this weeks unedited notes:

Ancient Secret Key to Life’s Mystery and Mastery, Ultimate “Game Changer”, DNA, Medical Logo, Kundalini, etc.

Naga [“Snake”] and Vayu [wind]

in balance:  health, Shakti, bala, life force

out of balance: ‘creepy’, dangerous, evil, frightening

Naga very powerful thread in fabric of existence, but easily goes out of balance and historically that gives a creepy feeling frightening

Ancient technology of maintaining healthy fabric of life.  Infinite number of threads of which an essential one is Nagadevata.


Naga value at work when out of balance:

A floundering pursuit for deeper meaning

creates susceptability to woke, drugs, etc.

can not derive coherence from incoherence

like looking through piece of melted glass or fabric when twisted and snagged.  Entire fabric distorts.  Clean the fish bowl, remove the stress, and it self corrects due to underlying source [homeostasis plus!]

WOKE is not just political but cultural, social, racial

chairman Mao killed people with glasses, accents, educations, etc.  

Autocracy, oligarchy, fascist state just look at the simple definitions and see for yourself where they apply today. Even Mussolini defined fascism as a union between government and corporate.

Agency equity team in every government office department, most racist federal program since Nazi Germany

Gender policy council headed up by Barack Obama through Susan rice.  Every group protected except straight white males

History of maintaining the grind of war for example Vietnam, Iraq, and no Ukraine

Also, Afghanistan, the question is what to do about Ukraine now I said the very beginning it could be negotiated away to the benefit of all and perhaps an in fact, I still believe it could be negotiated at this point in time so the question is do we suddenly defined it well perhaps negotiate versus defund is a question defunding emboldens, Russia negotiating would be equal 13 for the most reasonable resolution

CCP knows full well that it has a limited window of opportunity while the president of the USA is fully compromised, inept, and incompetent.

Incompetent, president and vice president what are we supposed to do sit around and wait for two more years while they destroy the country?

Joe Biden, physical exam assessment vigorous

Vinyl chloride at camp Lejeune in blue state—huge response.  In red county, no FEMA.

Pipelines much safer than trains.

Covid vaccine neither safe not affective

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