates all aspects of life/mentality:

everywhere you look: drugs, border, corruption, etc.


1] Homogenized humanity

2 ETX:  woke meets finance: In a nutshell money wants to regulate money power wants to regulate power.

3] Even physics: Lost in math

Copenhagen versus statistical ensemble, interpretations of Schrodinger equation

Bell’s theory to big bang

4] multi-nattionals

5]  7 million able-bodied men in the US are not in the workforce which is unprecedented in times of peace and it is estimated they spend approximately nearly 40 hours per week on screens

Water in fishbowl of global consciousness is not only dirty but it’s also overheated

“ trust that God is with you”:  transcendental basis is what that is about

one step at a time

step one: clear and cool the fish bowl water and the rest will then happen

Mt Soma, meditation

Tony Robbins, most people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in 10 years

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Liberations Paths/ Channels of the Mind

blurb: The real pandemic and what lies beyond thoughts and emotions


Unedited weeks notes:

The real pandemic and what lies beyond thoughts and emotion

I am adding comments to my blogs now

your comments are welcomed

Beyond the maze of thoughts and emotions yet through them

Refinement—the tip of the pencil, Atman, Ego and Chaitanya

Bigger than the biggest and smaller than the smallest

Most refined ‘feeling’ level… nothing is really happening

Beyond attitude, beliefs.. the path leads beyond itself

Gradually all of a sudden…’what happened to me?’

What liberation really looks like

Current ‘candidates’: Pele soccer star, Buckminster Fuller, Mother Teresa, Dali Lama

No perfection in relative… that is why it is called ‘relative’

‘New Age’ notions: Too many superhero movies

Raja dharma.  Lord Rama

plato’s philosopher king

stoicism.. marcus aurelius

Current Events:

Managing the masses versus liberating the individual

“… put a price on denial in politics”  Al Gore

half of younger voters get their news from social media

Scholars exist but are essentially ignored/managed/controlled/supressed

’breaking the glass ceiling’ ?!? Fetterman

Climate change vs the movies “climate hustle”

propaganda and conspiracy theories, who is the funny man?

grassroots and the narrative

critical thinking vs indoctrination

world history of how to control a nation, now a world, a people….  hard to believe..

global takeover of governments through energy and financial policies [money]

control from above, media

critical thinking is key/essential

are people stupid or just swayable? Social creatures

funding controls science: ‘misallocating funds on a gargantuan scale’

eisenhower warned American of government/private sector complexes

ideology ‘ -isms’

hysterical response to ‘supply/demand’ concept. hysteria is the real pandemic

the de-industrailization of western civilization

transformation of global economic model to an oligarchic socialist system

keeping people under their thumb

 “assassinate character of those who oppose you”

V. Klaus former prime minister of czech republic:  “… end of freedom … brave new world of dictatorship and totalitarianism”

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”


“The way to get things done is not to mind who gets the credit for doing them.” 

The Great Awakening

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Agni and the Cosmic Cycles:  Ancient Technology of Global Fulfillment

BLURB:  How to keep the global engine running smoothly, never over heating. November 8 Eclipse: What it means as the cycle continues.


My unedited notes this week:

How to keep the global engine running smoothly, never over heating.

November 8 Eclipse: What it means as the cycle continues.

Rig Veda “i adore Agni”

Agni creates Soma

Agni/Soma sun/earth

yagnya, smoke, clouds, earth and the Gods

Krishna/Arjuna Bhagavad-Gita

Yagyavalkya /Taittiriya Upanishads

The moonlight is a reflection of the sun.

grassroots and the cosmic cycle

Mount Soma: Ancient Technology Research Institute (ATRI)           

Cosmic Thermodynamics

The Big Picture Daily Primer: Framing life positively 

Jiva samskara and your future

Current Events:

free thinkers vs rubber stampers

Managing the masses versus liberating the individual

“Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.”


“My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth.”


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Hidden in Plain View:  Blown in the Winds of Time.


Ancient Knowledge must be expressed in a manner acceptable to modern thought.

The world is not as we have been led to believe.


My this weeks unedited notes:

Ancient Knowledge must be expressed in a manner acceptable to modern thought.

The world is not as we have been led to believe… kite without tail

What is common sense anyway?

superstition, science, religion, and prayer

Left/Right Tantra… body floating down Ganges

Male/Female and the Agni/Soma connection, [yin yang?]

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”


great quote, but know that those who witness it will not believe or trust it because it is so foreign to how most behave.  positive attracts negative

apurva:  beyond cause…beyond karma…just is…

adrishta: the cause is not seen, not visible

The Secret of water.

play recording of Pandit Prasad chanting mantra to

purify water.

Water takes on energy regularly


Deep lack of understanding of

of Cultures

The restoration of devastated mentalities will take a generation,

the truth about prayer

God’s [natures] language… not ours

People who lack strong enough sense of inner being can not be made wrong…feels like existential annihilation.

Ukraine in a nutshell:  russia wrong to attack,  US wrong to not negotiate.  my #1 heartache is for the children, caught in the middle and suffering.

Some say goal is to overthrow Putin? Frightening

If Russia shoots down satellites helping Ukraine: space war would make space unusable for quite some time…  behind scenes negotiations essential      

ret general blaine holt usa…. brink of war

world has become dependant upon space satellites.

Round n’ round we go!:

hawk dems,   dove republicans…  amazing!

libs anti free speech.and visa versa… another amazing flip

Now:  extreme liberals censure and are racists. humanities foundation lost but in process of being found.  Golden Age coming!

A Senator or Congressman promoted Jihad against the conservative Christian nation Russia!  Incredible.


Out of diesel fuel in three weeks from Sunday

Saudi’s hate Biden cut production warn the world

Of danger of depleting oil reserves

The whole thing is so crazy that if we do run out of diesel in 21 days it’s going to get spun around to say that it is proof that we must not be dependent upon oil batteries are powered by the energy grid based upon petroleum.  Got it?

UK gov predicts 10,000 of its citizens will die by freezing to death this winter due to lack of heating energy

Israel Netanyahu:  I do not know all that much about him, but do know that when I hear him speak, I liked what he says.

If people refuse to understand or accept the notion of supply and demand how can we expect them to have an a grasp upon what’s going on in the world of economics the world of survival, the world of global security, and peace versus confrontation

Rubberstamp politicians or people of integrity

Lets vote against rubber stamps regardless of political party

Rubber stamp elections means voting or promoting the best rubberstamp person

Love them or hate them one thing for sure people like DeSantis or Trump are not rubber stampers. And are therefore viewed as people that must be destroyed.

Biden is the perfect rubberstamp so they did whatever they had to do to get him in office so the country could be run behind the scenes.

I know little about Kanye West, but enough to know that he is no rubber stamp.

Elections:  States claim it takes days to count the votes yet France the entire country count all the votes in one day.        Is it really so hard to connect the dots?

1 in 4 San Fran residents are victims of assault.

“He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.”


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Ancient Secret Underlying Motivations: Churning the Ocean of Life

My unedited notes from the past week:

No Thing is Not Nothing

The Establishment vs Ageless Wisdom, Rebellion vs Evolution

Working Title:  The Churning of the Ocean and The Upcoming Enlightened Age

‘the only true knowing…’

nothing vs. ‘no thing’

pure consciousness = isness = consciousness before it is

conscious of a ‘thing’… the illusion of ‘other… maya

Big Bang video:  last 2 minutes James Youtube video: 

Webb Telescope’s Discovery of Galaxies That Shatters the Big Bang Theory

working title:  what is happening to us all?

      Not about Democrat versus Republican but rather about the establishment versus those who oppose it

gas prices down because depleting strategic  oil reserves… frightening.

      are we all going crazy?  has the world gone mad?

      i have begun grinding 1 or 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds daily and adding to oatmeal.

      The thing that is important is the thing that is not seen

      antoine de saint-exupery

      Defund FBI bumper sticker made me chuckle.

’The man who hears a different drum a-drummin’”  Thoreau

Yin creates yang.. ‘round and ‘round.. racism goes full circle… affirmative action or racism?

      ‘i supposed that memory must be the devil’  claire outlander…

working title:   the ancient secret of past lives lives… why we can’t remember

      Star chamber—vigilante in government.. Henry viii

      Tulsi Gabbard

Entrenched unelected Washington bureaucracy

      Referred to as the “swamp”

      Stochastic terrorism—vogue on both sides of most debates

      Career bureaucrats

      Status quo establishment… Mitch McConnell

      Motivation is perhaps the most difficult thing to understand with respect other people as well as ourselves

      Why do people do the things they do?

      Entrenched unelected bureaucracy,  some call it deep state, swamp, Big government, status quo, Career bureaucrats, gravy train, Selfish interest conglomerate…. Call it what you will but when someone like a tick is enjoying the benefits of the establishment as is it can become their primary focus to keep it going in the name of money power or self protection

      This becomes an inpenetrable Conglomerate that permeates all levels and branches of government and society

Epidemic:  e.g. big bang, world is flat, etc.


      According to Epoc Times FBI authored the request for a search warrant

            Ukraine nuclear power plant gas and oil for Europe Moscow chaos China and Russia working together total mess

      Famine nuclear holocaust energy crisis mess

      Strategic oil reserve 1/3 depleted

      70% of weaponry and funds to Ukraine from US never make it there

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Ancient Secret:  How to Read Tea Leaves

The lost art of setting perspectives, beliefs, and convictions aside to see what really is

Here are my unedited notes from this week: 

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.”

Current events have become so clearly, obviously transparent that I will not spend much time with them.  Suffice it to say the phase transition to a Golden Age is well underway… just as the Rishis predicted.  The only question is:  how smooth or rough will the transition be.  We have only to “clean the fishbowl” as the Rishis directed.

The lost art of setting perspectives, beliefs, and convictions aside to see what really is

Human nature is divine we have only to clean the fish bowl, clear the cobwebs of conviction.

Raw nerves cloud perception.

The true meaning of non-attachment Is not the conventional understanding

It is not an attitude or behavior…. It is a state of physiology of mind, of consciousness… beyond fantasy, beliefs, or longings.

Dynaamic of group consciousness:  Internal conflict only facilitates government takeover.. Chinese.. George Soros

The worse it gets the better it gets… Lenin

Working title who is facilitating the Chinese and why

The blood of a goat will shatter a diamond Aristotle

E.g.  People favor Who they perceive to be the victim

Why zombies have become a popular theme zombie consciousness

Democracy dies in darkness

Justice Scalia:

Constitution separation of powers,  otherwise Bill of Rights is just a piece of paper…. Every third world country has a “bill of rights’

“Decide to construct your character through excellent actions and determine to pay the price of a worthy goal. The trials you encounter will introduce you to your strengths.”


‘pay the price of a worthy goal. ‘

tradition of crucifying spiritual teasers

Back to fundamentals and away with tangents

The power of speech is to evolve or to inhibit evolution

There is no cost no amount of death destruction and suffering that will get in the way of permanent Washington’s fulfilling their agenda 

Tulsi Gabbard   2020 democratic presidential candidate “

‘Defund FBI’ bumper sticker made me chuckle

tariffs vs competitive advantage: flaw in Ronald Ragan’s pro free trade logic vs China… only works if participants are not in conflict.  Result is China grip on US economy

500,000 children in Iraq Madeleine Albright it was worth it to go after that one man…Sanctions

Outraged out of touch out of control outnumbered

Out of their minds Out of bounds…..let  them eat cake

The ruling class grip on power

New bill adds 87,000 IRS agents to current 75,000 with middle class as target

Agents required to bear arms and be willing to use lethal force.

Modern economic “theory”…. Print all the money you want, just pull it out of circulation with huge taxes….  But this creates chaos and strife!!

Stupid-er and stupid-er ridiculous-er and  ridiculous-er


“ I suppose that memory must be the devil” Claire Outlander

“ Don’t be careless with the time you have together”  Claire Outlander

The power of identity:  Michio Kaku in interview sidesteps new evidence refuting the Big Bang

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Human Condition: Big Bang to Personal Lives to Politics

this pic from James Webb Telescope shows mature ‘red’ galaxies older than big bang accounts for.

How our hearts an minds function:  The too often ignored essential point in life.


A number of people responded with interest in coming to Mt Soma to help.  We are deeply appreciative and will be getting back to you soon,  THANK YOU!

 Here are my notes from the past week:

working title:  echoes of truth hold truth at bay

            Big Bang politics and religion it’s all the same thing

            Einstein versus Poincaré

Modern big bang notion vs bigger big bang picture.

            Grossman versus Einstein general relativity

            Cartan physicist: said electrons are not points… rather have dimension which refutes formulas for black holes, big bang etc.

            Stand back because of the bigger picture from the very perspectives there is a big bang but it’s not what physicists currently understand yet at the same time deep inside we know everything and physicists are trying to derive those deeper things that they can sense but didn’t really understand as yet

James Web:  pic shows fully mature ‘red’ galaxies that are older than big bang allows for.  

Working title/idea: history repeats itself the world is not flat

            When people do not know the absolute their perspective on things becomes their substitute for the absolute

Someone quoted to me: “The general population is beginning to realize that they can do without grandiose plans, but they can’t do without affordable food, housing, transportation, and clothing, and reliable systems to deliver those goods and services…”

                        The perpetual cycle of knowledge lost gained and lost the human condition

            The observable universe is the world of physics: the other way of gaining knowledge, all dwells within you… even that which is beyond what is currently outwardly observable.

            Russia’s greatest ally: the green new deal people are making Russia lots of money

            150 red flags for Hunter in banking system… when one or two is considered alot.

            Woman in Norway is facing three years in prison for saying that men cannot be lesbians and men cannot get pregnant

            Delusional quite simply we do not have the technology currently to run this world on wind and solar. Period

            We live in the current political era of a blend of corruption and stupidity

            Stupidity is not the right word were plenty of smart people that were totally deceived by Nazi Germany etc.  “manipulate-able”  humans are highly psychologically dependant upon their peer group

            The core of Christianity must not get lost to historical debates and viewpoints,  core is inner sense of divinity and universality within.  Debates regarding for example ‘vigin birth’ must not undermine that.  i.e. essence of Christianity is essential to life and is in fact essence of all ‘true’ religions.

            Pregnancy centers vandalism… obviously wrong, but someone pointed out that if they are coercing people in a direction, that would be wrong too.  IDK the details.

            working title?: big bang, entanglement, and spirituality      astral echoes?

            echoes of truth… the ‘i get it’ syndrome

            SEVERAL have responded to call.  if you have not heard back yet, you will soon.

            working title:  the socialist new world order: utopia or oblivion?

            The frequent problem with leaders:  the corrupt behind the seen, the visible yet corrupt, and the disceived/mislead/coerced leaders

Conspiracy theory has become a catch all phrase to discard many things into the ‘round file’ … how the human mind works: catagorize concepts, thoughts, and people

             “What true is false and what false is true” in a notion conveyed in George Orwell’s book 1984.  Like in a Star Trek adventure, if they can brainwash a person into, for example, believing they see three lights when there are only two then they have them… they have captured their mind.  Some of the absurd notions promoted today seem to follow along those lines.  Don’t they?  The deceivers are all to often, or in a larger sense always, among those who have been deceived.

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Knowledge is strength. Opinion is fleeting

My notes for this weeks podcast:

Knowledge is strength. Opinion is fleeting

e.g. ivermectin, Russia hoax. Etc.f

                        July 12 James Webb telescope , big bang,  physics based upon what they can see…  Galileo was limited, we are too!

Ancient Technology Research Initiative… ATRI

            time is responsible for knowledge getting lost through the ages.  people get on to something new  and the old slips away.

            Compelling quote “the normalization of perversion” made me chuckle and shake my head at the same time

            regardless of which side is right, one this for sure, it is remarkable how radically wrong the other group is.  are people that stupid or are they just that corrupt/motivated to lie?

            Difficult things are good but vogue these days to go with easy way out

            guns:  brazil case study

            Normalization of Perversion:  Education, Guns, Drugs, Politics, etc.

            global colonization,   colonization of America

            Criticism yields power … easy way to get TV ratings

            Message to Americans from Bazil President: God, homeland family, and freedom

Very little Usable farmland in China Saudi Arabia

Lots in Ukraine and United States

            Africa and South America colonized by China… taking natural resources

Brazil resisting

            history of guns in brazil, gun free zones: contol up, then murders up.  Same in states of USA

            the only real power is knowledge

            Political prisoners targeting political opponents

            January 6

            Blackrock in big business doing bidding government can’t

            $10 trillion have US GDP

            Asset managers controlling big business from behind the scenes

            On board of directors etc.

            For example Disney ignoring fiduciary responsibility to the little guys invested in the companies

                        January 6 where is the due process i.e. the process do to the people involved

            Kangaroo Court, Nazi Germany

US Constitution:  originalist or living breathing document.

Provides a structure and means to work within that structure to adapt to times

            38% down from 68% proud to be American’s.  I get it.. unfounded wars, curruption, etc.  But founding principles are great and must be restored.

July 4 freedom, alienable rights due process of law

Bezos, Bill Maher, Joe Rogan, Elon Musk all now critics of Biden Administration

Chinese state media:  “Capitalism is all about exploitation”

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Tantra and the Gordian Knot: Kitchen Table to Cosmos

As promised, here are this Weeks Thought Fragments

 Todays world: 

Gordian knot….easily solved “by finding an approach to the problem that renders the perceived constraints of the problem moot”

This is a time to endure but not to cower.  Everything will be fine for the world, but this is a time of transition.  if you can just take a step back, that is obvious.

someone responded saying, yes but hasn’t the world always been nutty like this.  i say no, not like this.  moral decay in every arena has become mainstream.  it won’t last long.  time of transition.  the pendulum will soon swing back to a more wholesome world.  just hang in there.

humanity needs to learn how to cultivate a healthy relationship with the internet.  a healthy relationship with hemlock is to not drink the tea…favor the good, avoid the bad.  very simple but yet the lowest common denominator is ruling these days

These days negativity is  the lowest common denominator

But wholesome living is inherent to life, simple. It will rise with Golden Age.  it is a joy to be simple.  negativity pulls at and spirls down, positivity uplifts and refreshes.  simple question: is life pulling you down, or is it uplifting you.  simple choice.  surf the internet or the tv channels and see the direction the world has gone.  but that is not where we will be going for long.

Todays marijuana/THC potency like heroine’ destroying todays youth

Bill Mar: from 1950 to present…  LGBTQ self-identification has gone for less than 1% to over 20% and increasing exponentially.

are they ‘protecting trans’ or turning kids away from straight?

BLM, defund police, promoting trans..  all the same thing really

one saint advised another about the world: “why go out in all that mud”  

many people come for spiritual teaching… clueless but think they ‘get it’

divide and conquer….woke.   lost to narratives

what wearing a cross means to people… alignment with wholesome.  Good/God

Christ = Chitanyaa

Chaitanya =  transcendant

Weaponizing justice…   ww2 hungarian woman said creeps in over time like a thief in the night

guilt by accusation

politicizing justice system

right left-handed tundra law justice  S/supreme court.. Natural Law or biased

Lenin: the worse the better…  see it as birthing pain to transition to their takeover

just like Bolshevik revolution: starve people to get then to overthrow Czar

spiritual escapism is no solution

Logic rationality and clear thinking is irrelevant rather emotion is what carries the day

law, justice, natural law, politics

said it would be easy to find supreme court leaker… so who is it? cover up? A justice involved?

yuga dependent law and justice..  

the caste system is misunderstood

nazi germany and legal system

watch movie: ‘judgment at nuremburg’ to see how it happened

“A man must have a good deal of vanity who believes, and a good deal of boldness who affirms, that all the doctrines he holds are true, and all he rejects are false.” ― Benjamin Franklin, A Benjamin Franklin Reader: The Essential Writings of a Colonial Sage

how to unravel a twisted rubber band–very simple

The subtle Art of Conflict Resolution in Our Conflicted World

who started it doesn’t matter

from within a twisted perspective, your viewpoint looks straight

after calming down, it doesn’t matter any more

stay out of weeds in first place:  the art of relationship

once you step in it, it is hard to get it off your shoe

You don’t put out the fire by fanning the flame

Worst thing imaginable used to think others don’t believe you were that you could be wrong but ultimately it does not matter

Left handed tantra is addictive: tearing open 3rd eye, intoxication, indoctrination.  obstacles to spiritual growth.  Explosive results … destructive.  Blurs Vedic understanding

i get it syndrome

fish bowl

Vedic principles do not exist in isolation, they all appear at every point in creation.  universal

we will see a rise in right handed tantra

Moral fabric versus political correctness

Right/left tantra: do u prefer a rapid or gradual solution?  the ultimate distraction.. detonation vs blossoming.

can justify anything with the intellect

twisted.  From within the twist, it seems straight: Evolution is highly elusive.

angry grocery store guy with tee-shirt telling people to calm down

convolutions, messy… taking the twist out of it… 

Mt Soma

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