Economist Marc Faber’s stages of society are of course only the financial facet of the multifaceted cycle that cultures go through.  The spiritual essence underlying the cyclical process is shown below.  ‘Spirituality’ here means the vessel that holds all aspects of the society: moral, religious, economic, scientific, artistic, etc.

Marc Faber’s Stages of a society:

  1. initially successful and frugal
  2. then becomes well to do
  3. then becomes powerful and rich
  4. then becomes arrogant
  5. then overspends
  6. then to maintain standard must borrow more and more money
  7. then debt level becomes so excessive starts to print money
  8. then the disaster gets underway

Spirituality underlying the cyclical process:

  1. a small group of people purify the knowledge and bring it forth
  2. as a result, the society blossoms in wisdom and abundance on all levels
  3. as a result the society enjoys the full sunshine in all aspects of  life: morally, economically, culturally, etc.
  4. the society becomes complacent with respect to upholding the delicate knowledge in it’s purity
  5. the understanding distorts to an astral echo of what it was.
  6. Astral and left handed tantric approaches take over as a quick fix or alleged equivalent (I get it syndrome) in an attempt to maintain abundance without sufficient regard to the subtlety of natural law.
  7. Alignment with natural law is strained to the point of abuse of nature
  8. The society implodes as a result

At stage 8, the society meets a critical time, when the knowledge must once again be purified (stage 1) or the society completely collapses.  Historical examples of such collapses include the Romans, Greeks, Mayans, Egyptians, etc.

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