paversSo much has been happening here at Mount Soma lately!

The Student Union parking lot is now paved, as is the driveway between Hanuman Park and Sri Somesvara Temple.  Mount Soma Boulevard repairs are complete.  
It all looks amazing!

Next week, we will begin filming a video series specifically for the Michael Mamas YouTube channel.  The YouTube videos are now just excerpts from various lectures. Finding short clips that do not require the context of the full talk is not so easy.  The upcoming videos will be short, to the point, and progressive in their order.  While a short segment is necessary in this 30-second, sound-bite oriented world, it does run the risk of being misunderstood. The best we can do is explain that as the series progresses, all the pieces of the puzzle will come together.  Once the big picture is seen, confusion around the separate points gets resolved.  Making a series that can be heard by all – atheists, religiously devout, spiritual scholars, agnostics, emotionalists, and extremists – is quite a challenge!  However, I believe it can be done.

We have resumed working with the Sthapatis (Vedic architects) to refine the details for the other temples as per the Vaastu Shastras.

Planning for the TV show to be filmed in India is still in the works.

Early planning regarding the construction of a second Mount Soma Enlightened City in Africa has begun.

Some say it is not a good idea to announce things that have not yet manifested.  They argue that it can lead to disappointment if those things don’t actually happen.  I prefer to keep you in the loop.  I think there is a good learning here.  Not every seed that is planted bears fruit.  This is simply the real world process of manifestation.  As I have said many times, you put something out, see what comes back, and adjust accordingly.  This is a major component of the mastery of life.

The ashram program has really blossomed into a solid group of people.  It is truly remarkable to see their incredible rate of refinement.  It is humbling, astounding, awe inspiring, and affirming… all at the same time.  As their individuality shines forth, hand in hand with their unity with all that is, they stand as outstanding examples of evolution. The Mount Soma community as a whole is also inspiring. Each individual is following their own walk of life while, at the same time, enjoying the mutual support, friendship, and love of community.  In this day and age with so many people on the move, the value of community in this nation seems to be eroding away… here it is on the rise.  
People often feel they need to get married and have children so they are not alone in their old age.  Of course, marriage and children are a beautiful thing, but when the community value is solid, no one ever needs to fear being alone.

I once visited an ashram in India where people of all ages lived. I remember in particular an elderly woman.  She was so full of life, love, and contentment as she slowly moved through her daily routine.  In fact, everyone there lived a life of fulfillment… acting in harmony with their own unique individual nature and stage of life… their own interests, their own song.  It was very moving to witness.  “This is community,” I thought to myself.  I wanted to create that for the world, and now at Mount Soma it has happened.

Based upon phone calls, bookings, and the nice weather forecast, this Memorial Day weekend appears to be shaping up as the biggest weekend we have ever experienced here at Mount Soma. It should be inspiring, profound, and also a lot of fun.

Have a good Memorial Day weekend everyone!

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