blog: Words create worlds. First understand its full nature, then evolve your speech.  Ancient Secrets of Sanskrit revealed

This weeks unedited notes:


The nature of pure language

Agnim:  John 1:1 KJV: In the beginning was the Word

Mapping: fully open throat.. A-a-a   Rig Veda

The Cradle of Civilization?

English (the west) took so much from India.  

Then brought back much knowledge claiming it was English (western) !    🙂

The world is not as we have been lead to believe.

much of your evolution comes from your speech: particularly your speech in private

gossip is the worlds most severe pollutant

 choosing your words carefully may take effort in the moment but spares much grief

“never denounce anyone”

try not to use your mouth as a pop off valve for your brain

fame is karma’s magnet

the time lag of karma; without the lag: no relative existence

tendency to fill every empty space on the plate until it overflows and wonder why we are so busy

“He enjoys true leisure who has time to improve his soul’s estate.”

The depth is more important than the surface

Every dynamic is a samhita (net=0; nothing is really happening) even in the depths of kali yuga

“The most satisfying thing in life is to have been able to give a large part of one’s self to others.”

When your thoughts start contradicting your feelings, that is when you start lying to yourself 

Victory belongs to the most tenacious

Just for fun: 

Americas most underrated cleaning product tossup between plain white vinegar and borax

America’s most underrated condiment plain yellow mustard

America’s most underrated utensil shoehorn

Current Events

It will all continue to be outrageously absurd for a while yet, but no worries.  That is the nature of phase transition to the Golden Age.

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