treeThe Veda, the source of all existence, is born out of one and only one thing.  That one thing lies beyond relativity, beyond the realm of things, and it therefore is sometimes referred to as No-Thingness.

Some refer to it as Pure Is-ness or Pure Consciousness.  Others call it the Unified Field of Physics.  Others call it God.

All things, including the Veda, are born out of the self-interacting dynamic of that Oneness… Pure Consciousness interacting with, becoming aware of, itself over and over again.

It has been compared to the emptiness in the center of a seed (No-Thingness) that births the seed (The Veda) which then births the entire tree (the Universe).

Just as all Knowledge of the tree exists in the seed, all knowledge of existence is contained within that Oneness, that Is-ness, that Unified Field.



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