The Chinese are aggressively entering Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan, including the creation of an ambitious deep sea port in Chittagong.  Though we do not know how things will ultimately turn out, one thing is for sure:  this is a time of significant change and restructuring of our world.

The position of the US (and all other counties for that matter) will take is currently unknown.  Recently, the US has been moving in the wrong direction. However, all things in life do cycle. We will see what the future holds.  Certainly we are all in for quite a ride.

However, with some basic foresight, we will get through it just fine.  I have, and will continue to, provide my perspectives. This includes establishing a long-term plan for your life and your home and the need to take action to move in that direction.  The acquisition of some gold and/or silver is a good idea too.

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