This weeks reflections:

Home, Om, Womb are ultimately the same one thing.

Mapping: life, personal process and bodybuilding, spiritual growth… perspectives are just the beginning..  find truth of it within yourself

nobody else will say it exactly right

potato/pota-a-ato to them means the world to you.  ultimately, the process of your personal development is exactly that: personal.

kindness & judgement: towards the world, others, ones self

anger is unbridled judgement

fascination… my favorite emotion

find truth within yet when it feeds rebellion/defiance/militance one is losing ones way. 

wisdom is inner truth integrated with a balanced heart and mind: the foundation to a “good life”

the foolish genius… smart vs crazy

just because they are smart does not mean they are not crazy

we have two brains..intellect and intuition [gut feeling]  ultimately the gut is the better decision maker.

gossip means not minding ones own business. it is as destructive as it is common.  it is the antithesis of kindness. 

kindness is the great gift you can give to others

one persons affinities are anothers aversions. insisting that others feel about things the same way you do is oblivious futility.  understanding this is a prerequisite to world peace.  living your life while allowing others to live theirs does not mandate commingling.

a persons sexuality is their own business, but pushing it on others is as futile as it is unacceptable.

you can justify anything with the intellect and people do.

thoughts matter little (we have all sorts of thoughts) … how we feel about those thoughts makes all the difference

On marriage: it is easier to stand on 4 feet than two. 

Married or single, together or alone, cultivate contentment in your home.  That is the foundation of a good life. Requiring constant attention, build it over time and once built protect it as your #1 personal priority.  Hold it with kindness.

Kindness within the home, holding one another, even without touching, even without speaking, create the atmosphere that holds others… especially those you love.  

they speak of people being framed for a crime? Yet we frame one another all day long every day strive not to frame, but to be open and under-standing. …humility is built right into the word [after all, it is not “over-standing”.

We look out to the world for self actualize and yet real self actualization happens in the heart through the home, and it then goes out into the world.  Outer actualization is a manifestation of true self actualization which is within.

the 3 spiritual houses of jyotish [astrology] are [4,12,8] home. om, and womb.  they are all 3 of the same essence.  

ultimately, best decisions are made with the gut, not the brain

intellect is an essential tool but a poor master.  enlightenment is living at, from, and in your true home. 

Aspire to wisdom… and remember that wisdom, lies beyond the intellect

the world famous chinese doctor Shen’s most common reason given for a persons health problem: ”life no good”.  Create and maintain a “good life”: it’s the number one health essential.

Rest into the home, the om, the womb … the source, the foundation, the root of life, from which all else manifests.  Strength in the outer world is rooted in the stability of the home.  Losing that connection is the source of all dis-ease.

Hold your friends, associates, and housemates in kindness, in love and kindness… even when in other rooms, it doesn’t matter for that feeling is an underlying field, a foundation of silence that holds and cradles all…. the source, the wellspring of fulfillment.

Stability is the foundation of strength and fulfillment within.   the home is that source of stability: home om womb  cultivate that in your life and give it you ongoing dedication.

And resting into that place within it is carried with you wherever you go

“If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness, and fears.”GLENN CLARK

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