My notes for this weeks podcast:

Knowledge is strength. Opinion is fleeting

e.g. ivermectin, Russia hoax. Etc.f

                        July 12 James Webb telescope , big bang,  physics based upon what they can see…  Galileo was limited, we are too!

Ancient Technology Research Initiative… ATRI

            time is responsible for knowledge getting lost through the ages.  people get on to something new  and the old slips away.

            Compelling quote “the normalization of perversion” made me chuckle and shake my head at the same time

            regardless of which side is right, one this for sure, it is remarkable how radically wrong the other group is.  are people that stupid or are they just that corrupt/motivated to lie?

            Difficult things are good but vogue these days to go with easy way out

            guns:  brazil case study

            Normalization of Perversion:  Education, Guns, Drugs, Politics, etc.

            global colonization,   colonization of America

            Criticism yields power … easy way to get TV ratings

            Message to Americans from Bazil President: God, homeland family, and freedom

Very little Usable farmland in China Saudi Arabia

Lots in Ukraine and United States

            Africa and South America colonized by China… taking natural resources

Brazil resisting

            history of guns in brazil, gun free zones: contol up, then murders up.  Same in states of USA

            the only real power is knowledge

            Political prisoners targeting political opponents

            January 6

            Blackrock in big business doing bidding government can’t

            $10 trillion have US GDP

            Asset managers controlling big business from behind the scenes

            On board of directors etc.

            For example Disney ignoring fiduciary responsibility to the little guys invested in the companies

                        January 6 where is the due process i.e. the process do to the people involved

            Kangaroo Court, Nazi Germany

US Constitution:  originalist or living breathing document.

Provides a structure and means to work within that structure to adapt to times

            38% down from 68% proud to be American’s.  I get it.. unfounded wars, curruption, etc.  But founding principles are great and must be restored.

July 4 freedom, alienable rights due process of law

Bezos, Bill Maher, Joe Rogan, Elon Musk all now critics of Biden Administration

Chinese state media:  “Capitalism is all about exploitation”

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