To attain world peace, global consciousness must shift on a fundamental level. This will not come about through a modeling of love and light ideals. Shifting world consciousness is a matter much deeper and more abstract than your typical pacifist can even imagine. Promoting a philosophy of peace is like asking a fire to stop burning. It doesn’t work. Infusing the cool waters of coherence into group consciousness is a material phenomenon. It is not a conversation. A humanity aligned with enlightened philosophies is a highly desirable side effect resulting from psycho-physiological evolution.   Philosophy is secondary to physiology.

sunriseTo understand all of this intellectually is a good first step. However, until that understanding becomes known to you directly as a result of the evolution of your own psychophysiology, it, too, remains a mere philosophy. Moreover, until the mechanism of group consciousness becomes intuitively obvious to you, it is merely a philosophy to you. Once you know it from within your own being, your life is never the same. Dedication to that mechanism of evolution of global consciousness becomes your passion.

Our purpose at Mount Soma is clear: to facilitate the evolution of global consciousness. Doing so is a technology, not the promotion of a philosophy. Only after that evolution is attained do profound theories and philosophies cease to be notions, and become common sense truths.

I am here to transform global consciousness. I use concepts to free minds, not to indoctrinate them into a philosophy. I encourage you to join me. It will not only circumvent disaster, it will usher in a truly enlightened age.

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