This week’s unedited notes:

opening thoughts:

veda: it is all there. yet remarkably ignored in world history

for example, history has no idea of cognition.  claim this or that veda was written this or that many years ago… no notion of eternal

Veda is language of nature, not language of man

Notions of Truth perceived as Truth hold Truth at bay


Moksha:  What it is and is not:

all I or anyone can do is speak from their own level of awareness… no USDA stamp comes with it. 

i.e. if someone says they are enlightened, they are not’

 at the same time, when it happens you know something major happened.

but that of course does not mean when something major happens, it is necessarily moksha.  e.g. left-handed tantra.

I get it syndrome.. it’s not what u think…

idealized notions: Hollywood version of enlightenment

path to enlightenment [Brahman Consciousness] in the real world.  

after enlightenment life is same but totally different: fully awake to bliss at depth of being

loneliness… want to share but really can’t.

in quiet moments rest into that bliss at the depth

people drawn to the shakti but many cannot handle it… too close to the sun and get a sunburn.

chiranjeevi vs brahma chaitanya:   and the mind

the truth about good deed doers

everyone senses it.  but it is a matter of clarity/integration at the depth.  

support the sense, while not feeding the delusions.  support and respect are number one

brahma chaitanya:  body/mind still have karma, you still have your childhood psychodynamic structure, 

positive attracts negative vs support of nature

‘life is bliss?’, freedom from desire? kicked around like football

conforming to God’s will vs expecting God to conform to yours

‘healthy relationship with’ is key

reality continuum

docking station into the mother ship

“if you don’t like your personality, you better change it now because after you get enlightened you won’t care” Swami Muktananda

enlightened misunderstood [projective identification] … judged by mentality of global consciousness in kali yuga

enlightened long to share it, but know better:  self is revealed by self, through self, to self

false prophets play up to global consciousness…  ‘opiate of masses’

racism is cultural integrity gone insane

“He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind.” 

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