Blurb: The Golden Age birthing process revealed: Next 2 months suggest critical timing. 


My unedited notes for this week:

The birthing process to the Golden Age.  Next 2 months will suggest timing.

World spinning around 2 poles

Free speech unchained?  Maturity, Discernment, gullibility key.

Our 2022 predictions very accurate.

Apple moving manufacturing out of China.

cultural revolution in China..  anti CCP

a turning point in china, the world

People scared to speak the truth.

Disinformation revealed:  getting harder and harder to manipulate the masses.

Border, covid, economy, inflation, Ukraine, 

Lowest common denominator?  Politically, materially, musically, spiritually, etc.

Apple air drop in China suspend it so protesters cannot communicate among themselves

World government will come from the bottom up [true democracy] not the top down [autocracy]. The age of autocracy is coming to an end. Technology has a lot to do with it, Internet, satellites etc..  oh, and this point they are relatively new in the larger scheme of things, and as humanity’s relationship with them mature, a golden age will emerge

New Year’s predictions coming up soon. Our predictions for 2022 were very accurate

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”


Vaccinated make up most of covid deaths

Elite globalism, one world government ESG

ESG: How many minorities on your board how many women that determines your score for the asset manager’s?

Black rock management down from  $8 to $6 trillion

ESG etc.

Peter Schiff perspective on 2023: inflation recession loss of value of dollar

Currency crisis, unemployment rate spiking

Energy prices rising strategic petroleum reserve dwindling

Demonic waves do not consider [or present] themselves to be demonic that is Hollywood       Demonic, waves consider themselves to be justified, even righteous

The great recoil is coming

Elon musk is first of many trends to keep politics more honest on both sides sides of the aisle

A listener sent in the following list of topics. I believe it is a popular perspective on the world today. I post it for your own refection:

The systematic takeover by the 1% made clear

China is the blueprint for the global cult

Vxx passports more than just for vaccines

Carbon lockdowns coming via a new credit system 

Gates owns most of the farmland in America (ie.. mass food shortages)

Control of the supply chain was given to China

China is supporting Russia 

The west is supporting the Ukraine 

Scale of what is to come is beyond the imagination 

How electric vehicles are part of the agenda of control (this part was very interesting!)

“The smart grid” — planet covered by technologically generated electromagnetic field via low orbit satellites firing 5G, 6G, 7G will impact our minds and perceptions … Elon Musk is behind this (Neuralink)… right. And I thought MAYBE he was a white hat. Not. 

Forcing people into micro homes is part of the agenda (think Tesla homes… again, Musk)

One world digital currency coming

The war on cash and how it’s been creeping in since credit cards began (LONG time!)

Trump vs. DeSantis

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