chairsWhat does it mean to live a simple life? Perhaps it is better to ask what it does not mean. It does not mean living barefoot in a cabin without water or electricity. You can be fully engaged in the dynamism of life and still live simply.It almost feels like there is more air or space in your life.

Though your days may be very active, you continue to come from a place of relaxed openness, restful alertness, dynamic serenity, harmony. It is something more felt than seen. It is a state of physiology, and that state radiates through your environment.

People may or may not notice, but it does affect them. As your physiology evolves, you more naturally function from that place. It is like the eternal stillness at the depth of the ocean. Even in the harshest storm, it lives on. What does it feel like? It feels like open space – unencumbered, sweet, clean, and gentle.

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