my unedited personal notes:

Essential Key: understanding the bigger picture… deeper knowledge than what is mainstream

Opening Thoughts: 

This Moment in Time

The dissolution of empires… cultural integrity is the first thing that goes

Somersaulting Mountaintop to Mountaintop


longing for meaning…lost their way… society without direction

laws of nature change over time… clean the fish bowl and live as long as you like.


when history goes back so far that the laws of nature have changed, we no longer call it history.  Instead, we call it mythology

 time delay, clearing ‘gunk’

why the Veda might be called “The Secret Doctrine”

health in the golden age: ‘decorations’ around front door

how to allow the depth to refine the surface.  deeper than emotional and mental levels


“feuds and weeds grow quickly”   old mountain saying

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