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Nachiketas, Upanishads, Brahma Sutra

Brahma Chaithanya [pronounced chaytana]:  Brahman Consciousness

Chiranjeevi:  immortal , the 7 Rishis [sometimes spelled: chiranjivi]

Purusha:  He who has no name.  become Chiranjeevi

Mind,  {separate to worship at a distance] or merge with

Brahman [Chiranjeevi] as experienced by the immortals] … like being the sun

Beyond initial ‘enlightenment’ [cosmic consciousness] it is a matter of clearing sight of what one knows ones Self to be.  entering dark cave analogy as eyes adjust.

Katha Upanishad Third Valli verse 10. ‘Beyond the senses are their objects.’   senses, objects, mind, intellect, great self, unmanifest, Purusha

Katz, Vernon. The Upanishads (Tarcher Cornerstone Editions)  Penguin Publishing Group. 

Yama wanted Nachiketas to ask another question … can only answer it by facilitating awakening to that level of immortality.  some say He did not answer the question, but he did in the only way it could really be answered.

‘the entire universe is my expression’  befriend the devata … the laws of nature

yagyas reorganize karma 

Purusha size of thumb in center of body…  what that really means…  not speaking of emotional heart… heart cave

the Upanishads reveal level of unity within everything  

It is through the light of God that the eyes see and the ears hear  MMY

upanishads reveal the ‘location’ of the Absolute at the basis of all aspects of life

live the Purusha value

Upanishads : Absolute in terms of, approached step by step, from every angle of the relative.  Absolute taught in terms of the relative.  as if absolute speaking to relative in relatives terms.

Brahman includes experience of both fullnesses together as one fullness

Brahma Sutras gives understanding of experience of Brahman Consciousness

Agni:  Aa to Ka is every object in creation,  that [all wholenesses] wholeness is Indra [“King of the Gpds”]

what it means to ‘experience everything’

Ananda Mayi Ma said she understands everything {pure knowledge] and also that she is a small child and you have to explain everything to her [memorization of facts, etc.].

need relative to enter Brahman

longing for Brahman brings forth the teacher or teacher brings forth Brahman.. works both ways.  

yet karma takes one to the teacher and karma takes one away.  so steady hand on the rudder

sound of the versus enlivens the versus within


‘It is my responsibility to protect Mt Soma…our people here… even if they do not see what i am protecting them from.  Rakshasas work through people in this age of Kali Yuga.  Easy to see the Divinity within individuals.  Not always easy to concurrently not overlook the Rakshasa within them.  My life struggle perhaps has been my lack of willingness to believe that if I show my care for them, they will not allow the Rakshasa to gain control and act out.   Big mistake but one I have learned I must face wide eyed … not always so easy to do’… love


Katha Upanishad… Immortality

two levels/meanings [and more] of attaining Brahman [Brahma Chaithanya and immortality, Chiranjeevi]…see last 2 verses of Katha Upanishad

Like all things Upanishads and Brahma Sutras can be viewed/interpreted on many levels [knowledge is structured in consciousness]

‘Entire universe is my expression of life’

Living/realizing ‘He who has no name” is you… and God is beyond, i.e. unknowable

the world is as we are.. it is your mirror


Scientific American current issue essentially says [as we have been saying] that big bang theory is not correct.  James Webb telescope confirms that.

“Wisdom is what’s left after we’ve run out of personal opinions.”
CULLEN HIGHTOWER     Interesting quote follows.  Do we focus on others Divinity, or the limitations through which they function?:
“I like people too much or not at all.”

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