This weeks unedited reflections:

The portal to Formless Genius:  Fundamental under-standing eludes those too fervently devoted to their mode of function.

Shruti, Smirti, and the many forms of Genius:  Why it is called Liberation

To this day, there are scholars in India of tremendous knowledge, they could transform the world for the better, but they are largely ignored, because modern mode of mental and emotiional function is not aligned with that level of understanding, so they are largely ignored,

I was asked why do I love Shiva? It’s almost like the word ‘love’ in that way doesn’t even work for me. “True Love” is not emotionally based—it goes much deeper. Like genius, love comes in many forms.   For me personally, hearing a great lecture getting a profound insight into an abstract algebraic concept, that’s all Shiva. That level of profundity is what I love I guess I have to say.  But how many would even call that ‘love’?

the veda and superstition: hearing the knowledge, then spinning out on it. 

Knowledge is structured in consciousness: a persons level of consciousness determines the depth of understanding of the knowledge that is heard.

            Angels and earth spirits are all very real, but people have become so jaded that they are unable to feel what is there. Or embrace it on a level par with superstition. The object of understanding of angels for example, has lost touch with the reality of what the angels are in truth

            Upon dropping the body, if all systems are going well, the spirit may stick around for perhaps a year and then move on until next incarnation, but our memory of those souls can live on with great affect—a true communion with the deepest eternal soul that is the depth of that persons being.

            To truly sense into the subtleties in this arena, one must be stable within themselves. Otherwise they go off on invalid and irrational tangents, not having the grounding to clearly perceive those subtle fluctuations.  For that reason, it is easier to perceive things when one is not personally emotionally attached—i.e.  the grounding is undisturbed.

Current Events:

            “ for the Washington elites, getting dinner party invites in Washington DC is their whole life”

            Christmas cultural integrity and the value of tradition lost to a calloused society

            My favorite absurd quote of the week: “it doesn’t have to make sense”

            John McEnroe, “You have to develop an attitude to be great at something.”

            How to save publics opinion of Christianity/reliigion: aa deeper rational understanding

            They say it’s just the top leaders of the FBI that are corrupt but if that’s the case, who are the people breaking down the doors?  Are they just that attached to their pensions or are they too radical ideologlues?

            “….there is no greater, nobler, more heroic form of devotion than the act of a man who assumes the responsibility of thinking.”


                        Anything that threatens a corrupt status quo will be attacked violently until it is destroyed or wins

            totalitarian government takeovers throughout history started by first suppressing free speech

            Frogs in boiling water as human rights erode away?

            California shockwave:  overplaying their hand.  Frogs leaping out!

            When did “wholesome” become a four letter word?

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