This week’s unedited notes:

Ancient Secrets Revealed:  Shiva Sutras and the three remarkable secrets of Brahman Consciousness 

Join me as we explore the ultimate frontier: Hidden channels of the mind, soul, essence, divinity, Brahman.

Memorized facts matter little compared to concepts/understanding.  

Is there really such a thing a Rishi/Devata/Chhandas?  Can the unbreakable be broken into bits?  

Join me as we explore the ultimate frontier, that which lies within.

what is the subconscious?

Sutra/Sutras/Sutra-s   Properly the ’s’ at the end is incorrect but often added to clarify/interface with convention of other languages

Here is the best link i have found online to study the Shiva Sutras:

Shiva Sutra and You

the hidden chitta. i.e. “the shadow”, vritti: modulations of the mind

We are all like fine violins.  Must be cared for properly… carefully.  But maybe just don’t really know how to do that.  And even if we do know how, it is not so easy to do it.  We’ve been finely tuned from time to time, but like a fine instrument, we must care over our minds.  The more evolved, the more refined, the stronger, the more delicate, the more nurturing required to maintain the balanced perfection.  That is why it is considered improper to even make loud noises around the enlightened.  Infinitely dynamic, flexible, powerful, yet delicate… 

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

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