this pic from James Webb Telescope shows mature ‘red’ galaxies older than big bang accounts for.

How our hearts an minds function:  The too often ignored essential point in life.


A number of people responded with interest in coming to Mt Soma to help.  We are deeply appreciative and will be getting back to you soon,  THANK YOU!

 Here are my notes from the past week:

working title:  echoes of truth hold truth at bay

            Big Bang politics and religion it’s all the same thing

            Einstein versus Poincaré

Modern big bang notion vs bigger big bang picture.

            Grossman versus Einstein general relativity

            Cartan physicist: said electrons are not points… rather have dimension which refutes formulas for black holes, big bang etc.

            Stand back because of the bigger picture from the very perspectives there is a big bang but it’s not what physicists currently understand yet at the same time deep inside we know everything and physicists are trying to derive those deeper things that they can sense but didn’t really understand as yet

James Web:  pic shows fully mature ‘red’ galaxies that are older than big bang allows for.  

Working title/idea: history repeats itself the world is not flat

            When people do not know the absolute their perspective on things becomes their substitute for the absolute

Someone quoted to me: “The general population is beginning to realize that they can do without grandiose plans, but they can’t do without affordable food, housing, transportation, and clothing, and reliable systems to deliver those goods and services…”

                        The perpetual cycle of knowledge lost gained and lost the human condition

            The observable universe is the world of physics: the other way of gaining knowledge, all dwells within you… even that which is beyond what is currently outwardly observable.

            Russia’s greatest ally: the green new deal people are making Russia lots of money

            150 red flags for Hunter in banking system… when one or two is considered alot.

            Woman in Norway is facing three years in prison for saying that men cannot be lesbians and men cannot get pregnant

            Delusional quite simply we do not have the technology currently to run this world on wind and solar. Period

            We live in the current political era of a blend of corruption and stupidity

            Stupidity is not the right word were plenty of smart people that were totally deceived by Nazi Germany etc.  “manipulate-able”  humans are highly psychologically dependant upon their peer group

            The core of Christianity must not get lost to historical debates and viewpoints,  core is inner sense of divinity and universality within.  Debates regarding for example ‘vigin birth’ must not undermine that.  i.e. essence of Christianity is essential to life and is in fact essence of all ‘true’ religions.

            Pregnancy centers vandalism… obviously wrong, but someone pointed out that if they are coercing people in a direction, that would be wrong too.  IDK the details.

            working title?: big bang, entanglement, and spirituality      astral echoes?

            echoes of truth… the ‘i get it’ syndrome

            SEVERAL have responded to call.  if you have not heard back yet, you will soon.

            working title:  the socialist new world order: utopia or oblivion?

            The frequent problem with leaders:  the corrupt behind the seen, the visible yet corrupt, and the disceived/mislead/coerced leaders

Conspiracy theory has become a catch all phrase to discard many things into the ‘round file’ … how the human mind works: catagorize concepts, thoughts, and people

             “What true is false and what false is true” in a notion conveyed in George Orwell’s book 1984.  Like in a Star Trek adventure, if they can brainwash a person into, for example, believing they see three lights when there are only two then they have them… they have captured their mind.  Some of the absurd notions promoted today seem to follow along those lines.  Don’t they?  The deceivers are all to often, or in a larger sense always, among those who have been deceived.

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