Ancient Secret: Who are you?  Really

Life’s Remarkable Essence: A to Am


temple “Updates&Reflections” tab

remodeling kitchen so no food service at Mt Soma for a while.

have outgrown previous accommodations so will upgrade/remodel


intellectual understanding and experience: one feeds other, two feet to walk on

the story of A:  A-A-A-A-A

for example, knowing essence of music, or math, or any field.

it is in the physiology, not the words

‘Know that one thing by which all else is known’

structure of veda

samhita value,,, essential understanding

swaras structure explained, prakritis, paraprakritis, 10 mandalas structure explained

Agni, AK, ‘smaller than the smallest, bigger than the biggest’

Samhita:   like perfect unified team [maybe think like a perfect football team]

getting the point

through unmanifestation and manifestation, all knowledge is known

Lri:  seed of material existence

Gyan shakti and Kriya shakti

A I U Ri Lri E O Am

 Rishi, Devata, Chandas

“The battles that count aren’t the ones for gold medals. The struggles within yourself … that’s where it’s at.”

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Ancient Secret: The Misunderstood Enlightened Ones

blog: The Razors Edge:  Beyond what is sure one knows


temple updates tab coming soon

remodeling kitchen so no food service at Mt Soma for a while.

have outgrown previous accommodations so will upgrade/remodel


Mt Soma and purity of knowledge… rooted in rational, heart full

what is ‘this’ vs what is ‘that’? the misunderstood enlightened..  universal love focused

swara.   swą=consciousness,  ra=reverberation

cultural traditions and understandings vs. pure Knowledge.  the razors edge

like water rush down the mountains streams, it finds its ways, flowing with what is receptive am moving around that which is not.  the resistances are sidestepped and nourished in time but not directly

like all of life, spirituality without wisdom [understanding] is like a ship without a rudder

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Brahma Sutra:  Essential Knowledge “Now, the desire to know Brahman”


Dedicated to all sincere and humble seekers

athato brahmajijnasa…”now the desire to know Brahman”

everything gravitates to the Absolute.. i,e. evolution either drifting or Knowledge inspired  click 3 bars to right of ‘select page’ to make a donation

“The higher we are placed, the more humbly we

should walk.”


I was recently approached at the temple by a very kind and respectful young Brahmin gentleman. He spoke of his longing for true Knowledge. This touched my heart and compelled me to reflect deeply. I have been a teacher my entire adult life.  I have learned a great deal about people and how they receive or reject Knowledge.  The road of the teacher of deep knowledge is long and often leads to heartbreak.  How can a student remain steadfast along the path?  Where to begin such a limitless journey?  What are the pitfalls along the way?  Where and why along the way do so many spin out on tangents?  The simple answer it that a persons karma brings them to the Knowledge, and their karma takes them away.  This podcast is one more attempt to help.  It is humbly dedicated to all sincere seekers. Perhaps it will be the first of an unending series.  Or perhaps it is yet another in the lifelong unending series.

meditation..  experience vs knowledge

TM or youtube channel how to meditate

Veda traditionally not chanted for meaning but rather for repetition… meaning changes at various level of consciousness.  experience/knowledge

7 heads 7 levels of intellectual understanding

“practical” application

“You must train your intuition—you must trust the small voice inside you which tells you exactly what to say, what to decide.”

However “Intuition” rooted in Chit [Conditioned subconscious, programming, personal childhood ‘issues’, stress, etc.] is not true Intuition

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Ancient Secrets of Physical Health

blurb: Truth is stranger than fiction


This weeks unedited notes:

Inside the Guru Purnima Rainbow:  the FEELING was amazing.   felt like standing inside a giant magnifying glass.   much more than just the visual…. like Alice in Wonderland

Mt Soma… a mountain of soma

Truth is stranger than fiction

The World is not as we have been lead to believe.

Ancient and Modern Legends

Practical Approaches:  

maca, exercise, cardiologist light sweat, bodybuilding, diet, exercise, organic, exercise u like and let it evolve, yoga props, muscles and motion, finding root of physical tension,    soma plant of the west? ;     rectangular and round bolsters

zabuton meditation cushion  [2]


dragon herbs

chinese medicine

pancha karma perspectives


“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.”

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Child of the Wind

blog:  Inner and Outer Spheres of Influence

Life’s deepest meaning palpable, lively and exquisite at our Mount Soma home.

Hanuman Jayanthi and Kumbabishekam 

How fitting that today, May 14 is both Hanumans birthday and Mothers day followed by Mount Soma Kumbabishekam May 15-17.  Though physics is King of the universe, the personified value, the heart, is His Queen who gives life its meaning.  Like all things, even the wind is a complex mechanic of physics.  Yet be it a turbulent storm or a gentle breeze upon ones face, the winds deepest meaning is how its movement touches our hearts.  That is the Queen of the universe, the personified value… that is what gives it all meaning, just as when we think of another person, it is not the physics of their presence that gives them meaning but rather the personified feeling of their soul.  When we think of another, that is what we think of.  The Mother, is the heartfelt soul of the universe and all within it.  Vedic Knowledge encompasses Knowledge of both the King and His Queen who gives Him meaning.  

These past days in preparation for this weeks events has been a busy busy whirlwind for us all here at Mount Soma.  As I moved from station to station, touching base with our numerous teams, what was even more lively than the turbulent winds of our hustle and bustle was the heart that carried us: Devotion, the Hanuman value so full.  The  Root of Devotion is Love carried by the winds of existence, Vayu.  Hanuman, pure devotion, the son of the wind, the Kshethra palaka (official guardian) of Mount Soma, caring us all, is so palpable these days at Mount Soma.

Jai Hanumanji! 

Sri Shivaya Namaha 

Sri Matre Namaha

Happy Mothers Day!

Current Events and Reflections:

Inner and Outer Spheres of Influence

“Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are our own fears.”

I  would say of all the liars in the world, the worst are our programmings, particularly the ones we wrongly believe we no longer serve.


“People think what they think and do what they do and there is nothing you can do about it.”     Sally Jessy Rafael

so many love spirituality and think they totally believe in it, but when the rubber meets the road, they revert back to old programming.  So who or what is really their “God”?

“I am out of here” when things get tough is a common path of the habitual failure.

 We favor what is familiar over what is better.

it is a well known fact that the lives of many collapse after winning the lotto. spheres of influence

understand how your own head works.. not so easy to do..

“Love begins by taking care of the closest ones – the ones at home.”

Addiction to drugs, and screen time

Dopamine highs from too much screen time

How physics went astray.  Einstein loved Vedic literature and based ideas upon that not realizing that much was in the Absolute, not the relative.

“You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him.”
“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”

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What One Eats and How Wide Angle Their View

Minds: Discerning vs. Narrow; Open Chakras:

Blossomed vs Detonated

Opening thoughts:

’’The only way to have a friend is to be one.”


Small minds talk about people. Mediocre minds talk about events.  Great minds talk about ideas


The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do,


We are already feeling things amping up here from the upcoming Kumbabishekam.  Brian mentioned it … Panditji feels it too.  Until Brian brought it up, I said nothing because I felt people would think I was just mood making.

Solar Flares now high:  some say world stress corresponds.  True or not, choppy month ahead IMHO


The Good(?) and Bad of it.  Huge decline in patriotism and religion, and also in importance of having children.

Anti Patriotism and a given Religion is not about that particular nation or religion.  It is actually about the human condition.  All nations, and groups are permeated with Rakshasa consciousness,  But people do not consider themselves to be the Rakshasas.  They consider themselves to be right,  In fact, their sense of self worth demands it. 

1/3 of Americans under age 30 get their news from TicTok

TicTok under the terms of service tracks every key stroke on the phone

Choosing to not have children is being convinced by the movement to degrade society.

Divide and concur: 

Former KGB operative states that 85% of KGB activity was to undermine America, and only 15% was a spy

All are created equal: what that really means

making sense of reparations:  nobody or everybody so what is the difference?  Destruction of culture is something money will not buy back.

One in three Americans are lonely.    60% of young Americans are lonely

Christians are now demonized?

Kerry Lake is now the radical?

trans 7th victim, trans encouraged too arm

Gender dysphoria definition


Rakshasas dwell inside of people in kali yuga and these days in particular are having a field day.

i.e. Sick society of Kali Yuga but keep eye on big picture.. Golden Age of Sat Yuga just around the corner.  Just a couple more years.  I can not believe CCP [Chinese communist party will usher in Sat Yuga in spite of strides with Brazil, Panama canal, Africa, Russia, etc.

‘drain the swamp’ results in  indictment

skeletons in most political closets Rep and Dem alike

fund in congress to pay hush money

why zombies and demonic spirits are so popular on tv and in movies:  sci fi window into the human psyche.

Grand jury month-long previously planned hiatus Trump case.  Then suddenly indicted him,

Newsmax versus DIRECTV suddenly framed their claim completely differently after they got back on Directv.  Were they lying then or are they lying now ….disappointing

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The Counter Intuitive Culture

The subtle art of over thinking the obvious

and under thinking the sublime.  Intuition: the Vedic understanding, Puranas

Tid Bits:

Every 12 years or so, Kumbabishekam, re-inauguration of temple.  10 pandits, etc.  will be huge  3 days…  fabulous..   looking for date around May….  we are all very much looking forward to it.

Craftsmanship is steeped in tradition.

Far too many people lack the courage of their deeper inner convictions. Too many hearts and minds are blown in the winds of karma.

Simply say what you know is true I would’ve never thought that would require courage.  Do your best to say it kindly, sweetly, thoughtfully; but do your best to say it.

Hatred carries the inability to speak out feelings without losing one’s balance.

Jesus saves’ and ‘confession’.     What they really mean and how that really work explained in the podcast.

‘Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you’ll understand what little chance you have in trying to change others.”

The Counter Intuitive Culture:

Current thinking seems to be if it’s right it has to be counter intuitive.   Yet God knows it’s a joy to be simple.

e..g. anti-inflation bill, lockdown to prevent spread of virus, trans parties for children, cartel run boarders, CDC suppression of vaccine data, etc.

Counter intuitive can be valid, but only rarely when it is main stream. You know things are way off.

Your life is the result of the decisions you make, and the simple truth of the matter is the drugs and alcohol, are a death trap.    Take a triple backflip with a half gainer off the high knuckle board and who knows where you will land?

Intuition, The Vedic Understanding: Puranas, Relative viewing the Gap… remembering with Absolute beyond limitations of space and time.

Current Events

Fentanyl and heroin has made its way into Mexican pharmacies, as well as online pharmacies with labels that are hard to distinguish from a genuine pharmaceutical companies

some estimate $2 trillion per year in dark money…  i.e. unaccounted for in US feed gov.  That makes no sense to me.  is it possible?  Hidden gov behind the scenes with own military , navy, airfare, etc.  A full level deeper than what we have even thought of as the ‘deep state’.  

I am told that the federal government spent $6.27 trillion in FY 2022. This means federal spending was equal to 25% of the total gross domestic product (GDP), or economic activity, of the United States that year.

Rumor is that the plane that hit the pentagon hit where they were auditing the oversight of the money—tough for me to believe that one but who knows? 

Iran is one week away from having a nuke

I heard that the physicist, Micio Kaku admitted that he will have to rewrite all of his physics books post the Web telescope discoveries. Then sadly, he added that those pictures were not of galaxies but of black holes.   If true, I forgive him. I’ve said stupid things  myself in life.  We all have. Those were obviously galaxies not black holes.

Finally in the news: Lab really did leak the virus… no kidding, and what next?  2+2 really does = 4?

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The Big Picture:  Essential Knowledge

My unedited notes from this week:

Are we losing the forests for the trees?  Context is everything.  Just look out the window and see for yourself.

Opening tidbits:

it is said that ‘the people are smart’  but history has shown that they are also gullible

With internet, etc., it is a whole new world: governments and media struggling to adjust.  More difficult to deceive those who are willing to at least look.

we could make a whole podcast commenting on this quote:  “Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what’s right.”


Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness  and states rights:  issues from abortion to slavery

Population of Ukraine has gone down from 37,000,000 to 22,000,000 since the war started… Nation demolished

It is now been revealed that as we said sometime ago, the United States could’ve prevented the war, but wanted to prolong it, just to go after Russia and Putin

Just look out your window:  If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.  But is this the over thinking generation?  One thing for sure:  It has proven you can justify anything with the intellect


Play of consciousness, is-ness, unified field of physics, God…  Veda is nature.

the Relative (vs. the Absolute): 

It is all in how you frame it.

increasing evidence of major cycles over 10s of thousands of years…as per Veda

maya… Losing the forest for the trees

religion is not immune.


Mount Soma Ancient Technology Research Institute

The way the world works is really so simple. Yet it’s so elusive.

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And the Good News Is…

How to See What Really Is.  The Rishi’s Eternal Yet Elusive Knowledge

incredible to go outside and 2 a.m. with the mountain in a cloud—still, serene, timeless

exploring Wim Hoff breathing technique… looks very good so far.

Left right handed tantra:  nothing about being right or left handed.  Filters to be cleansed and refined, not torn open,  Enlightenment does not mean light flooding in because filter is ripped open,

“You are what you do, not what you say you will do.” CARL JUNG

Hodgepodge global holidays versus cultural integrity for every nation.

 “Do not look for perfection in the relative.  It is not there.”

 “jesus love you”  what does that mean? “Wise people still love Jesus”

personified correlate to laws of nature.  God and Physics

time for a deeper understanding or religion will continue to fade.. good news is: a spiritual regeneration is at hand.

Divya drishti explained… Cognition in real time… Cosmic Sight:  Rishi [Ant Hill] Valmiki Ramayana.   Vyasa Mahabharata, Puranas

Ishwara and the evolution existence and enlightenment.  Can not derive perfection from imperfection.  Transcending relativity

May the depth of ancient Vedic Knowledge no longer slip through the fingers of humanity,

To see what is, ultimately, is to actually become it.

Adrishta [not seeable] and Apurva [beyond cause/karma] explained

Free Will, Divine Intervention, and Apurva:  Does God really hear your prayers… 

Depth of Being vs Intensity of Feelings

Current Events

The good news is that with modern communication, politicians will realize that age old deception and cover ups will no longer work.

Humanity is waking up.

However, that realization is coming with great resistance and denial.

Ancient Rome became corrupt, the politicians forever conspiring to advance their careers

The electorate became more and more composed of relatives of nobleman and politicians, putting the power over the state in their hands, eventually giving into bribes to get the people to vote the way they wanted

Then becaming dependent upon a handful of big families

This system became dependent upon personal contacts and influence

Sound Familiar?

“Communism succeeds in the crush of human spirit”

east/west: Surface to depth versus depth to surface and the best of both worlds

Heaven above, and the chakra system

Viktor Bout:  On his return to Russia, in an interview with the Kremlin-controlled TV network RT news, he said, “What is happening in the West is simply the suicide of civilization. And, if this suicide is not prevented, at least within the non-Western world, within the world that is not controlled by the Anglo-Saxons, then the whole planet will commit suicide. And it may be happening in all areas, with drugs and LGBT+ among them.”, “ …teaching first graders there are 72 genders”

medical cartels… I was now proven right at cost of alienating some back then.

Omnibus Biils should be outlawed…thousands of unread pages passed into law with tons of ‘pork’ [add on laws, etc. slipping in]

Current proposed Omnibus bill… locks it all in for a year before house changes at years end.

Worthwile to hear what others are saying:  French news, and on YouTube: Gravitas news, RT news. 

Biden is giving $55 billion to Africa for reparations

Michelle Obama wrote Twitter telling them to censor Trump

Last year more people died from fentanyl than from automobile, accidents, gunshots, and suicides combined

state of psychophysiology

Origin of word “Barbarian”: Romans invading Germania and native langauage sounded like “blah blah”.

Who are the barbarians throughout history? and now?

Time to consider what it means to be a barbarian

the problem with perversion…. not recognizable by the perverse, i.e. the unrefined awareness

With latest release documents was CIA complicit in Kennedy assassination

CDC buries fact that every year defensive gun use saved 60k to 2.5 million people.  pulled  due to anti gun pressure

Modern physics went astray:  dividing by zero and black wholes

e.g. Schroedinger’s cat explained.  Copenhagen vs. statistical ensamble interpretations 

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Mystery of Global Imbalance: The Ancient Secret Key

blurb: First Under-stand, Only Then Proceed: The Simple Elusive Solution


This weeks unedited notes:

First Under-stand, Only Then Proceed: The Simple Elusive Solution

Nobody in the news or anywhere else is taking a big enough step back to take a look at what’s really going on

ATRI: We do not have to look very hard to realize that there were ancient technologies that we do not understand today.  ATRI ancient technology research Institute is revealing those ancient technologies and employing them

Overheated engine like Yugas.. soma lubricates/cools

Soma strength vs agni strength

 “Be Soma Strong” button

Can we discuss the following delicate topic and keep balance?

Homogeneity, female/male, yin/yang: Mona Lisa

Expand definition to accommodate the range of each gender

It is set an a person is enlightened they’re equally male and female

Key hidden in last place anyone would look

soma refinement

Agni male Agni female

Positive incarceration

Mona, Lisa smile

“Be soma strong”

Inner strength

Sort of [not so much] like the tortoise and the hare story

Why, the nation is dependent upon drugs: too much agni

Adderall: speed and the yin/yang hamster wheel

Until fire and water are in balance there will be no world, peace, famine, hurricanes, forest fires, etc. will continue

We must clean the fish bowl of global consciousness

Soma/agni. Yin/yang water/fire.  It is all about balance.

Convoluted thinking, across-the-board, symptomatic phase transition of the first order

World is agni oriented   on fire

Male, female versus masculine feminine

when cleaning ur house, dust gets raised

imbalance permeates all aspects of life/mentality:

everywhere you look: drugs, border, corruption, etc.


1] Homogenized humanity

2 ETX:  woke meets finance: In a nutshell money wants to regulate money power wants to regulate power.

3] Even physics: Lost in math

Copenhagen versus statistical ensemble, interpretations of Schrodinger equation

Bell’s theory to big bang

4] multi-nattionals

5]  7 million able-bodied men in the US are not in the workforce which is unprecedented in times of peace and it is estimated they spend approximately nearly 40 hours per week on screens

Water in fishbowl of global consciousness is not only dirty but it’s also overheated

“ trust that God is with you”:  transcendental basis is what that is about

one step at a time

step one: clear and cool the fish bowl water and the rest will then happen

Mt Soma, meditation

Tony Robbins, most people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in 10 years

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