my unedited personal notes:

my search for a personal assistant – need to write more, etc.

sound healing:

these podcasts often build upon previous ones.  

nurture people for what they have as opposed to judging them for what they don’t have.  do your best to understand them and speak to them accordingly.  not as easy as it sounds

the teacher can only suggest or point in a direction.  the rest is up to the student.

 yet it takes pressure to make a diamond.  push but only so much.

at the same time: 

someone said my podcasts are too deep and people have a hard time understanding them. my interest is not in popularity via superficiality but rather is for people who do want and need a deeper level of understanding. It is best to take not understanding as an invitation to pursue not a discouragement or criticism.  My heart goes out to those who need and long for a deeper knowledge when it is not available.  Relying on the knowledge I have been given integrated with my own experience, I offer to the best of my ability, whatever insights I have.  There are great scholars out there and I rely upon their insights, but discernment as Adi Shandara said, is the path.  We must discern the level of the people they are addressing at any given time. Even the greatest master can target the average level of consciousness.  My goal is twofold:  1] build the enlightened city and 2] provide the deepest understanding I can… direct and undiluted.

He who has no name.  Beyond perspective.

It’s not just about new thoughts, but rather a new way of thinking.

Two human needs:  communion and privacy

It’s not about over thinking but perhaps just sitting with it. To be interested solely in technique would be a very superficial thing to me.”


someone sent this to me at just the right time:

“The future doesn’t belong to the fainthearted; it belongs to the brave.”

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