butterfliesThe Fly Wheel effect exists transgradiently – on all levels of life. It refers to momentum, habit, and conditioning. The world-view into which you are born often stays with you for the rest of your life. The result of the Fly Wheel effect is like wearing a set of blinders, it narrows and limits your vision.

Personally, I needed a better reason than I happen to be born into a Christian home to dedicate my life to Christianity. People born in Muslim cultures are Muslim, in Hindu cultures are Hindus, in Buddhist cultures are Buddhists, and so on. This is the Fly Wheel effect at work. I needed a better reason.

In the short term the Fly Wheel effect is quite lively as well. For example, it is recommended that you change your fitness routine about every month. Due to the Fly Wheel effect, that is very difficult to do. In many ways, the most difficult routine you will ever do is the first day of a new routine.

As new understandings are revealed, a natural resistance rises up to oppose them. This too is the Fly Wheel effect. I recently heard a nice quote, “Whatever is innovative will be met with resistance.

You would do well to look to your own life and identify the Fly Wheel effects that permeate it. Long, short, and intermediate term.


What you long for lies beyond the Fly Wheel, yet it is veiled by the Fly Wheel.


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