The following is a brief unedited summary of some highlights:

In previous podcasts, we have said enough [probably more than enough] about the state of the world today.  The phase transition is clearly underway.  So now we look into the nature of Our global future  

1]  Underlying harmonious coherent structure to the universe

2]  based upon self interactive dynamic of oneness

3]  Oneness, pure consciousness the Stuff the universe is-ness is made of

4]  Chaitanya, Bhavatitum

5]  cognition

6]  Right technique wrong yuga confusion

7]  western science is a small portion  of Vedic  knowledge

    It is a paradigm… a good paradigm…but not the only paradigm

8]  language of nature…Not a cookbook

9] Language of nature is language of the Gods: Mantras, etc.

10] technology of unified field

11]  Vishwakarma, Mimuni Mayan, Brahma Maya

12]  Mount Soma

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