At Mount Soma some people fast on Mondays, so we had our Memorial Day picnic yesterday.  It was great!  The spread was outstanding – everything from veggie dogs to coconut cream pie.

One of the highlights was The Great 2010 Egg Drop Science Project.  My oldest daughter has a contest at school where the students build a cage of sorts out of glue and toothpicks around an egg and it is dropped from varying heights. The one that is dropped from the highest ground without breaking wins.  Well, what started out as a fun little project turned into a fun BIG project! Glue guns and toothpicks covered the table and you could hear the wheels turning as everyone sat around trying to figure out the best way to construct this contraption. The project is still in production!

A croquet game was set up on the lawn and my daughter took her training wheels off and by the end of the day was riding her bike like a pro – almost. It was a beautiful start to the summer season.

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