clean the fish bowl is the only solution

if thousands of years of history has proven one thing, it is that current approaches to world peace do not work: clean the fish bowl is the only answer:  Mt Soma is dedicated to that; residents gain liberation in the process

Kamila Valieva Russian skater



This week’s unedited notes randomly collected, loosely or directly related to this week’s podcast:

‘bounded’ works here in place of ‘small’:

scripture, cognition, teaching, movement,  

both eternal and changing

 Maharishi: ‘These are Brahma Sūtras (sūtras about Brahman), not Jagat sūtras (sūtras about the world).’

you are Brahma   

“I am Brahma[n]”

The World Reveals Brahman

pashya: ’see’ and early Brahma Chaitanya [Brahman Consciousness]

K + A = KA, manifest [consonates] are rooted in unbounded [unmanifest]

without the observer, there is no pillow

Ramayana in the Physiology:

Ravana:  specificity [space, time, etc.] ultimately a misunderstanding about reality, Rama restores Absolute in awareness… why Lanka is so beautiful

projection/perception:  our sensory functions project a ‘reality’ onto the Absolute; Brahman is all of this together: a level of consciousness, not a ‘thing’.  point of view creates ones ‘reality’ [e.g. science, religion, business, music, etc.]; is physiological as well determined by karma as education, heritage, etc. [dynamics of structure of physiology], can view from any perspective and is fine if it ultimately meets all other perspectives

Bhagavad Gita 9.8:  curving back on myself I create over and over again

Trimutri and Prakritis: structure, function, purpose:

what defines silence [Shiva] is sound [Parvati], everything is creation is Parvati [Prakriti], She is every structure that defines every space. Parvati is Prakriti of Shiva

Vishnu dynamism, function is Lakshmi… Prakriti of Vishnu:dynamism is Lakshmi:function

Brahma Knowledge Prakriti is Saraswati Organizing Power [Plan] …  House has a function but how to use it is a plan. Brahma holds the 4 Veda… logic, plan 

Purusha is all of them together:  they are all the same thing seen from different perspectives/realities

Ram is Brahm… Totality… The embodiment of Chaitanya [the Absolute]… the 50% of Vishnu: the embodiment of the other parts, the other 50%…. takes all values and puts them together in their full value in wholeness

This is full; that is full.  from Fullness comes Fullness Upanishad from Shukla Yajur Veda

My universe is my self

Atma is subjective, personal, individual: yet in a wholistic or collective manner/way.  

experience atma as the field of sensory perception

  Silence, or space, is found as Shiva.

He Who Has No Name observes without bias the illusion

Consciousness is Brahman (Prajnanam Brahma). 

 Upanishad 3.1.3

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