Deep within your psyche lies your ideal notion of life.  People spend lifetimes pursuing it.  While that pursuit is futile, it is the thing dreams are made of.

Runway models try to attain it with their looks.  Businessmen pursue it through wealth and power.  Some seek it as the ideal relationship, the perfect

home, or the ultimate lifestyle.

Yet, all of these things are unattainable.  Their pursuit leaves one wanting, lifetime after lifetime.  They are but mere echoes of a higher journey, the inner journey leading to perfection that does not dwell within the world at all.  Instead, it dwells within you.  It is the Transcendent.

You would do well to review the past five years of your life in this context.  What have you been striving for?  Could those five years have been better spent?  I encourage you to pursue that which is lasting… eternal.  All else is fleeting.  The door is now open wide for all of you.

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