respectThroughout the years I have encouraged people to work with their psychodynamic issues.  Impressions (samskaras) from past experiences, when left unresolved, can disrupt your behavior throughout your life.  It is important to work with that.  I spent years developing the techniques of Transgradient Counseling to help you with those issues in your personal process.

Through personal process, you can heal your inner hurts, resentments, angers, and fears.  When properly done, this helps to clear those impressions.  That is, of course, a good thing.

It is not an uncommon error, however, to bring those attitudes into your daily interactions with people. That is not a good thing.

There is personal process, and then there is just plain bad manners.  Such behavior is not acceptable.

I understand full well that the position I am in sets me up for a great deal of transference.  I become the authority figure, and heaven knows how many issues people have with authority.

We are forever entering new levels and phases in the evolution of our world and our community.  As per the Vedic Tradition, there is no room for acting out with bad manners as it applies to your relationship with me, or people representing me.   Please afford us at least as much respect as you would a college professor, a judge in the courtroom, or a senior family member.

I do invite and encourage relaxed, warm, and friendly relationships between my students and me.  However, that must not be interpreted as a right to act out.  When you speak to me, as per the Vedic Tradition, do not forget with whom you are speaking.

There is one fundamental rule of thumb for your relationship with others:  Just basic respect.

We live in irreverent times.  But that cannot and will not spill over into what we are doing here.  We’ve been forgiving with these matters in the past but that will not continue.  Please reflect on these words and act accordingly.

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