This week’s unedited notes:

My conversations with Southern Baptist Ministers 

stories of my meetings with Southern Baptist Ministers 

The half dozen or so I have spoken with are deep thinkers

most start out skeptical 

Jesus the man or Jesus the Christ?

conflicts between religions are not between the various religious deep thinkers

religion:  1/2 spiritual. 1/2 cultural integrity

emotional indulgence vs gnostics

unity in midst of diversity

the role of the mind in religion

intellect is deeper than the mind

transcendent, intellect, reason, mind in that order

why people are rejecting religion

atheists and Christmas:  anything can be justified with the intellect and people do

Vogue these days to latch on to a doubting paradigm and declare it as truth… 

drug mentality, boxer rebellion, 

getting lost in the mind … getting lost in the emotions 

the path of discernment

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