Knowledge of Gap & Brief Review

This week’s unedited notes randomly collected, loosely or directly related to this week’s podcast:


Eclipse, Mars/Ketu

temple “Updates&Reflections” tab

remodeling kitchen so no food service at Mt Soma for a while.

Gyan is foundation of success.  


Psychodynamic key to happiness: How to view others, the world, and yourself

devata…observation effects observed… heisenberg yajur veda observing, creating, offering

what you see you become… new values of rishi, devata, chhandas emerge

vedic literature is ‘commentary’ or expressions of qualities of Brahmanas [the gaps] between mantras/words

knowledge and experience:  knowledge changes experience.  Veda/Brahma Sutras gives knowledge of the experience.

with last stroke of knowledge life opens up to infinite integration

when the ocean is there, the waves are bound to come up.  Richas ‘seek out’ those who are awake

Richas are just the expressions of consciousness

if consciousness is full, understanding will be full [comprehension of full meaning/value]

the physiology is veda… shareer  

For him who does not know being [the transcendent] what can the hymns of Veda accomplish?

what lies beyond [not born of] the mind… cosmic intelligence… foundation of natural thoughts… in harmony with nature.  


Consciousness is Brahman (Prajnanam Brahma). 

 Aitareya Upanishad 3.1.3

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