mountainRemember that true evolution is a culturing process. It is a lifestyle. It is natural to long for a better life. This longing is rooted in the Divine longing to merge with the infinite perfection of the Absolute, the perfection of God.

I know that the path to God, at times, can feel like crossing a huge desert. At those times, you can easily be distracted. Do your best to return to balance as soon as you can by remaining committed to what you have learned. Remember that building a fulfilling life begins with building yourself. Remember to return to the stability and grace of your inner being when you become distracted by worldly matters. True fulfillment comes from that place.

By returning over and over again to that inner place, you will culture/build from within yourself a life based upon it. Certainly, this task will be easier if you live where your environment supports such an understanding. Yet wherever you live, your evolution ultimately depends upon you and you returning to your inner Divine Self over and over again, until your awareness of that never fades.

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