Be it religion, economics, or building a shed in the backyard; life just works better when it makes sense.  But that is easier said than done.  What does ‘sense’ mean anyway?  We take a look at ‘sense’ from various angles as it applies to different fields of life.  We explore that ancient secret, what it all means and how to live it.  We will also take a quick look at some interesting developments in physics.To listen to the podcast, please click here.

 Please note:  In this podcast when I briefly talked about physics, I talked about particles in space draining energy from light.  In the moment, I knew I was forgetting to say something more but could not recall what that was.  Very simply, when energy is drained from light, the frequency of the light is reduced.  So the idea is that it is not because the universe is expanding that the frequency of the light goes down, but rather that the frequency reduction is the result of the drain of energy (for those interested the formula is: energy equals frequency times planck’s constant or simply that energy and frequency are directly proportional).

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