My unedited notes/topics for this weeks podcast:

 How to protect your mind

 A house with many rooms “in the aura”

Six short Issues [what a book is about in a few words]:

1]  Reading this weeks sign at the church I often drive by: It  said “be the person your dog thinks you are‘.   Looking at it when I again drove by. It said “be the person you’re God thinks you are”.  Interesting and very sweet.

2]  directv at&t censurship in general

3]  Covid lockdown pulled the rug out from under millions of people who are now floundering to find a life.

4]  Ccp Ballons over USA: and the boy who cried ‘wolf’ wake up call anyone??

5]  james webb telescope findings predictably denied.  It is understandable… scientists struggling to keep their carriers afloat.

6]  UFOs: we are not alone …  of course…

7]  Enlightened Age and Pole shift?

Chambers of the mind explained:

The importance of good parenting!

Tibet: naked Naga Babas sadhus technology. Spooky stuff.  From ants to global influences.

Mature relationship with those things is something many in India grew up with as self evident, but rather rare in the west.

The world is not as we have been lead to believe.

your dreams

stages of possession

The truth about demonic possession. It’s not what you think.

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