faceThe Absolute is perceived through the lens of the personality self, complete with the distortions of conditioned emotional responses, belief systems, and indoctrinations.

Before the Hubble telescope, the land telescopes we used looked toward the sun as if from the bottom of a 10 foot deep swimming pool.  The image was distorted. These parallel (map) nicely.

As you evolve, the window of perception clears, as if you are moving toward the surface of the swimming pool.  Yet be it from the bottom of the swimming pool or the top of the highest mountain, you are looking at the same sun, which maps on to the absolute. Even an earthworm, with relentless conviction, crawls through the soil reaching toward the sun.

Evolution means increasing clarity… less distortion.  Yet all remain fervent in their devotion to their conditioning, for though they see the rays of the sun and feel them touching the depth of their soul, they see and feel it through the lens of their conditioning.  They therefore ardently hold to their conditioned beliefs, thinking them to be the truth of the absolute.

Even the atheists (Those poor souls that were presented with such a distorted notion of God that they rejected the notion in total.) continue to feel the pull of Truth, though the very idea of capitalizing the word ‘truth’ may offend them.  Yet it is that light, that sun, that truth (that Truth) that all of life gravitates toward. Just as all water most assuredly returns to the ocean, all souls return to God.

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