Ancient Knowledge must be expressed in a manner acceptable to modern thought.

The world is not as we have been led to believe.


My this weeks unedited notes:

Ancient Knowledge must be expressed in a manner acceptable to modern thought.

The world is not as we have been led to believe… kite without tail

What is common sense anyway?

superstition, science, religion, and prayer

Left/Right Tantra… body floating down Ganges

Male/Female and the Agni/Soma connection, [yin yang?]

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”


great quote, but know that those who witness it will not believe or trust it because it is so foreign to how most behave.  positive attracts negative

apurva:  beyond cause…beyond karma…just is…

adrishta: the cause is not seen, not visible

The Secret of water.

play recording of Pandit Prasad chanting mantra to

purify water.

Water takes on energy regularly


Deep lack of understanding of

of Cultures

The restoration of devastated mentalities will take a generation,

the truth about prayer

God’s [natures] language… not ours

People who lack strong enough sense of inner being can not be made wrong…feels like existential annihilation.

Ukraine in a nutshell:  russia wrong to attack,  US wrong to not negotiate.  my #1 heartache is for the children, caught in the middle and suffering.

Some say goal is to overthrow Putin? Frightening

If Russia shoots down satellites helping Ukraine: space war would make space unusable for quite some time…  behind scenes negotiations essential      

ret general blaine holt usa…. brink of war

world has become dependant upon space satellites.

Round n’ round we go!:

hawk dems,   dove republicans…  amazing!

libs anti free speech.and visa versa… another amazing flip

Now:  extreme liberals censure and are racists. humanities foundation lost but in process of being found.  Golden Age coming!

A Senator or Congressman promoted Jihad against the conservative Christian nation Russia!  Incredible.


Out of diesel fuel in three weeks from Sunday

Saudi’s hate Biden cut production warn the world

Of danger of depleting oil reserves

The whole thing is so crazy that if we do run out of diesel in 21 days it’s going to get spun around to say that it is proof that we must not be dependent upon oil batteries are powered by the energy grid based upon petroleum.  Got it?

UK gov predicts 10,000 of its citizens will die by freezing to death this winter due to lack of heating energy

Israel Netanyahu:  I do not know all that much about him, but do know that when I hear him speak, I liked what he says.

If people refuse to understand or accept the notion of supply and demand how can we expect them to have an a grasp upon what’s going on in the world of economics the world of survival, the world of global security, and peace versus confrontation

Rubberstamp politicians or people of integrity

Lets vote against rubber stamps regardless of political party

Rubber stamp elections means voting or promoting the best rubberstamp person

Love them or hate them one thing for sure people like DeSantis or Trump are not rubber stampers. And are therefore viewed as people that must be destroyed.

Biden is the perfect rubberstamp so they did whatever they had to do to get him in office so the country could be run behind the scenes.

I know little about Kanye West, but enough to know that he is no rubber stamp.

Elections:  States claim it takes days to count the votes yet France the entire country count all the votes in one day.        Is it really so hard to connect the dots?

1 in 4 San Fran residents are victims of assault.

“He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.”


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