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For starters:

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Larry Kudlow “where is George Orwell now that we need him”

 “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”  Edmund Burke

In times of extremism, only the coward can avoid divisiveness

 Managed forests

Most dangrerous words in English language:  “hello we are from the government and we’re here to help”

The Struggle over truth:  What is it?

working TITLE:  the question of enlightenment

If you must judge/evaluate a teacher, do so by their teachings.  ‘Certainly not by what you hear, be it positive or negative… be it of the street or of the gutter.

“If you do not like your personality, you better change it now because after you are enlightened, you will not care:”  Muktananda

Yet we judge people based upon the superficiality of their personality

wars on all levels are ignited by superficiality….ego, pride, narrow minded self indulgent thinking i.e. the immaturity of humanity

Psychology 101:

Positive Transference eventually becomes negative transference.

If you think you might be in enlightened be sure to not telling anybody.   If they believe you, you lose. if they don’t believe you, you lose

 “A man without regrets cannot be cured “:     Aristotle

Human nature is divine we have only to clean the fish bowl we wallow in.

“Conceal a flaw and the world will imagine the worst” Marcus Aurelius

What does it mean to you when someone does not respect your words or your opinion and how deeply does it cut and why

One’s identity is too often equating their words and thoughts with their soul is bogus yet if one does not share your thoughts and feelings through identity it feels like one is rejecting your very soul and it cuts that deeply… feels like e.g. betrayal

If consider another might be of high level of consciousness/enlightened:  Constant monitoring, observation measuring up to their idealed notions, gossip, rumors, judgement, jealousy, etc.  Or they just think the person is “nuts”

We all sense however obliquely the Divinity within … the place we are all already enlightened… so it is not far reach for people interested in spiritually to consider themselves enlightened…  mix in ego and identity and there you have spiritual immaturity


Modern economic theory says you can print all the money you want as long as your tax heavily enough to pull all that money back out.  Crazy

 There was developed a Gain of function virus 60 times more lethal than Covid if released estimate says it would set humanity back a millennium

75,000 IRS agents…  adding 87,000 to go after small business middle income people… some say it might be a good thing is they went after fraud regarding things like claims of 50 dependants, etc.  right now IRS is overwhelmed…IDK

“anti inflation bill”  joe manchin and sinema what happened to them, reversing west va vs EPA: destroy west. va. economy—unelected lifetime bureaucrats making regulations at will, increase taxes on individuals and corporations, 87k agents, louise lerner, 80B allocation to IRS is six times their current budget–swarm of locust,

Multiple reputable unbiased independent agencies all say the bill would be a disaster but government pays no attention

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