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“That alone is the truth, nothing that you worship here”… Upanishads

The Upanishads point in the direction of unbounded awareness.

When it happens, the Brahma Sutras are there to take you by the hand and comfort you.

Bhairava –Supreme Being– (bhairavaḥ) (is) a sudden flash or elevation of divine Consciousness (udyamaḥ)||5||

He who has no name.  Beyond perspective.

the unbounded is not bounded by perspective

yet the unstructured provides structure to that which lie beyond structure…

 thusly are the brahmanas and mantras… i.e. the Vedas

nobody ever wins a fight, yet astral seductions go on

“you will sell more bologna than Porsches”

a young child has a vocabulary of only 300 words, yet you can converse with them: shouldn’t this be how to learn a foreign language 


Different mode of knowledge… in/out not out/in…  all knowingness dwells hidden within you.

Ancient civilizations discovered

James Web telescope and more


computers and AI

deeper understanding of religion and cultural integrity

geology and tectonic plates


Upanishad … Adi Shankara said meaning includes to ’shake up’ Guru/ Student, Absolute integrates relative, phase transition

This Explosion is phase transition.  We are fortunate to witness it.

Upside down tree of life being righted.

Mark Zuckerberg and social media predatory sexual content and more

Electric buses in many cities including Asheville being abandoned… don’t work

Cartels in all major cities

Middle southern entrance… vastu entrance of ‘death’, alamo, southern border breakdown

Chinese cyber hacking [50 to 1 ratio hackers to government agents after them], water treatment, electric grid, social degradation, drugs

German Jewish lady film explains how Nazi infiltration crept in slowly and then it was too late.

tearing at the fine fabric of sociological health

Law and Order episode about rapist being the victim

Bud Light lost 27 billion in market value

Illegals beat up two NYC cops and released in a couple hours no punishment

Is what you have learned more important than what is?

It cannot be known.  You can only become it.

Making the mold is necessary for manifestation.  Breaking it is necessary for liberation.

All these things are signs of the phase transition happening.  

It is all there in the Veda, yet largely ignored in the age of ignore-ance.

“Our Republic and its press will rise or fall together”

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